All company cars must be electric by 2027

    It’s not just passenger cars that are all switching from internal combustion engines to electric vehicles (EV). After all, there are also electric company vehicles. But among companies, the EV’s have not quite taken over yet. In this article, we’ll warm you up to the idea of an electric company car!

    Significant tax advantages

    If you, as an employer, decide to swap to battery powered vehicles, there are some 

    big tax advantages waiting for you. This is, of course, an incentive to get more businesses to swap to electric cars. An example of these benefits is that, in the Netherlands, businesses don’t pay road tax for their electric vehicles until 2025. Also, unlike fuel-powered vehicles, the car expenses of an electric company car are 100% deductible. These tax advantages might drop soon, however. So if you want to profit from it, make sure you wrap to EV’s as soon as possible.

    Electric cars have a more stable value

    As you have read above, electric driving is currently still being encouraged by the government. Of course, there will come a time when it is decided to tax users of non-electric cars more. That will make a car with an internal combustion engine undesirable at some point, which will cause a run on electric cars and company cars. So it is not yet immediately apparent, but in the future electric (company) cars will become considerably more valuable.

    Electric driving makes a difference

    There was a time when Corporate Social Responsibility was trending. Nowadays this has become more of a necessity than a distinguishing factor. There are still many companies that have not made the switch to electric driving. But we see that many companies and especially government agencies find it increasingly important that suppliers do their part to contribute to a better climate. You could even say that they are demanding a code of conduct with which corporate social responsibility is met. With an electric company car you can strengthen your position and you will see that more goodwill is realized with more customers.

    In addition, an electric car is also very quiet, eliminating noise pollution. This is especially interesting for delivery companies who need to keep their car stationary while bringing packages to someone’s front door. 

    Even company vans will swap to EV

    Are you planning on buying or renting a Mercedes V-Class (Dutch: mercedes v klasse huren) or even a Mercedes Vito (Dutch: mercedes vito huren)? Then you can always opt for the fully electric Mercedes EQV. This van offers all the quality and comfort you’re used to, but in a sustainable way! 

    By now it has become clear to you that driving electric company vehicles brings great benefits. We hope you’re inspired to swap to battery powered cars and vans too!


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