9 Best 3D Printing Apps for Android

    In 1440, the printing press was discovered, it has been nearly 600 years since. Not until recently 3D Printing was discovered in 1981 and it is a fast-growing technology. 3D Printing is the process used to create a three-dimensional object of any size or geometry. A model can be easily produced with an electronic data source such as an ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING FILE (AMF) file. STL is one of the most common file types that 3D printers can read. So nowadays 3D Printing Apps are trending for such things.

    You are probably reading this on an Android phone and wondering what you could do with this. It turns out you can design these things on your Android phone, it can incredibly cool and frustrating at the same time, but it’s addictive. We bring to you 9 Best 3D Printing Apps for Android, check them out and comment which you feel is the best for you.

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    9 Best 3D Printing Apps for Android

    3D Printing Apps

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on 3d printing apps for iPad but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the best 3d printing apps for Android. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many best 3d design apps available today. You can free download from the below-given links. Let us take a look at some of the top ones: –

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    List of 9 Best 3D Printing Apps for Android: –

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    1. GCodePrintr


    For Rs. 250, you can get GCodePrintr, and for Rs. 134 you can get the lite version. This application does not require a Computer as it directly gets your phone connected to the printer and gets the job done easily. It works with many 3D Printers like RepRap, PrintrBot, Ultimaker, Makibox, Solidoodle, Robot3d and Multec Multirap. It also provides real-time controls for the print.

       Download GCodePrintr Apk

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    1. Thingiverse


    With numerous features, this could be the app you are looking for.

    It claims to have the World’s largest 3D printing community, so if you are looking to flaunt your creativity we suggest you go for this app.

    The app is available for free on the Play Store and is also available for IOS.

       Download Thingverse Apk

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    1. MakerBot Printshop App

    MakerBot Printshop App

    This application is great. MakerBot brings great convenience and eases to your 3D printing workflow. It prepares digital designs for 3D printing which is best in its class. You can download any template from the cloud library and with the help of this app, you can optimize, scale, and slice your design for 3D printing, layer-by-layer. The printing works with the MakerBot 3D printer. Moreover, you get a guided printer setup, you get updates about your prints, and you can even monitor or start your prints anywhere. For no-cost, this app is worth a go. You can download MakerBot print software from the below button.

       Download MakerBot Apk

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    1. Spacedraw


    Available for free on play store, this is a user-friendly application that can be used for viewing, drawing, constructing & patch modeling, texturing and 3d-painting.

    It also has a lot of features to play with which can be easily understood. The ratings and reviews are also good for this application.

       Download Spacedraw Apk

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    1. Emb3D


    Another free app on the play store, this app is a high-performance 3D model viewer featuring several rendering options and an intuitive gesture interface. Made especially for modelers, architects, designers, and artists, Emb3D lets you show off your creations with a smooth and pleasant experience. Apart from viewing, this app has various other features like native support for fully textured models, multitouch gesture interface, and printing support for various formats like PLY, STL, OBJ, COLLADA (DAE), and zip archives.

       Download Emb3D Apk

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    1. eDrawings


    Don’t go on the ratings of this app. It has many multiple features which makes it a go-to app for engineers and designers. It has an easy user interface and it can load files from any source. You can also go through many sample files that come pre-loaded. It is available on the play store for roughly 120 bucks with another Pro mode which can be purchased through the app.

       Download eDrawings Apk

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    1. Scann3D (Beta)


    With great phones come great cameras. Scann3D is still under development but you can use this app to convert your photos captured by your phone’s camera into 3D models. While the app is not explicitly for 3D Printing, it is designed to let any smartphone camera capture a 3D image using a series of photographs taken around an image. It is pretty hard to get good results, but you can check it out.

       Download Scann3D Apk

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    1. OctoDroid – 3D Printer Controller

    OctoDroid - 3D Printer Controller

    If all you want is simple monitoring and controlling of 3D Printing, this app is for you. It supports nearly all the functionalities that are needed for extended 3d printer usage. Starting or stopping an active print job is very easy. It also tells you the remaining time left for a print and if you have multiple printers you can switch between them in OctoDroid very easily. Do check out this app. It’s free.

       Download OctoDroid – 3D Printer Controller Apk

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    1. Blokify


    If you like to play alongside working, this app is for you. For 270 bucks, this app lets you create block-based models free-form or through a guided building experience. Once you complete a model, it can be 3D printed. You can make use of existing designs or you can start from scratch. You can export the end result in the format which is recognizable by most of the printers out there.

       Download Blokify Apk

    Now it’s your choice that matters. Check out what you like and have fun. Cheers!

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    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our 3D Printing Apps 2019, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share 9 Best 3D Printing Apps for Android with your friends. Let them get the fun of the latest & beautiful designs with 3D printing.

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