10 Games Based On Fairy Tales

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    Popular Games Inspired by Fairy Tales

    News outlets claim that some fairy tales are becoming a thing of the past, for example, at It’s not just CNN employees who are doing the research. However, such themes continue to be in demand among players. Ten popular fairy tale games online are listed in the table below. 

    1. Dragon’s Crown
    2. Odin Sphere
    3. Trine Series
    4. Dragon Quest XI
    5. The Legend Of Zelda
    6. Ori And The Blind Forest
    7. Child Of Light
    8. Alice: Madness Returns
    9. The Witcher III
    10. The Wolf Among Us

    Each one can be described in more detail for the convenience of the players. 

    Dragon’s Crown


    Dragon’s Crown is a phenomenal role-playing game that stands out because of its high-quality graphics. It is based on the fantasy genre. The main characters are dressed up as witches and witchers. There are a lot of things to attract the attention of the players, such as:

    • classic locations;
    • references to other material;
    • a collection of stories;
    • world map. 

    RPG settings can be used. 

    Odin Sphere

    Odin Sphere is a beautiful game based on Scandinavian mythology. It is based on both myth and fairy tale at the same time. Together they create something original and mysterious. Characters will fight enemies and a lot of monsters. 

    The combat system is varied and dynamic. Four types of attacks are possible:

    • common strikes;
    • forceful influences;
    • witchcraft or magic;
    • with the use of elixirs. 

    Damage to opponents can be inflicted with magical mixtures. Watercolor painting is used to create the original style. The developers used old practices and new experiences.

    Trine Series

    Trine Series is an original game where the action takes place in the middle of ruins. It is a puzzle game with fantasy traditions and archetypes. Users have a choice of three familiar heroes (knight, wizard, thief). The goal of the players is to cleanse the kingdom from the influences of the forces of evil. 

    Dragon Quest XI

    Dragon Quest XI is based on western fiction. There are fairy-tale elements that can be categorized as traditional. The quest for enchanted objects is handled by:

    • a gang of adventurers;
    • dark lord;
    • a member of the royal family;
    • chosen hero.

    One of these characters appears in almost every fantasy novel. 

    The Legend Of Zelda

    The Legend Of Zelda is a game where you can feel the breath of wild nature. It is hard to imagine it without the introduction of a fairy-tale theme. Victory goes to the hero who is excellent with the sword. To save the princess, you have to defeat the villain. 

    Ori And The Blind Forest

    It is not easy to see the traditional elements in Ori And The Blind Forest. There are no dragons or princesses. Instead, spirits roam the enchanted forest. At any moment you can see a fantastic creature sitting on a snag. 

    Child Of Light

    Child Of Light is a game that was inspired by a collection of short stories. The location is an enchanted forest with stone statues. Magical castles are built on its territory. The characters are fantastic creatures. There are other mystical attributes. Users feel a connection with Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, and other princesses. 

    Alice: Madness Returns

    The grim plot of Alice: Madness Returns is based on the novel by Lewis Carroll. The main character is the grown-up Alice. The girl strives to uncover the secrets of her past. Everything happens in the setting of Victorian London. The heroine sees a dead frozen fish in the port. Leaflets with invitations to the show are handed out. A man-marine participates in it. 

    In the game, horror, and depression alternate with irony. Everything on either side of reality seems dirty and twisted. 

    The Witcher III

    The design of The Witcher III includes some elements from traditional fairy tales, for instance, The Beauty and the Beast.  The main character is Geralt. He fights the monsters that have come to the human world because of the cataclysm. Besides him, there is a special caste of warriors. They help mankind cope with the troubles caused by mysticism. Warriors lift curses and hunt representatives of the evil forces. 

    The Wolf Among Us

    The main character of The Wolf Among Us is a creature with a wolf’s head and a human body. He has the powers of a sheriff who must investigate a murder. False suspects appear in the wolf’s life. He beats the detainees taking their money. The sheriff threatens to have any suspect’s guts for garters at the slightest resistance. But what you can do when you have to fight people of authority and rank. 

    He differs from the bloody monster only in his own morality. Besides him, there are other characters. They have escaped from different worlds and settled in New York. The beasts drink, and the princesses lead a naughty lifestyle. This is the main difference from games where the action takes place in magical castles 


    All games based on folklore are in demand among users. Each of them enables them to feel the atmosphere of a particular era. Players discover the mysteries of the Ancient World, cooperate with the Middle Ages kingdoms, and participate in the search for artifacts in Egypt.  


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