A Beginner’s Guide To Esports

    The following guide to eSports will help you enter the world of electronic games with ease. Click here and discover more. 

    The Ultimate Guide To eSports: Become A Pro In No Time

    Our guide to eSports will help you understand better the mechanisms of this lucrative industry and its origins. Moreover, if you’re interested in entering the world of competitive video sports, you’ll be able to measure against more experienced players after reading the following lines. 

    Electronic sports are not new. However, this industry is pushing boundaries every day and preparing massive surprises. Meanwhile, competitive esports have gathered a million auditoriums, and its tournaments are held internationally. Such events are extremely well attended and bring players and sponsors millions. Let’s dig in a little deeper.

    eSports Origins Story

    The history of competitive video games dates back to the 70s. Even then, there was a tendency for people to enjoy playing different games. Stanford University then hosted students who competed in the Spacewar game. It could be said that this tournament was a turning point in what we now call the eSports industry. The Space Invaders Championship, held a little later, became one of the most visited eSports events of the time. The tournament numbered about 10,000 video game fans.

    The next decade saw Nintendo rising. The same company has marked the beginning of the 90s, primarily thanks to one of its most successful features – Super Mario, and a lot of controversies. Nintendo successfully organized several tournaments in the last decade of the past millennium. All this has influenced the increased interest of people in video games.  

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    As we mentioned earlier in this guide to eSports, the video game competition is not new. However, it is vital to point out that technological advances at the time prevented this industry from reaching its full potential. It was only at the beginning of this millennium that games began to develop that many recognize today. Some, like Counter-Strike, still dominate today, albeit in slightly altered forms and forms.

    The eSports Modern Era

    Many would agree with the thesis that digital progress has hampered eSports advancements. However, the last decade has seen a dizzying rise in the industry. Games like Counter-Strike are evolving and expanding the fan base. 

    In contrast, new games are emerging, alongside so far unseen genres that bring people together around the world. Popular eSports virtual games such as League of Legends, Dota 2, and others organize tournaments worth several million. Simultaneously, the earnings of eSports players are skyrocketing, and their popularity is reaching unimaginable heights.

    Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

    This is one of the few electronic sports games that has managed to resist the test of time and maintain its popularity. The gameplay of this famous franchise consists of a fight between two teams: Counters and Terrorists. 

    The terrorists’ goal is to plant a bomb and keep it safe until time runs out. On the other hand, their opponents want to deactivate the bomb or eliminate all opponents in order to secure victory. The game itself stands out with a different choice of weapons, each of which provides a different performance. 

    Such details make the game individual, where each player, according to their own talents, can shine. However, at the same time, Counter-Strike emphasizes teamwork. This game also hosts some of the biggest eSports tournaments, such as:

    • FACEIT Major,
    • StarLadder Major,
    • ESL One Rio Major and many others.
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    League Of Legends

    Our guide to eSports would be incomplete without mentioning the legendary LOL. The game consists of a battle of two teams, made up of five players, to destroy an enemy base, better known as the Nexus. The players go through an extensive and detailed map and walk towards the goal together with their champion. 

    Along the way, players can encounter various obstacles and opposing players, of course. What makes this game special is that the players actually progress together with their champions, who gather experience during the game, improve their skills, and reach higher levels. 

    LOL’s popularity has spread around the world. Today, this game organizes some of the biggest eSports tournaments. It is estimated that the LOL World Championship brings an incredible 8 million dollars prize. Some of the biggest tournaments are:

    • League of Legends Championship Series (North America),
    • League of Legends Pro League – China,
    • The Mid Season Invitational,
    • League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) – South Korea,
    • League of Legends European Championship (LEC) – Europe.

    However, bettors were not immune to the popularity of this game. Namely, thanks to the great competitiveness and dynamics of the game, betting fans have found a way to enjoy their favorite pastime and earn extra money. 

    As a result, sites like have become a paradise for people who want to make good money from their eSports knowledge. Therefore, stories about people who have gone from rags to riches by channeling their eSports knowledge to other branches aren’t uncommon.


    The next feature we present in this guide to eSports is a bit more complex than those mentioned above. Developed by Blizzard, Overwatch is a team-based shooter game. Overwatch features 

    Heroes with each having its own unique role. There are four primary roles: Support, Tank, Offense, and Defense. 

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    Naturally, the goal of the game is to beat your opponent. However, you can do that in a few different modes. Some of the most popular are:

    • Payload,
    • Escort,
    • Control,
    • Assault. 

    These extra features add to the game’s dynamics, which makes it irresistible to all true eSports fans. Although the game has many different features, it doesn’t take too much time. Thus, the average gameplay time is around 20 to 30 minutes. 

    The Rise Of Twitch

    The success of competitive eSports is interwoven with the development of technology and communications. The emergence of Twitch as a streaming platform has enabled a real boom in the gaming industry. Such communication channels have enabled a better and more meaningful relationship between eSports communities. 

    Twitch, as such, allows e-sports enthusiasts to follow their favorite events. It also allows players to develop their skills by observing others. Moreover, those with the most exciting content saw their chance to make money by signing lucrative contracts on such platforms. Thus, some of the most popular streamers are earning millions every year

    Final Thoughts

    Electronic competitive sports have a long and rich history. However, thanks to technological advances, this industry has only begun to reach its potential recently, and it is difficult to determine its real reach. Since this branch is still developing, it is not too late to join the bandwagon. 

    Our guide to eSport can also help you along the way, helping you understand better the concept of the most popular and lucrative video games. Read the lines above, and you’ll notice the progress in your knowledge in no time. In the meantime, until you become a planetarily famous eSports player, you can use your knowledge and make an additional source of income by predicting the results of esports tournaments.

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