6 features to look for in productivity tracking software

    Selecting a tool that effectively suits the needs of a company and its various departments can be a daunting task. A decent productivity tracking software records time spent on projects, time wasted and total work done weekly and monthly.

    The software should also make it easy to gauge every employee’s productivity with utmost precision. With the right productivity tracker, you can reduce the time wasted manually following up on employees and projects, and invest it in building a more engaging workplace.

    Here are six core features to look for in productivity tracking software:


    The role of a timesheet feature is to track workers’ attendance and clock-ins and outs, ultimately helping to increase efficiency and measure productivity.

    To reduce costs caused by employee time theft, it is crucial for organizations to have a time-tracking software tool that monitors and calculates billable hours. Particularly, large organizations with a lot of staff need this more if they are to avoid the hassle that comes with managing shifts and manual time stamps.

    Finally, a properly set timesheet feature helps the management uncover hidden productivity killers like lateness and idleness.

    Mobile App

    The world of technology is going the mobile way and productivity trackers are no exception. With a tool that supports a mobile app, you are assured of receiving any important updates in real-time updates. This feature is both convenient and flexible as you can work from anywhere and not worry about a lack of timely updates on your staff. This ability to monitor your projects and track time remotely further gives you more control over your productivity.

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    Integration is the merging of two separate software applications to achieve maximum productivity and seamless flow of business.  Data flow between a wide range of applications provides seamless work synchronization. This increases efficiency saves on time and optimizes data.

    Seamless integration is an important element to look for in a productivity tracking tool as it enables your business to merge old and new software data for smooth workflow and transition.

    Analytics and Report

    An efficient employee monitoring software detects when performance has dipped or gone up. It should also generate daily, weekly and monthly reports based on tasks carried out by different employees.

    Further, you can get task-specific reports that elaborate everyone’s contribution as well as reports that describe tasks worked on and websites visited.

    Analytics and reports will help you measure employee performance against set goals. With this information, you can identify recruitment opportunities, prepare promotions and get training tools for your employees.


    Project Management

    Assignments, project progress, deadlines, and cost management are key components in project management as a productivity feature. You get a holistic view of employee performance and identify areas where improvements are needed.

    Controlling cost and time by managing large teams is simplified as tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined.

    Integrating a time tracking app with a project management app ensures the timely completion of tasks within set timelines. You can monitor the progress of different projects and track employee productivity across vast regions.

    Simple User Interface

    As your business grows, manually tracking individual employees and payment processes becomes complicated. Companies with large workforces need software with basic functionality that is fast, easy, and efficient.

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    A simple user interface enables employees to use their time effectively, without trying to manage complicated apps. You can increase the productivity of your workforce, as users with no technical background can operate the apps.

    Other additional features to consider include:


    This is a useful feature that informs you immediately a critical area is breached. It should be intelligent with a quick response time to lower the risk of serious security threats that could affect productivity in business.

    Payroll Management

    This feature comes in handy when tracking timesheets and processing employees’ payroll. You can streamline your accounting process, merging it with a time tracking app, to increase efficiency by saving time and improving financial transparency.

    Location Tracking

    Mostly works well in logistics companies. Monitoring and tracking the whereabouts of employees and goods is easier as you can easily integrate GPS functions on vehicles and mobile phones increasing efficiency.

    What Do You Look For In A Productivity Tracking Tool?

    To help you choose a tool that best suits your company, first assess the various areas that could be enhanced. This could be tracking hours spent on crucial tasks, possible loopholes that expose your company to threats, or location tracking. Once this is clear, it becomes easier to identify a tool with relevant features for your current circumstances.

    Finally, research, window shop, and get free trials of several software tools with genuine licenses before settling for the best one. Anticipate future needs and get the right package for your business.  Most importantly, be a smart negotiator and find out about additional fees in case of an upgrade after purchase.

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