10 Online Video Editing Tips for Small Businesses

    With video marketing becoming progressively prominent as a marketing tool in today’s era, the costs in production are equally rising. Do you have a small business or start-up that requires video production but is on a budget? An online video editor may just be the answer to your qualms. No need for a whole production team, just you and the software. To thrive in creating videos online using an online video editor, below are a few tips to consider just for you:

    Choose an Online Video Editor of Best Fit

    There are hundreds of video editing software available on the market. For a small business, the target is maximum output with minimal input. Saving on cost is on your priority list, isn’t it? Online video editors aid you in doing this. Not just that, you can also create videos anywhere.

    Choosing one is like a weapon, all about how much control you have. Determine all your needs and goals and with that, go for the tool that best satisfies them.

    Use a Catchy, Distinctive Intro

    Your introduction will decide whether your video will be clicked on, played, or not. Think outside the box and use a catchy title. Select a font and theme that cannot go unnoticed.

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    Highlight the Selling Point of Your Products

    Whether you are making promo videos for your business or pushing certain campaigns, be as clear and specific as you can. Aim to show your audience what you can do for them and what exactly makes you stand out from other businesses.

    The online video editor comes with some great features such as the shake or zoom-in effects. These will help you effectively highlight certain parts of your video. You can even change the filter or add descriptions in bold.

    Enhance Your Video with Music and SFX

    Background music, though not always needed, is a great way to keep your viewers’ attention. Make sure the music fits with your visuals and is age-appropriate, adding depth and layers to your project

    Avoid Poor and Inconsistent Audio

    Have you ever watched music, commercials, or any video for that matter and noticed the audio does not sync with the video?

    Your timeline may have two to three components: music, clips, or voice audio. If you have pre-recorded audio or you don’t need audio from the original clip, you can mute it using. It has tools for you to adjust the volume of each aspect of your video, preventing one from overpowering the other.

    Here is a tip for you, since noticing such problems can sometimes be difficult, always take a minute or two to relax and carefully listen and find out which sounds overlap. Then adjust to make sure the tracks blend amicably.

    Add Subtitles or Copy Pull-Outs to Your Video

    Sometimes getting your video heard can be an issue. Your audience is everywhere: in a conference hall, traveling, or just scrolling their phones in an office they may come across your video on different platforms. Playing the audio in some situations or sometimes people simply can’t follow up with it.

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    Using the ‘add text’ feature of your online video editor to add captions or subtitles to your video. To make it more intriguing, use catchy and animated copy pull-outs instead. These are just a bunch of keywords that help viewers understand the video even without audio but at the same time complement the audio when it is played

    Incorporate Smooth Transitions into Your Video

    Since you are using multiple cuts together, transitions are a great way to combine them. However, too many extravagant presets make your video look amateurish. It is advisable to use simple transitions such as crossfades instead

    Apply Color Corrections and Grading

    If a picture is worth a thousand words, how about a mere video? Adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation to achieve the same coloring across all the clips. Then use them to bring a natural shade as would be seen with the human eye. Grading helps to set a specific mood for your story.

    Keep Your Video As Short As Possible

    The human brain has a very short attention span so the goal is to pass as much information in a short period. To help you with this the online video editor lets you select many videos and pictures that you can combine for your video. Assemble all your rough cuts, trim or split, then work on effects and transitions to smoothen them..

    Focus On Video Quality

    Nobody wants to watch a fatiguing, below-average-looking campaign video. A higher percentage of consumers will have a negative perception of a brand that publishes a poor-quality video. Did you know that even with the highest quality camera footage, you are bound to lose some quality during editing?

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    To minimize this, try to tweak as little as possible in editing. When finally exporting the video, set the frame rate and resolution settings as high as possible.

    Do not dilly dally in technical aspects of your marketing e.g. metrics and reports but on creativity on a level that appeals to your audience as well.

    Final Thoughts

    The goal of the videos is to connect with your audience, careful not to go overboard while editing. As tiresome and difficult as it may sound, don’t worry as you will eventually master your online video editor. It’ll help you easily and effectively create video content for your marketing campaigns, which might do wonders for your business.

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