Qualcomm Unveils the New Chipset: 7nm Snapdragon 855 SoC

    In its 3-day summit at Hawaii, Qualcomm has just unveiled its anticipated new chip Snapdragon 855. It was said to be leaked even before its official launch, but nevertheless, Qualcomm continued.

    Qualcomm Unveils the New Chipset: 7nm Snapdragon 855 SoC

    Snapdragon 855
    Snapdragon 855

    The successor of Snapdragon 845, this new 855 series has already erupted with high AnTuTu scores ever for an Android with 3,62,292 points! Added some cool features like below:

    • Built-in NPU. Neural Processing unit which is emerging for supporting the AI in mobiles, Qualcomm says, its NPU setup is three-times powerful than its previous setup.
    • Made on the 7nm process, which is good of being a smaller circuit. (Predecessors are built on 10nm)
    • The major, 5G modem setup for 5G connectivity. A very much anticipated from Qualcomm along with X50 LTE.

    Qualcomm claims this new 5G modem on 855 SoC can maintain multi-gigabyte speeds.
    The USA is already ready with the 5G framework and companies like AT & T and Verizon are all set to test them.

    AT & T has just exposed itself saying, it would test 5G networking with new Samsung model in 2019. Whereas, Verizon does the same with 5G hotspot.

    Qualcomm even unveiled its Ultrasonic under the screen fingerprint tech which is not yet subscribed by any OEM.

    855 SoC’s advancement can help in gaming, image processing, battery life, and AR fields much.

    It said that 855’s CPU features three clusters, clocked at 2.84 GHz with GPU 640, but waiting for further confirmations.

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    So what do you think?

    Will Apple be missing this major advancement? When will India be ready to use 5G? Share your views and stay tuned, we’ll be adding updates from next day’s summit too.

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