5 Tips to Keep Your iPhone Running Well for Longer

    It feels like new iPhones come out all the time, and they come with a big price tag, with the new iPhone 11 retailing at $699. It’s no surprise that people want to keep their gadgets working at their best, but unfortunately, older iPhones can slow down and become frustrating to use over time. That’s why it’s important to look after your cellphone with a few simple tips, and if your iPhone is running slowly, there are a few things you can do to speed it up.

    Tips for iPhone
    Tips for iPhone


    1. Use official Apple apps


    While you may be used to apps such as Google Maps or Chrome, these tend to run slower than Apple’s official apps such as Mail, Safari and Apple Maps. Because these apps are created by Apple developers, they have special permissions that allow them to be faster and do things that apps from other companies can’t do. For example, when you use Safari on an iPhone, you get Intelligent Tracking Prevention for enhanced privacy. 


    2. Protect your iPhone on the outside


    Constant knocks or dings can soon cause issues with your iPhone, with users who’ve dropped their phone reporting issues such as battery drain and overheating. As soon as you get your handset, find new iPhone cases to protect your cellphone. If you weigh up the cost of a phone case versus having to get a screen replacement or even a whole new phone, you’ll see it’s a product that’s worth buying. 


    3. Clear old files


    Once you’ve had your cellphone for a year or so, it’s likely to be filled with apps you no longer use, old files and browsing data. Many old iPhones can be sped up simply by clearing up some space. 

    Firstly, go to Settings, then General, Storage & iCloud Usage and then Manage Storage. Here, you’ll find the apps that are using the most data. In many cases, you may have downloaded an app and completely forgotten about it while it takes up space. Some apps become bloated over time because they’re full of cached data, for example, Spotify or the Podcasts app. If you delete and reinstall these apps, they take up less space. 

    It’s also easy to clear your cache on Safari, which can help the browser to run faster. Go to settings again, scroll down to Safari and click ‘Clear History’. 


    4. Run updates


    Your iPhone will have better performance and be more secure if you keep the software updated. It can be annoying to wait for an update to load and install but doing this regularly is important to keep your iPhone working well. Under Settings and General, you’ll find an Update Software option where you can opt to run automatic updates or see any updates you may have missed.


    5. Don’t keep your phone plugged in at 100%


    While the thought of a low battery may make you panic, studies have shown that charging your phone overnight or to 100% can actually shorten the life of your battery. Charging your battery in short intervals, but never letting it drain completely, is the best way to avoid the battery wearing down.

    Most of us keep our smartphones even once our contract is over, with the average lifespan coming in at two to three years. While iPhones do tend to slow down over time, there are ways to boost their performance and ensure you get the most out of them for as long as possible. 

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