A Roundup of this Week’s Crypto News

    After a startling hack happened in Binance last month, there were other similar things happening on a weekly basis. Of course, the cryptoverse is in its starting phase of development and prone to much more attacks like this. This week’s roundup of fresh hacks and news in cryptoverse is here. Read on,

    A Roundup of this Week’s Crypto News

    Crypto News
    Crypto News

    Stolen XRP from wallets on

    Gatehub is built on XRP ledger and allows users to store, send, receive and trade cryptos and metals. Much recently, customers of Gatehub reported a malicious activity happened with their wallets and found XRP funds were stolen. After customers reporting, Gatehub conducted an investigation and found out declared, “We have however detected an increased amount of API calls (with valid access tokens) coming from a small number of IP addresses which might be how the perpetrator gained access to encrypted secret keys.

    The hack is estimated to be worth of 10Million XRP funds from nearly 100 wallets. Gatehub has sent warning emails to customers and further instructions to Safeway their funds.

    Polish exchange shutdown and disappeared with customers funds!

    A Polish exchange named Coinroom was shut down recently and had left only a day-span for their customers to withdraw their funds from the exchange. Though this news worried them, many have, as said, put withdrawal requests to their external wallets but Coinroom hasn’t processed most of them. And what’s worse is, the exchange has deleted its social accounts and disappeared with the rest of customers funds! Many of those aggrieved are finding a way to spot them and retrieve their assets.

    Crypto Discussions in G20 summit

    While there’s a general summit between G20 nations held on 28th of this month, there’s a pre-meet held between Financial ministers of G20 countries, IMF, World Bank, and UN on 8th and 9th of this month.

    And their main agenda of this pre-meet is discussing Cryptocurrency and blockchains. They all were in the pursuit of setting an internal regulatory body for monitoring their nation’s crypto activity.

    Japan, the host of the meeting, has plans for implementing their Yen into blockchain and taking the full advantage of it by eradicating its potential risks.

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