5 Online Games You Should Stay Away From

    The online presence of modern people has increased a lot, and all enjoy being online and spending their time. Among us, who doesn’t want to play online games?

    If you even go for a survey, you will find all are interested in online gaming except a few of the aged people. So, now it’s time to explore the world of gaming. The hide-and-seek days are gone, and now children have so many options to go for.

    This has happened due to the emergence of technology. Technology has so much to offer us, and children have got the best chance to enjoy their childhood by playing exciting online games.

    In this article, we are going to discuss the few dangerous games that have created a buzz around us. The emergence of technology has also summoned dangerous activities. Technology is also a gift for hackers, and they consider it a blessing to trap many people.

    Gaming is a prominent platform from which hackers can create a good communication trap to engage you in trouble. So, it is advisable to read this article to know about a few dangerous games and then decide to avoid those games.

    In addition, you have downloaded free resources for your favorite games by excluding the listed games from The Pirate Bay.

    Dangerous Games That Need To Avoid

    Well, as adults, we know what is well for us and what is not. But what about the children? Are they able to understand what is best for them? No!

    That is why dangerous activities in the online gaming world are mostly related to trapping children. So, we have to focus on that part as well to give a concise list of the gaming world.

    Let’s check the bad list and know what is worst in them. Your knowledge is your friend and so let’s check it out!

    1. Fire Fairy

    This dangerous game is totally a prank, and you should directly avoid this game and especially from children. This is less a game but more a prank, and it promises you to become a ‘fire fairy.’

    This prank gives dangerous instructions to the children to become a ‘fire fairy.’ It asks the children to switch on the gas in the kitchen at midnight when no one is awake and then go back to sleep again, and they will be a fire fairy in the morning.

    2. Blue Whale

    This game has been the reason for many suicides worldwide. This is a social media game that is also filled with instructions. There are 50 levels that you need to clear, filled with weird tasks that eventually take you to a suicidal attempt!

    You must have heard about the game before because it was popular in recent years on the news due to the death of 16 school girls in Russia. Weird tasks like watching horror movies the whole day, waking up at 4 am, cutting yourself with razors or knives to art various letters, et cetera, are included in this game.

    3. Roblox

    This is an online communication game that is popular between teens and even adults. Through this, you can communicate with others and play roles with them and play games as well.

    This all-in-one game was the main reason behind its popularity, but later it seemed like a weird game where the children could be trapped in such unusual sexual activities. Unknown adults can communicate with you to engage in weird activities, which is not good for anyone.

    4. Mariam’s Game

    This online game has been a topic of controversy on social sites for a long time because it is not good at all for children. This is a game about a little girl who is lost in the forest and needs to find her way back home.

    You, as a savior, can get back at her by answering weird questions. There are also fierce sound and visual effects that can be harmful to children.

    5. Cinnamon Challenge

    This is another prank game that can cause harm to your health if you get trapped. This is a challenge game where cinnamon is used as a poison to destroy your lungs.

    This daring game will challenge you to swallow a full spoon of ground cinnamon without having water within 60 seconds. It is thrilling, and some get the thrill and accept the challenge, which causes throat irritation, choking, and breathing trouble.

    To Conclude

    What do you think after reading this article?

    Yes, these games are more dangerous than you feel now!

    So it’s better to avoid these games deliberately without any confusion. And it is our responsibility to spread this news to others so that they can be safe from these dangerous games. Try to play games that are genuine and famous among millions.

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