4 Web Resources Every Student Should Know About

    The internet is a valuable resource for the academic, social, and personal life of a college student. It provides apps, websites, and resources that help with assignments, studies, and personal projects. Since the resources are online, you can use them anytime and wherever you are. 

    The choice of a web-based academic resource will determine your overall experience. Choose a resource that provides particular features that will improve your learning experience. Some come with a cost while other features are free. 

    Here are the best web resources for college students. 

    • Khan Academy 

    Khan Academy has been in existence for more than a decade now. It is a non-profit platform aimed at providing a variety of educational resources to students in all grades. It is the place to go when you need help to do my powerpoint presentation. It provides free resources for language, math, physics, and biology assignments, among others. 

    Khan Academy has organized its content based on subjects and grades. It produces the content in form of short lessons that are easy to follow and understand for any student. Learners do not require the guidance of a tutor to follow the content on Khan Academy. 

     Content on Khan Academy is prepared in form of videos. The scripts are written by professionals, ensuring that they meet the standards required in the education sector. Learners can also take professionally prepared exercises to assess their understanding. Khan Academy provides resources for teachers, students, and parents. 

    • Evernote 

    Evernote is a cloud storage facility. It will help you to prepare a database for your assignments and store materials for all the courses you study in college. Evernote can work on the phone as an app or over the browser. 

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    Evernote allows you to drop images, audio files, videos, and links. You can classify the files based on their content, name, and the subject or unit you wish to use them. The basic features, which include limited storage, are free. 

    Evernote requires you to set up an account. Whether you are using the account over a browser or as an app, you can access all the materials stored in the app. The platform comes with a smart search technology that allows the use of keywords to extract information. Evernote is easy to use and will centralize all your documents as well as files to make essays easier to complete. 

    • myHomework Student Planner 

    One of the biggest challenges for any student is time management. Limited time on campus could leave you with unfinished assignments and pending personal projects. myHomework Student Planner will give you full control over your time.

    Homework planner allows you to track the progress of each assignment. Once the assignment is issued, you enter the details in the planner. You can set alerts at different intervals to remind you about the assignment. The app also allows you to set milestones to achieve before the main deadline. Such monitoring ensures that you will not be surprised by the deadline date.

    myHomework Student Planner can also be used as a diary covering other activities. As you monitor your schedule, you can review the activities to determine instances when you are most productive. It is the best tool to help you manage time in college. 

    • Mint 
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    Finances define your college experience. Mint is a budgeting and financial management app. It helps you to set limits as well as monitor your income and expenditure. The limited resources available will last you through the semester as well as cover your basic needs.

    Web resources make your college years easier and more convenient. Some of the tools are free while others require a reasonable subscription. Use these web resources to enhance your college experience and boost your grades.

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