7 Laws You Should Know if You’re in Texas

    Texas laws apply to all residents and visitors, and being new to the area is not enough to save you from the fines and embarrassment that comes with breaking the law. If you are unfamiliar with the Texas laws, here are a few that you should know if you plan to spend some time in the state. 

    Alcohol Consumption

    Although most states have similar laws when it comes to alcohol consumption, Texas laws do vary quite a bit. Like other states, you must be 21 years old to purchase and drink alcohol.

     However, many counties are “dry or moist,” meaning that alcohol consumption is either prohibited or limited. Of the 254 Texas counties, 74 are completely dry, and many others do not allow drinking beverages with an alcohol content of % four or higher.

     In some counties, beer and wine can be purchased in restaurants but not stores, and some “dry” areas allow alcohol if you purchase a “private club membership .”If you plan to drink in Texas, it is best to research your county’s specific rules beforehand. 

    Cannabis Usage

    Texas has strict laws that prohibit most cannabis products. For example, cannabis flowers are strictly prohibited for recreational and medicinal use. 

    However, THC oil is allowed for medicinal use if the THC levels are less than %1. Therefore, even if you have a medical marijuana card that has been issued in another state, you may not use your card to purchase oils or bring your cannabis medications with you into Texas. However, if you are new to the state and would like to obtain THC oil legally, here, you can apply for your card. 

    Gun control

    Texas has some of the most unrestrictive laws regarding gun control. Currently, Texans aged 18-21 can’t purchase a firearm from an FFL dealer, but they can buy one through a private sale but can not obtain an open or concealed carry license until 21 years of age.

     Additionally, those that have violent felonies such as domestic violence, assault, or terrorist threats are prohibited from owning a firearm. As of September 2021, a license is no longer needed to open or conceal a firearm for those who meet the few ownership requirements. 

    If you are of legal age and are building a gun such as a Glock from scratch, you can purchase a Glock kit with 80% lowers. An 80 glock kit comes with everything you need to build your glock at home.

    Distracted Driving

    It is estimated that cellphone distractions cause 1 out of four car accidents. Texas takes distracted driving seriously because the number of absurd and avoidable accidents is high. To avoid an accident and a ticket, keep these laws in mind.

     Drivers with a learning permit can not use a handheld device within the first six months of driving, and neither can anyone under the age of 18. Handheld device usage is prohibited in school zones. Additionally, no driver can send or receive electronic messages while driving.

    An extra driving law that may be helpful to remember is that highway speed limits are significantly higher compared to other states and can be anywhere from 70-85 MPH.

    Outdoor activities

    These laws are specifically important for those that will be participating in outdoor activities while in Texas. Many avid outdoorsmen love to go fishing, hunting, camping and use drones to capture these adventures. To enjoy the outdoors without receiving a surprise fine, you should know the following.

     Permits are needed to; capture or record wildlife and fly over a sporting event or national park. To use a drone in Texas, you must register your device and take a flight training class. As for camping, a person can not park any type of camper in a public location or set up a campsite in any place other than a campground. Lastly, hunting and fishing may occur in designated areas as long as you have a license. You can obtain these licenses here. 

    Work requirements and Laws

    Texas labor laws are pretty different from other states, and if you plan to be in the state for a long time, there are a few things to know. The minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. Overtime pay, breaks, time for meals, and time for nursing mothers to pump are not required. Additionally, providing sick leave and vacation days is also not required. For those who want to join the workforce in Texas, you may want to closely consider the position and benefits.

    Gambling Laws

    Like many others in Texas, you may be shocked to discover that gambling is illegal. However, there are two exceptions to the gambling law; Playing the lottery is allowed, and you may visit the only casino in Texas, called the Kickapoo Lucky eagle. Gambling at Kickapoo is legal because it is a Native American gaming establishment and falls under federal jurisdiction. 

    As you can see, Texas takes safety very seriously, so many state laws are pretty strict. If you plan to move to or visit Texas, it is suggested that you familiarize yourself with your county’s specific regulations.

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