5 Important Steps to Submit Biology Homework

    Assignments are inevitable for higher levels of study. Owing to their contribution to your final score, you should follow the right steps to exhaust the questions contained within the assignment.

    However, many students are overwhelmed by assignments, therefore, score low grades besides having ample time to prepare. This article will cover the important steps to submit biology homework and score a decent grade.

    Steps of Writing an Assignment

    Like in creative writing, there are multiple steps to follow to produce a foolproof assignment. These steps are:

    1. Planning

    The major issue for many students is balancing the available time to cater for assignments from different units. When addressing this, you should chunk the assignment into phases and allocate each session in your schedule.

    You may consider using a mobile app planner to get a reminder before your session begins. In case you are limited of time, you may delegate some tasks to a biology homework helper

    As you plan for the assignment, read the question thoroughly and understand your examiner’s expectations for the content, formatting, and structure. Next, consult the secondary resources like journals relating to your topic. 

    These will quickly direct you to resources that will be of help as you handle your homework.

    2. Researching

    The research phase is the most critical for the preparation of any assignment. After understanding the question, consult various materials to determine the points that properly address your question.

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    You must keep a meticulous record of the resources and main ideas you encounter for easy retrieval as you write your paper. When working on a multiple-question assignment, handle the easy questions first and schedule the remaining later.

    When considering biology resources, you should consider:

    • What? – What kind of information is contained in the article? What adverts are included in the article? This will help you deduce marketing materials from scholarly journals, thus presenting factual information within your homework. 
    • Who? – who is the author of the article? Preferably, select a source with authority in the field. Alternatively, select journals and research papers produced by science institutions. 
    • When? – When considering this, settle for recent materials. When addressing a biological phenomenon, the best sources are those published after the event. This will help you avoid misinformation that could lead to fallacious arguments. 
    • Where? –  Preferably, avoid information from blogs and Wikipedia pages. You should focus on published books and journals as these have passed through panels and got approved. 
    • Why? – What purpose was the source? Depending on the nature of your assignment, select a paper that was created by a source with authority in the field. For instance, when dealing with an animal population assignment, select a paper from an ecological department.

    3. Drafting

    After getting your major argument, plan your points in chronological order to test the completeness of your paper. This will help you fill in the details required to exhaust the questions provided.

    Drafting also helps you correct arguments that are irrelevant to the topic provided before you delve into writing. This phase also helps you simplify your points and makes it easy to organize your work as you write.

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    4. Writing

    After research, you should take some time off before writing your work. When possible, start with the body and finish your work on the introduction and conclusion.

    This helps you gain objectiveness as a writer and present your main ideas within the introduction. Also, schedule various parts for different sessions to avoid mental exhaustion when working on your paper.

    5. Editing and Proofreading

    After preparing your paper, you should proofread it for errors and ensure that you have fully covered the question. Preferably, engage a friend or seek editing services to pinpoint errors you may have easily missed.

    Also, check whether the tutor provided specific instructions on the style and format of the paper.

    Submitting an Online Assignment

    Often, online assignments are submitted on a specific date to the lecturer’s email. Often, the submission time may collide with other commitments, in turn compromising early submission.

    To manage this, you should schedule the email to be delivered when your tutor has requested. For this;

    • When composing your email, select more options and click on tags
    • On the delivery dialogue box, select do not deliver before and enter your preferred delivery time.
    • Close the dialogue box and select send.

    Final Take

    When working with on a biology paper, these tips will help you prepare your paper and submit it before the deadline. Success!

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