5 Tips on How To Stay Healthy During Exams

    In every part of the world, the examination period is typically stressful for students. As much as students always look forward to the end of the session as it marks the time when they can catch a break, be free from the stress of school and relax before it starts again, there is always that last hurdle of exams they cannot avoid. 

    According to Statista, 29.5% of college students felt overwhelming anxiety in the last two weeks of the session. It is clear that exams were the reason for this.

    Though it is obvious that exams are important, the fact remains that this high-stake period causes students to focus only on their books while totally neglecting their health. Unfortunately, it is a system that has become the order of the day across all levels. 

    Also, there is always this feeling that spending any time or energy doing things like grocery shopping, cooking, sleeping, and even visiting friends might feel like a waste of essential study time and effort. It is, nonetheless, a mistake to completely disregard yourself.  When you are stressed, as is often the case around exams, your body finds it difficult to fight diseases or function normally. As such, you must assist it in whatever way you can.

    So, if you have examinations coming up, these techniques can help you nourish your brain and stay healthy during this period.

    5 Tips on How To Stay Healthy During Exams

    • Get Enough Sleep and Rest

    Although you want to be better prepared for your exam, neglecting sleep for late-night studying is a bad habit. It’s doubtful that you’ll study well if you’re battling to stay awake. Therefore, it is essential to get a full night’s sleep before an exam. As much as you want to spend every single minute reading, studying, and filling your head with enough information to be confident for that exam, Morning Complete  it wouldn’t do you any good if you didn’t get a good night’s rest. 

    According to the University College London, it is recommended that you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night. Failure to do this will lead to a lack of concentration, difficulty solving problems, and an inability to retain information.

    Studies have shown that students who have had enough rest before an exam tend to do better than their peers who didn’t. This is because an extended lack of sleep has a negative impact on your mind and energy levels. 

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    • Go for Balanced Meals

    While snacks and junk food may be appealing during examinations, they will not help you stay focused and awake while studying. Moreover, it’s difficult as you wouldn’t want to spend too much time cooking and preparing your meals. However, the fact is that switching one snack for fruit or cooked meals can improve your attention , and energy levels.

    Remember, it is the exam period, and you don’t want to be low on energy. Although, riding the snacks and junk food train occasionally is not an entirely bad idea, as they can be your study reward during this period. The main thing is not to let them be your mainstay. It’s also essential to have a nutritious meal before your exam.

    As students, the need for good health cannot be overemphasized. Furthermore, there’s been food quality concerns among students recently. Thus, improving student food options requires student feedback and action. So if you’re looking for extra tips to stay healthy, check out these five steps to help you do just that. These tips are sure to help you feel better and get things done quickly.

    • Avoid Consuming Excess Caffeine

    At every level, students make the mistake of relying on coffee and energy drinks to help them study. They often believe that it would help them study late into the night and be more alert and focused, but in truth, it increases your chances of crashing, leading to fatigue and sickness. 

    The better thing to do here is to find what times work best for you in terms of studying and riding with it. If you study better in the day, do that, and if it is at night, stick to it. Do not try to use caffeine to stay up longer than you are used to.

    • Try To Carry Out Light Exercises

    It is easy to avoid your regular fitness routines during exam season to keep your energy high and offer extra study time. However, studies show that exercise is good for brain function because it increases blood flow throughout the body, including the brain. 

    Therefore, it is smart to engage in a light fitness regime during this period. For example, you could try things like walking, cycling, jogging, and hitting the gym for a short while. Exercise might also help you re-energize if you’re having trouble concentrating.

    • Learn How To Deal With Stress

    It might be difficult to remain calm and comfortable around the exam period, but the truth is that the added tension encourages you to focus. However, on the other hand, too much stress might have the opposite impact, making it difficult to concentrate and study.

    Everyone deals with stress differently; therefore, you must figure out what works best for you. Exercise, a quick sleep, spending time with friends, watching a movie, or simply taking a few deep breaths are all effective strategies to unwind and recharge.


    Whatever the condition, exams, shouldn’t be a reason to throw your health and well-being to the curb. It is a high-intensity period and a pivotal moment to pay more attention to your health, as anything less than good will set you back on your preparation and lead to poor performance in your exams. So, study hard, pick what time works best for you, exercise, eat well, and let your health be one of the reasons you do well in your exams. 

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