6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Bug-Type Pokemon

    Since 1996, Pokemon has proven itself to be one of the most memorable and iconic franchises in the world. The Pokemon Company has released games, shows, and merchandise for more than 20 years. But it was only in 2016 when they released Pokemon Go, the first AR-type (augmented reality) the company released. Almost everyone had the Pokemon Go app in the first year of its release. People were seen walking around to catch a Pokemon. Some were even generating distance to hatch an egg


    Though they have impressive moves, the bug types are one of the most overlooked Pokemon types. Their abundance makes them seem an easy target for most players. Who knows, you may even get the best bug type Pokemon! Not yet convinced? Look no further and read on the six reasons why you should have a bug-type Pokemon.

    The best way to train your starter Pokemon is by traveling. It was a time when people were playing outside, not in the traditional sense, of course. But still, it does not make it any less fun! Players will be able to meet different wild Pokemon just by walking and going to different places. You do not even need to go far to capture one. For all you know, it’s just right in front of you. It could be the next Pokemon you can train to get a great winning streak!


    Unlike other games in the franchise, Pokemon Go does not require you to battle wild Pokemon to capture them. You just need to throw the Poke Ball! It would usually take two minutes before, but now it can be done in seconds. You will have more chances to catch different bug types this way!


    Depending on the game mode you are playing, players recommended a certain bug-type Pokemon to catch. When you play PvE, players recommend catching: Mega Beedrill, Shadow Scizor, Genesect, Shadow Pinsir, Yanmega, and Durant. Meanwhile, when you play PvP, you can capture Galvantula, Beedrill, Ariados, Leavanny, Escavalier, Heracross, and Crustle.

    •  They are easy to catch

    The Pokemon franchise has been around for quite a time, but its gameplay has not changed much for almost three decades. Even Pokemon Go is no different, from choosing a starter Pokemon to engaging in battles to level up. But like their predecessors, bug and flying types of Pokemon is still the easiest to catch.


    Don’t underestimate bug-type Pokemon just because they are quite common. They are quite easy to catch than most, but they are still just as strong. Catch a Mega Beedrill if you happen to meet one. This Pokemon is strong and levels up fast! It does not require much effort when it comes to catching in Pokemon Go. You only need to throw the Poke Ball and pray it gets caught. If you didn’t, it’s still okay! You can always try again.

    1.  There are eight types of bug-type Pokemon

    As Pokemon Go keeps updating, better bug-type Pokemon are appearing. Don’t let appearances fool you! They do resemble insects in real life, and they are as varied and powerful as most Pokemon do. 


    The Yanmega is an example of the Flying-type, while the Wormadam is a Ground-type. Meanwhile, there’s also the Steel-type Escavalier and the Rock-type Crustle. Poison-type exists too in the form of Mega Beedrill, Scolipede, and Venomoth. Parasect and Leavenny are both Grass-types, while the Heracross is a Fighting-type. And lastly, the only Electric bug-type Pokemon Galvantula. Whichever type you catch or choose, what matters is how you train it.  

    •  They level up fast

    Like most online games, you need to earn XP or experience points before you advance to another level. It is grueling hours of work and play, which is fun and keeps you competitive with your peers. But continuously earning XP is exhausting after putting in so many hours, and it’s still not leveling up enough.


    Probably the best thing about Pokemon Go is that you can quickly earn XP. Just catching one bug-type Pokemon will get 100 XP! By continuing to train them, you can earn 500 XP after it evolves. You can also earn 250 XP just by spinning the 10th PokeStop you meet for the first time. Once your Pokemon are strong enough, you can beat a legendary raid boss and earn 10,000 XP!

    •  They evolve quickly

    It is easy to overlook bug-type Pokemon because they look small and weak, but players can’t deny that they evolve quickly consistently training them. Sure, you have to put in the hard work of playing and earning enough XP, but it does not take away the enjoyment of playing. It adds competitiveness to it!


    In previous Pokemon games, your Pokemon can evolve in three ways: constant battles, disk-like HMs, and special stones. It is different in Pokemon Go. By saving enough Candies, your Pokemon will evolve! You can acquire these Candies by catching more Pokemon. Another way to earn Candies is by transferring Pokemon to Professor Willow.

    •  Their attacks can be lethal

    Long-time Pokemon Go players have certain favorite offensive and defensive moves. These are crucial, especially since they can make or break your success in battle. But however you see it, some attacks are more powerful than others.


    Players say second-generation Heracross is one of the best bug types in Pokemon Go, which is no wonder since the move Mega Horn can be both an attack and a defensive move. The most common offense moves that can create good damage are Fury Cutter, Bug Bite, Poison Jab, and Metal Claw. These same moves can also be used to defend themselves.


    It is wrong to assume that some Pokemon are unpopular because they don’t look strong enough to battle. That is not the case, especially in a franchise that promotes equality and coexistence with non-human creatures. Players should understand that bug-type Pokemon are not the underdogs of Pokemon Go, but they are the most underused in the game. Learn more about Pokemon Go by visiting!

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