A quick review of Toyota Hilux along with its features 

    When it comes to pick-up trucks, the Toyota Hilux is widely regarded as one of the toughest and most trustworthy on the market. It’s one of the best pick-ups around, made even better by the introduction of several modifications and tweaks in a 2021 facelift.

    The sturdiness, dependability, and suitability for the toughest conditions make the Hilux well-known everywhere in the globe.  Even while not everyone is interested, the concept of a pick-up truck and the way it looks appeals to many. There is obviously a demand for a robust pick-up vehicle from a well-known brand. That’s where Toyota’s dealer network and brand recognition come in. This means that in India, the Hilux will be the company’s premium lifestyle pickup. 

    Despite the fact that the Hilux is a popular pick-up truck in the United Arab Emirates, the new generation Hilux Adventure is also available for private buyers. In the new generation model (which will be sold in India), Toyota has made enhancements to the design and features that enhance the driving experience. It’s more of a sport utility vehicle than a work truck.

    Important Features of Toyota Hilux

    Although it shares some features with the Fortuner, the new generation Hilux looks and feels more aggressive. Hilux Adventure is the name given to the vehicle in the United Arab Emirates, where it is sold. The new model’s front end features a hexagonal grille, cladding, and a skid plate that are all new. In addition to LED lights and wide 18-inch wheels with all-terrain tyres, this vehicle can be customised to fit your specific needs. The double cab version will be available for private use in India.

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    More luxurious and well-equipped than the Fortuner, the new Hilux is a vast improvement over its predecessor. A redesigned instrument cluster and an 8-inch touchscreen are also standard on the Fortuner. Modern conveniences like climate control and a 9-speaker JBL audio system complement the vehicle’s rear view camera and smartphone connectivity. In the double cab configuration, the Hilux can accommodate up to five passengers.

    Indians will not be able to get their hands on the Hilux Adventure’s big V6 petrol engine. In the commercial version, a 2.4-liter diesel engine is available as an option. The Hilux is expected to be offered in India with a 2.4-liter diesel engine with manual and automatic transmissions. Like the Fortuner, you can expect a more refined diesel engine and a greater amount of torque.

    When you’re behind the wheel, it seems robust, yet it drives like a taller Fortuner. Although it doesn’t have a lot of body roll in the corners, the car nevertheless seems big when driving around the city. The unique selling point is the way it covers everything. Aside from its enormous length, it will be even more capable off-road than the Fortuner. 

    Even though it isn’t a brand-new model, the updates for the face-lifted model have improved it significantly. A leaf-sprung live rear axle is still used, but it has been modified such that it can withstand big loads while also being comfortable. Plus, there’s plenty of room for adults in the double cab’s rear seats for those who opt for a higher trim level.

    Six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmissions are available, once again according on model. In addition to a locking rear differential and three different modes of four-wheel drive to choose from, all trucks come standard with selectable four-wheel drive.

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    It is expected that the Hilux would arrive in India next year, and the top-end model will cost around Rs 38 lakh. We think the Hilux will do well on the market as a family pick-up.

    Final Words

    Thus, we have seen in detail, a quick review of Toyoya Hilux. While the Hilux is a true workhorse and unbeatable for long-distance travel, it’s also more luxurious than ever before. It also has a larger capacity and a broader load bay, making it more practical. Because it can be used for both business and family life, the Toyota Hilux Double Cab is the most popular model for most consumers. There was an increase in comfort and technology while still being able to offer tax benefits for drivers of “commercial cars” with a one-ton load capacity.


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