3D Systems Review: Best 3D Products & Services

    3D Systems Review: In this racing world, while everyone’s priority is shifting to saving time and money, they need to use specialized tools for achieving such feet. In terms of designing and producing, there are numerous tools for helping people in the manufacturing sector for years.

    Today we’ll talk about one such company which is providing tools for customers ease since decades.

    3D Systems Review
    3D Systems Review


    3D Systems Review: Best 3D Products & Services

    3D SYSTEMS. The one which initiated stereolithography, helping in creating 3D objects within hours. Some of its products are listed below, check out:

    1. Geomagic Design X

    Geomagic Design X
    Geomagic Design X

    Applauded for its best 3D scanning and quick image processing. Along with CAD, it prepares a comprehensive 3D image of the object and lets you go for printing within minutes. Its new version is much more user-friendly with simple UI and fine tools. The best one is their Mesh modeling technique. Which is a cool feature for extracting details out of damaged scan and filling holes if had any.

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    2. Geomagic Control X

    Geomagic Control X
    Geomagic Control X

    Software dealing mostly for workflow checkups. It claims to reduce 50% work efforts when compared to traditional methods which can be true as it uses clear-cut tools for inspection, random checkups, deep investigation into the processes. Highly useful in the industries where a sequence of activities is held like automotive or products assembling units. Niche? Can also create rich data reports of models formed and shared to people in pdf formats which is helpful.

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    3. Geomagic Freeform

    Geomagic Freeform
    Geomagic Freeform

    Simple interface just like its counterparts but user shares reviews saying you might be needing a powerful computer to handle it. With minimal tech knowledge about handling tools, we can create designs of miniatures of toys, spares etc. We can add mold and even deform some parts of a predefined object to view it as a new form.

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    4. D2P (Dicom to Print)

    D2P (Dicom to Print)
    D2P (Dicom to Print)

    An exclusive for medical uses. D2P is a designer software for designing/modelling a virtual body part before creation and surgery. Lab technicians, surgeons, and another medical expert, before taking the operation, use D2P to process the 3D part which gives accurate measures. Resulted/Made models are overlaid on the patient’s scan to check the precision. This software has been serving medication purposes since years for creating artificial parts through 3D printing easily.

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    5. Cimatron


    A pro tool maker. Also ventured into dying making and machining. Special for its integrated software for tool making, Cimatron has been useful for die designing and mold making. In its latest version of the software, it has been very associative, meaning adjusting connected models to changes we made in one. It’s is the largest producer of CAM software and the best for tool making.

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    6. GibbsCAM


    Another CAM software for generating tool paths and saving time for milling strategies. Users felt extremely simple using GibbsCAM and learning is pretty easy. While people feel geometry features in it are not that cool, but everyone in the community has vowed for its best CAM features.

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    7. 3DXpert


    Helps in enhancing the production process by cutting down the file processing time by 75%. Many people use 3DXpert for additive manufacturing thus enabling them to go automated and save efforts. With adaptive tools, this software keeps the build file ready for the printer to work continuously.

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    After all, all the softwares seem to have the same purpose but they vary a little according to their core capabilities. One is good at designing, one at tools, die making, meshing etc. 3D systems have got the perfect suite for engineers and manufacturers for their needs.

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