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7 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Right Now


The internet is a strange wonderment!

On one side, it is a paradise for someone who is information and entertainment hungry. But, on the other hand, there are these predators who are waiting for people to make a tiny mistake.

Then they would hack their identity and all their data!

Rather than feeling bad about the cruel reality of this world, we should become practical and understand how to protect our online presence because these predators, commonly known as cybercriminals, are not putting a pause to their criminal activities.

It is your online presence and checking the foreign elements you are letting into your system.

What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is the different measures you take to protect your system. It also helps you safely browse over the internet without worrying about people getting hold of your IP address and then your entire identity.

There are a set of things you should be cautious about. Plus, certain antivirus software you can download to protect your computer. If you find it difficult to afford this software, don’t worry.

We have our very own ipiratebay.org to the rescue, which can give you some of the important software free of cost. 

Download them now, and protect your computer!

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Common Cybersecurity Mistakes You Need To Avoid

In Spite of all the measures taken and following every instruction, there is a possibility of an error.

But, don’t worry because, in this article, we will elaborate upon the top seven cybersecurity mistakes you should avoid.

1. Not Securing The Cloud

Cloud is the online data storage technology that is ruling the world now. You can see every big corporation using cloud storage to store confidential files.

So, do you think their data over the internet automatically stays safe?


They work towards making it safe. By giving strong passwords, two-step authentication, double back up, restricting access, etc. If you are not doing it yet for your personal computer, you should start today.

2. Being Oblivion To Cybersecurity

Many of us believe cybersecurity to be an IT problem, and the only sufferer is multimillion-dollar companies.

We have often heard people saying, ‘What’s there to hack? I don’t have any sensitive data on my PC.’

Is your name, email address, cloud storage, and home address sensitive enough? Then you shouldn’t ignore the advice given to protect your device. Instead, get iron-clad antivirus software today itself, and protect your device.

3. Not Having Strong Passwords

Yes, we all know your password is ‘12345’!

Ironical, since it is supposed to be the most confidential information, right? We couldn’t stress enough how important it is to give a strong password. It should belong to start with, and then start adding numbers, characters and symbols.

Your password is an important asset.

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4. Not Updating Your Antivirus

Certain software requires updating—for example, your antivirus and your windows.

Not only will it make the system fast, but it will also activate the protection program that came along with the update. 

It just takes a few minutes!

So, don’t be lazy and get that update done.

5. Not Backing Up Confidential Information

If you are trusting it all to your system storage, you are making a big error!

There have been cases of computer malware attacks where entire files have been deleted or written over. Unfortunately, cybercrimes are advancing, so you should also up your clever game.

Start backing your data with cloud storage as well as a hard disk.

6. Not Using A VPN

Not using a VPN?

You are some risk-taker, putting your online presence in some danger. To hack into your computer, the cybercriminals only need one thing,

– Your IP address.

If you are not using VPN to hide your IP address, it is like giving the hackers a key to your locker. They can now have full access to all your files, online and offline.

7. Using Too Much Public Wifi

When you use too much public wifi, you are exposing your computer to a lot of hacking, for there is a hacker sitting in every cafe and hotel just waiting to steal your data.

First of all, try to limit the usage of public data, and second, use a certified VPN whenever you are doing it.

Technology Protection!

Technology is a blessing when you use it right!

But, in order to utilize this technology to the fullest, you also have to protect it. So, get that VPN, install that antivirus and make your next password a 20 worded one.

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Safeguard your system!

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