A Rundown On Don’t Starve Together 

    Klei Entertainment is a Vancouver-based Canadian indie video game development company that was founded in 2005 and ever since then, they have had this very iconic stylization to the games they release paired with success. 

    Not only are their games engaging, but also their work politics are fair to employees, meaning the company strives to not overwork its employees and still prove successful.

    Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer version of Don’t Starve, which came out in 2013, three years prior to this new version of the game. This new multiplayer managed to keep the feel of its original predecessor, whilst also adding new features to make the co-op more cohesive. 

    The game itself is based on surviving as a group, thus why it is named Don’t Starve Together. This survival can be done in three different modes: survival, wilderness, and endless. 


    Survival is the mode that is the most popular (and the hardest). Here, players need to cooperate in order to survive as long as they can. 

    If a player dies they transform into a ghost and can revive via Touchstone or by another player giving them a Telltale Heart, Meat Effigy, a Second Chance Watch, or a Life-giving Amulet. 


    If every player dies in survival, then the world has 120 seconds until it resets and you have to start again. 

    Wilderness mode spawns players scattered around the map, and once you die you get brought back to the character selection screen. Once you pick a different character, you are respawned at another random location on the map, and your previous game achievements are wiped. 

    For endless mode, if you die you resurrect as much as you want, and cooperating is not a must. 

    The game itself doesn’t have any forced in-game purchases, but if you are into that, there are tons of skins not just for characters but also for all the items in the game and you can unlock some randomly for free as well. 

    You can also buy locked characters that have special abilities that may be more suited to your gaming style.

    The art style of the game is very mystical and scratchy, with many gothic elements to add to the creepy and vintage lore that backs up the game. It is filtered in this sepia color, and as you play, you discover more and more information about what happened and why each character is there. 

    The graphics are also very clean and drawn beautifully, with the added motion and textures flowing smoothly with the overall art style used in the game, not to mention the creepy music within the game reminiscent of carnival music from the 1920s with added Victorian-era elements. 

    The story is cryptic enough for players to want to continue playing, and has a good balance between challenges and rewards. 

    Don’t Starve Together is split into four seasons per year, starting you out in autumn as default. Every season has different challenges that thwart your survival chances, including bosses that only appear in those seasons. 

    Players in survival have to work together to destroy said bosses, whilst also surviving the natural disasters and struggles that come with winter, spring, summer, and fall. 

    A couple of updates ago, boats and such were also a fresher addition, and now players also need to be wary of the Crab King when venturing out into the unruly waters surrounding the island maps. 

    Unlike most other survival games, Don’t Starve Together doesn’t just want players to survive, but also savor all the other intricacies that can be found in the game. The best aspect of this game is the exploration because it leaves you craving for more since curiosity gets the best of everyone. 

    The combat and the environmental challenges add that pleasant level of difficulty, but the quirkiness of mobs, the way certain items can be achieved or found, and all the layers that are added to the map all result in a pleasant and exciting gaming experience for all types of players. 

    Much of the lore and the gameplay is bittersweet, with innocent characters, unfortunately, being transported to this world and character history that has elements of death, insanity, grief, and so on. 

    It isn’t just your hunger levels that the players need to maintain, but also their health and sanity, all of which are different for each character with getting perks from going insane or having full hunger. 

    For hunger, you start off eating seeds, berries, and carrots, whilst also collecting resources as efficiently as you can, but the food fun doesn’t just stop here.

    There are tons of recipes to choose from when combining ingredients, some giving players special perks when eaten. All the variety in the in-game dishes is also a show of how well Klei Entertainment paid attention to the small yet valuable details for this game. 

    If you haven’t guessed by now, the game is all about efficiency to avoid any wasted resources. This means anyone wanting to play the game should give it multiple tries and probably over thirty hours to fully become efficient and engulfed in the storyline. 

    Klei Entertainment deserves even more hype than it gets since the games they release are amazing and tick all the boxes, whilst also maintaining a healthy North American work-life balance for their talented employees.

    Out of ten stars Don’t Starve Together deserves at least 8 thanks to how deep the lore goes and how fun and balanced the gaming experience with it is. 
























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