6 Technology trends for the self-storage industry to watch in 2022

    The evolution of technology has made a huge impact on the way businesses run and manage their operational affairs. It allows companies to streamline their operations and achieve maximum results with minimum effort. 

    The same applies to the self-storage industry as the demand for self-storage units has increased in the recent past. It means that self-storage business owners must stay on top of the latest technological developments to improve their business performance and boost productivity.

    E-commerce companies are booming currently, which means they require more storage units to keep their products in a safe place. These companies will prefer storage units that follow the latest industry trends and practices. 

    Therefore, self-storage business owners need to embrace the latest technological advancements to gain the credibility of their target market. 

    Without further ado, let’s find out some top technology trends for the self-storage industry in 2022.

    1.Mobile Applications 

    The use of smartphones has become common in every aspect of our life. Therefore, self-storage businesses provide mobile apps to their customers, giving them hassle-free access to their units. 

    Responsive and highly-functional mobile apps have become the need of modern-day self-storage businesses. Consumers expect convenience from their service providers. With access to specialized mobile applications, consumers can access storage units through their phones while sitting in the comfort of their homes.

    Furthermore, without any doubt, mobile applications have become a leading self storage technology because it allows companies to update access codes, communicate with their customers, and, on the other hand, allow users to make payments. 

    2.The Cloud Services 

    Cloud services have made a huge impact on the self-storage industry. It has changed the way the self-storage industry functions. 

    Implementing cloud services in self-storage units can help owners to access the database safely from anywhere. Similarly, self-storage owners can provide cloud access to customers to access data with flexibility and convenience anytime.

    Cloud services do not cost you much as you do not need staff to restore database crash and troubleshoot it. With built-in features and a repair system, cloud services ensure no database crashes that lead to seamless data management.


    As technological developments are going on in the self-storage industry, the use of robotics is also growing to run facilities more efficiently. 

    A French company took the initiative to invent robots to assist self-storage unit owners. These AI-enabled robots were used to interact with customers remotely. As a result, the use of robots in self-storage units increased in France, and other countries also followed this trend. 

    Robotics is one of the most impressive technological innovations in the self-storage landscape. It also helps operators to connect their clients to live advisors that can assist clients with their queries. 

    4.Biometric and Bluetooth Locks

    Biometric and Bluetooth locks are the latest security tools that have gained popularity in the self-storage industry. 

    Bluetooth locks can be installed on any self-storage facility, and you can use them without the availability of cellular networks. These locks work on the RFID technology. 

    Bluetooth locks only detect the unit-specific signals of Bluetooth devices. It means that these locks can only be controlled when the device owner is nearby. 

    On the other hand, biometric locks work with biometric fingerprint readers and computer-controlled security mechanisms. 

    Storage facilities have to maintain the security of valuable business products. So, investing in these security tools can improve your credibility among your target audience. 

    5.Self-Storage Management Software

    Management software allows self-storage unit owners to streamline business-related activities. Cloud technology is integrated into self-storage management software that provides updates of business-related data in real-time to managers and other staff members. 

    In addition, you can automate daily tasks with this software, which can save time and energy, helping boost employees’ productivity. 

    With self-storage management software, you can also organize your accounting and finance-related data. That is how the self-storage management system helps you keep all operational matters on track. This automated business model guarantees a bright future for the self-storage industry.

    6.Remote Monitoring

    Another trending technology in the self-storage industry is remote monitoring. This software helps you monitor the entire facility in real-time and controls storage appliances from anywhere. 

    You need to connect CCTV cameras of your self-storage facility to your smartphone via remote monitoring software. In this way, you can keep an eye on your unit 24/7 from anywhere and anytime. It helps self-storage unit owners to strengthen their security.  

    Through remote monitoring software, you can keep your web browser or smartphone connected to your storage devices. You can turn on or off these devices anytime as per your needs, so it helps you save electricity consumption costs. 

    Also, while monitoring your facility, you can quickly identify the issues and take the right measures to fix them. For example, if the appliances of your facility are not working, you can detect the problem in real-time and resolve it without delay. In this way, it will be easier to ensure that every system is working properly.


    Technological advancements have made a huge impact on the self-storage industry. These technological trends help self-storage companies to streamline business activities and enhance productivity. Every technology has its significance, from mobile applications to cloud services, remote monitoring to robotics. Before implementing any technology, analyze your budget and needs and decide accordingly. 

    Also, you need to understand how each technology works and how it can positively contribute to your business. In addition, you need to educate and train your employees so that they can leverage these technological trends efficiently. Eventually, it will positively impact your workflow and help you achieve maximum results with minimum effort. 

    To stay on top of the latest technological trends, you should keep an eye on your competitors in the self-storage industry. It will give you a better idea of which technological trends they are harnessing that are helping them stay at the top. 

    Hopefully, this article will enlighten you about the latest technology trends in the self-storage industry in 2022.

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