5 world stars with low transfer cost

    There is no shortage of talented players in football, but the transfer market is sometimes very difficult to understand. Sometimes a couple of successful matches cause a sharp jump in price, and one failure immediately drops you in the rankings.

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    A lot affects the price of a football player: form, number of appearances, contract length and age. The latter has the greatest impact on the price of even the most eminent footballers. Let’s see which of the big names have dropped completely.

    Leonardo Bonucci (£ 7.20m)

    Leonardo Bonucci is aging like wine. Even at 34, he makes the list of the best players in the world. His duet with Giorgio Chiellini is the reason why Italy celebrated the victory at Euro 2020.

    During his career, Bonucci represented several clubs in Italy, but we remember him as a Juventus player. He is still in charge of the defense there. Now the price for the great defender has dropped to £ 7m, which, in our opinion, is somehow wrong, given that he remains a global footballer.

    Sergio Ramos (£ 9m)

    Ramos is the legendary captain of Real Madrid, where he has spent most of his career, becoming one of the strongest (and most goalscoring) defenders. With the Spanish national team, he played 180 matches, in which he scored 23 goals, winning two consecutive European Championships and the World Championship.

    The Sevilla pupil has long ago entered the ranks of the “creamy” legends, but after his transfer to PSG he began to rapidly lose value. The legendary defender is experiencing difficulties with injuries, and as a result, we only recently began to occasionally see him as part of the French grandee. This is the reason it costs so little.

    Luka Modric (£ 9m)

    It is hard to remember the more stable Real Madrid player in this millennium. The star of the Croatian national team, Modric moved to Real Madrid from Tottenham, who revealed him to the world.

    Now Modric is 36 years old, and he has six months left under the contract, which is affecting the price decline. He, however, continues to appear in every match and plays just as well as he always does.

    Giorgio Chiellini (£ 1.35m)

    One million for Chiellini is wrong, and that’s it. This year alone, he led Italy to victory in Europe’s biggest international tournament, and his age (37) means nothing when you watch him play.

    Yes, he began to get injured more often, but when he is in shape, there is almost no one better than him. This season he has played over 750 minutes for Juve.

    Despite the fact that his contract expires in June 2023, the price for Chiellini is falling. But any fan will tell you that he is worth a lot more.

    Thiago Silva (£ 2.70m)

    Brazil is known for its strikers, but Thiago Silva is an exception. Despite not being the tallest, he quickly developed into a leading center-back, good both in the air and on the ball. He is also a natural leader, which is important for any team.

    Since Silva is 37 years old, his value has dropped to £ 2 million. In addition, it is also affecting the fact that his contract with Chelsea will soon come to an end. But everything indicates that he will sign a new one – he is still very good and Tuchel is always happy to rely on him. During his short stay at Stamford Bridge, Thiago Silva managed to win the Champions League Cup – and this is no coincidence.

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