8 reasons to use video marketing for your business

    In the last couple of years video content marketing and professional live streaming services are  booming. According to statistics, more than 63% of the businesses are using video content marketing as a tool to communicate with their target audience. So far video marketing managed to prove its effectiveness and is now playing an important part in many companies digital marketing strategy.

    Marketing video content is getting more and more attention and businesses are realising that it can be a powerful tool. It can drive sales, attract attention and can be a great way of communicating with your clients in a unique and creative way.

    Value Imagery has been working with a number of clients across Australia and have helped them create engaging and creative video content. Some of the clients managed to boost their sales in no time with the help of an engaging video content as well as smart strategic planning.

    We’re a team of professionals that are ready to fulfil any vision. No budget is too small, no project is too big. We’re ready to travel across Australia and help create engaging and effective video content. We have a team ready to provide corporate video production in Tweed Heads, Byron Bay, Ballina, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

    1.     Video can boost your engagement on social media

    Speaking from our experience working with different clients – there is a strong correlation between video content and increase in engagement. Video content is much better accepted by people compared to videos or blog articles. If you have interesting and engaging content – there is a positive tendency that actually works.

    If you are looking to reach as many people as possible, increase your brand awareness, and dominate facebook, instagram, and live events, you should consider implementing video content into your marketing strategy. Businesses should start creating a Facebook business page where they can engage with their loyal customers and reach a broader market. An official Facebook page coupled with interesting content would increase trust and encourage people to follow the page.

    1.     It can boost your conversions and sales
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    As mentioned above, video content is usually seen by more people. Numbers speak for themselves – introductory video on your landing page can increase conversions up to 80% and that is an incredible result. Also, it can generate more sales: according to the statistics, there was a 70% increase in sales after people watched introduction videos.  Including video in your marketing funnel is a no brainer!

    1.     Video can be re-usable

    It’s not a secret that video can be an expensive investment, but there are many ways to use it. While Youtube or your website is a good place to start, don’t forget to post it on your social media channels, integrate into your paid advertising strategy or send an eDM with the latest news and offers.

    The most important thing is to come up with the strategy for your brand-new video to make the most out of it. Using it on different platforms will enable you to reach different target audiences, help to promote your product, which will eventually lead to conversion. 

    1.     Video is good for your SEO

    When talking about SEO, the first thing that most of us start thinking about is a blog post. We have some good news here – you can use your brand-new video to improve your SEO rating. When you search for something on google, among the top choices you will see a section with different videos as well. This is what we’re talking about and what we want to achieve – to give your brand that extra exposure.

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    Also, did you know that Google owns Youtube? It means that there is a strong correlation between uploading your video content onto your live streaming platforms such as Youtube channel and your ranking on Google. If you’re taking your SEO seriously – video content might be a great way to boost your exposure.

    1.     People just love watching videos

    The rise of Youtube and other video platforms is a prime example of how much people love watching video content. Twitter recently revealed that people upload around 2 billion videos every day. This is a huge number showing how important video content is.

    The truth is, these numbers are rapidly increasing and tweets with video content get around 10 times more attention than any other posts. Facebook in comparison has around 8 billion video views a day. Crazy, right?

    1.     Video is a great way to attract mobile users

    Imagine yourself travelling to work/university on public transport. What do most of us do? That’s right – use our smartphones to consume content on social media platforms and other channels. According to Hootsuite research, more than 4 billion people are mobile internet users.

    It is predicted that in 2022 people will spend around 100 minutes a day watching video content. It means that it’s a great opportunity to attract  and convert potential clients by showing them your products.  So instead of just posting videos without any clear call to action or messaging, create content that will generate followers in real time!

    1.     A way to build trust between you and your client
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    It’s not a secret that in most of the cases relationships are built on mutual understanding and most importantly – trust. Video content is a great choice to start building it, because it evokes different emotions, and this is a great start.

    If you have your marketing strategy in place, you can build your video content around the key values your business has. This way you will not only introduce the product to your potential client, but also start building a relationship that might lead to increase in sales overall.  Explainer videos, testimonials, case studies, are all types of video that achieve this trust with your viewers.

    1.     Video is a great way to explain things easier

    Have you ever been in a position when instead of reading a long article you chose to watch a video? Well, that’s another reason why you should consider video content and implement it into your marketing campaign.

    We all know that long texts are not as attractive as a simple and short video. In this way you can keep your potential customer engaged by explaining why your product is simply the best choice for him/her.  

    Value Imagery is here to help

    If you ever lack ideas for your video content or if you wish to find a team of professionals who can assist you in pushing your sales to another level or just simply offer live video streaming services – shoot us a message. We’re a team of professionals ready to help you and your business rise above the average with simple yet creative content.  Enquire today about how we can assist in your video marketing strategy!


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