3 Tips to Improve Your Home Automation

    If your home is automated completely or if you are just using some automated devices, you know how comfortable it is. With a push of a button, you can lower the TV screen to watch your favorite movie and hide the device when you want to start a different activity. You can adjust the height of your desk to the optimal one to work in a standing or in a sitting position. Everything can be done without any significant effort, by just pushing a button on a remote control.

    But what would you say if you are offered to improve your home automation? While it might sound exaggerated, especially if you use all the automated devices that you need at home, you might still want to consider one of the following options or even all of them.

    Tip 1 – Replace Your Usual Electric Actuators to Servo Actuators

    Yes, it means a big change: you will be changing the core of your automated devices. But in case you need to replace one item, try it: get a top-quality servo actuator instead or the ordinary one. 

    What benefits do you get when changing your installation for a high-quality servo actuator? There are some of them:

    • Incredible precision of every movement
    • Position accuracy that cannot be matched in case with other actuators
    • The actuator is programmable and provides advanced control options.

    Such units are normally found in industries that require high movement and positioning precision along with top manageability such as medical, robotics, pharmaceutics, and similar. If you decide to apply such type of actuators for your home automation devices, you will enjoy top experience. With them, you can be sure to move your home automation to the next level.

    Tip 2 – Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

    Here, we mean adding unconditional automated items to your home. You can consider even those of them that are not sold – you have to build the project on your own or hire someone to do it for you. 

    Take a lift column as an example. With it, you can boost the functionality of your kitchen immensely without compromising its look. So, by installing a lift column in one of the kitchen cabinets, you can place there a device you believe might facilitate your life, and you still will have enough space for all other things. 

    Another such project is an automated TV lift, the one that is installed in a cabinet and used upon request. With it, you can finally find a reasonable application for your nice cabinet that you don’t want to throw away, and keep your TV set in a safe place when you don’t watch it. In this installation, the TV lift is fixed inside of a cabinet, on the lift, you install the TV set, and in the cabinet top, you make an opening to make the TV set pass. And that’s it, the new device is ready.

    This approach allows you to automate anything in your home. If you feel that getting up to close and open the window every time you want to get some fresh air is too complicated for you, automate it. If you believe that you need a lift shelf in the kitchen to store smaller items such as spices or kitchen utensils, use a couple of actuators to make it. With some skills and imagination, you can turn your home into something that accommodates your needs in the most optimal way.

    Tip 3 – Follow the Trends

    Now, automation is a trend that doesn’t surprise anybody. Even though you can see automated devices in every home, there are still details to pay attention to. New projects are developed that can boost the quality of your work, life, rest, etc. New automation devices are introduced to the market. They have longer service life, or they are easier to manage, or they may offer other benefits compared to the items that were available previously. New items may even look nicer – it is a good reason to replace your old automated devices with new ones. 

    Finally, every advancement helps us to make our homes more environmentally friendly. Electric energy helps to keep the environment clean. Actuators that don’t contain hydraulic liquids are safer because they cannot have dangerous leaks, and so on.

    Bottom Line

    All in all, you will benefit greatly if you don’t limit yourself by the things that have been existing for ages. In the case of technology, the good old things aren’t always the best. New items are developed, new products are manufactured, and new devices are invented to make our lives not only more comfortable and safer but to protect our world while not limiting us. Follow the newest trends, be open to innovations, and you will ensure comfort for you and your closest ones.

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