5 SEO tips to reduce CPC in Google ads

    Cost per Click or CPC is one of the smart metrics for ad marketing that can effectively evaluate your budget efficiency.  Especially when you are starting with early campaigns, optimizing the SEO for your CPC ad can offer you better results. Advertisers who are optimizing PPC can get better ROI for each of the clicks generated. On the other hand, CPC optimization effectively reduces any kind of irrelevant clicks and brings more valuable users to your site. It ultimately helps you to boost up your conversion process. If you are looking for highly effective results for the awareness stage of your campaign, then SEO Agency can help you much by improving your CPC tactics. Here are some SEO tips to reduce your CPC in Google ads.

    1. Remove what is not working

    Why would you even struggle with an ad that is not at all working? It will be an ultimately wrong decision to spend your money on ads that are not effective. If you have been running your campaign for a long time, i.e., two weeks or more without any impressive result, then you have to take the necessary actions on it. Moreover, not all the time do you have to remove the whole ad. Rather it is better to do some modifications like replacing ineffective keywords with the higher potential ones that can do the job better. You need to assess which keywords are driving more clicks and how many clicks out of them are valuable to strain the right one for you.

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    2. Rethink about what you are targeting

    While running a CPC campaign, you must be very specific about what you want to target. Google ads run 24×7 on a global basis.  But do you want to reach out to all? or do you have a specific audience base?  First of all, you have to be sure about your target.

    Apart from this, you need to keep in mind that your ads are running at the time when your customers are online? If not, then you have to work on scheduling your Google ads for the time when most of your customers come online. You can also consider ad scheduling on a weekly, daily, or monthly basis. You can collect your Google Ads data to track the online activities of your customers then segment your target based on that information.

    3. Make use of negative and long-tail keywords

    When we are talking about SEO optimization for your CPC ads, we must not skip considering the keywords. As you have paused your ineffective keywords, you must have much room for keywords that matter to your campaign.

    When it comes to dealing with competitions, the short-tail keywords can get a lot of clicks which comes with a higher cost but lesser rewards. Long-tail keywords, on the other hand, may not give you a huge click crowd, but they will serve you quality through it. Such keywords are less susceptible to competition, which comes with a higher level of user intent.

    4. Work on your landing pages

    Your landing pages are the actual area where your visitors will come first. Thus you need to be very careful about what you are serving in the form of a landing page. The landing page must be an ideal one to fulfill the expectation of your users with which they clicked on your ad.

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    To give your landing page better value, make use of a highly responsive design. Make sure you have tested your landing page speed for both desktop and mobile devices. Write a better landing page copy that must reiterate the tone of your CPC ads.

    5. Test your campaign

    The CPC potential varies based on the ad contents. Ads with better CPC potential must be in your budget goal. You can conduct a split test to see which ads are performing best. You can do it manually, or you can simply do it by copying a similar ad group and displaying two versions of the landing page to your audience while changing one element at a time. It can work in the form of an experiment so that you can know how much improvement there is in your CPC. You can also opt for Google’s RSA to conduct easy A/B testing.


    To get better ROI with your Google Ads Specialist, you should always take note of what you are creating and rolling out. Performing SEO optimization for your CPC ads can give you a higher ROI which can reduce your cost-effectively.

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