7 Emojis You Can Use to Show Anger, Sadness, or Frustration


    As humans, we try to live life as happily as we can. We do things or activities that make us feel happy or content. They may include hanging out with good friends, reading interesting books, watching entertaining movies or series, eating good food, or exercising. In general, we partake in activities that will keep us in a good mood.

    But it is not always the case, as some days we can feel upset. And during these days, we would want to express our feelings as bottling them inside can lead to physical, mental, or emotional consequences. So, we tend to rant to our friends. These rants come with emojis such as a frowning face or a sad face to fully express our emotions. And if you want to use more icons to convey these emotions, here are seven emojis you can use to show anger, sadness, or frustration.

    Let us start with the basics. Aside from showing it in real life, you can use an angry face to display anger on social media. For example, you are sharing a downright infuriating story with your friend. It could be the terrible traffic condition or an annoying person at work or school. Nevertheless, you could use this emoji to express your anger not only through chat but also through social media posts.

    This emoji was introduced as part of Unicode 6.0 in 2010 and is eventually added to Emoji 0.6. It shows a yellow frowning face, and some platforms depict it with its teeth bared or have shades of red.

    • Upside-Down Face

    If you want to display anger or frustration in a passively aggressive way, then this is the emoji you should pick. Added in 2015 as part of Unicode 8.0, the upside-down face emoji displays an upturned face with a closed smile. Although people often use it to convey confusion, goofiness, or silliness, you can send this emoji to imply anger as irony.

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    Let us say you went to a party that you thought would be fun. However, you saw some people you are avoiding or not a fan of in the first place. Or maybe you saw some cringe-worthy moments during the event, such as a drunk attendee going wild. In cases like these, you can tell your friends that you enjoyed the party. Then, follow it up with this emoji. They will immediately understand that the party ruined your mood.

    • Unamused Face

    Let us say someone tried to do something for attention in your group chat. Maybe they picked a fight with another member for the chat only for it to be a prank, or perhaps they spoiled something from a new movie. In scenarios like this, being annoyed or unamused is natural. So, the unamused face emoji is the perfect icon to use.

    Introduced in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0 and eventually added to Emoji 0.6, the unamused face emoji depicts a face with slightly raised eyebrows and a small frown. It also looks towards the side as if it is avoiding eye contact. And with its appearance, feel free to use the unamused icon when someone is becoming more irritating.

    • Crying Face

    Sometimes when we are angry, the emotions are too much to handle to the point that we want to cry. And if you need to convey such action through chat, then the crying face emoji is the best icon to pick. 

    This icon shows a face with raised eyebrows, a slight frown, and a single tear from one eye. It is introduced in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0.

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    There is no shame in using this emoji when you are about to burst into tears. After all, letting your tears out is more preferable to bottling them in. You can also use its more expressive counterpart, the loudly crying face emoji, as an alternative.

    • Disappointed Face

    Perhaps you planned something intricately. Maybe it took you weeks or months of careful planning, preparation, and even training. Yet, things did not go as planned due to unforeseen factors. Or maybe, you overestimated yourself. In any case, it is natural to feel disappointed when something did not go according to plan. So, to vent out your frustrations, use the disappointed face emoji.

    This emoji is a part of Unicode 6.0 introduced in 2010. It shows a face with closed eyes and a sad, curved mouth. And due to its grimace that shows disappointment, the disappointed face emoji is the icon you should use if you did something that did not go as planned or hoped for.

    • Pouting Face

    Although pouting is something that people might find as cute or endearing, those terms are not the most relatable words to associate with this emoji. With its red hue, the pouting face emoji is an excellent icon to pick if you need to express anger almost to the point of breaking down.

    Introduced in 2010 as part of Unicode 6.0, this icon shows a red frowning face with furrowed eyebrows. However, some platforms depict its face with orange, green, or light pink hues.

    Overall, its expressive appearance makes this icon the best pick if you want to show through chat that you feel like hitting something. Because if you bottle up your anger, you might hit someone.

    • Face With Symbols on Mouth

    Lastly, we have to admit. When we carry too much anger and frustration, we want to cuss or swear a lot. After all, swearing is rumored to relieve pain, even the emotional or mental ones. So, if you need to explode and cuss all over the place in chat to display rage, then the face with symbols on mouth emoji should be your choice. 

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    This icon is a part of Unicode 10.0 and was introduced in 2017. It has an angry red face and a black bar with white symbols covering its mouth. This design makes it seem like the emoji is cursing. And if you do want to cuss a lot, then this is the emoji for you to use.

    In a Nutshell

    Generally, adding emojis to your messages is a great way to express emotions, even anger, sadness, and frustration. These icons can help you let other people know what you are feeling and if you want to be left alone. Feel free to explore other emojis as well. They might convey what you are feeling right now. Just do not bottle up your emotions inside.

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