Apple To Launch a New iPhone Model With a Triple-Lens Rear Camera In 2019

    Apple’s iPhone models have been a talk of the town for a very long time. Apple leaves no stone unturned to surprise its users by bringing new features and specifications in its devices

    Apple To Launch a New iPhone Model With a Triple-Lens Rear Camera In 2019

    New iPhone
    New iPhone

    As per the reports by Economic Daily News, a Taiwanese website, Apple is planning to launch a new iPhone with a triple-lens rear camera in the next year. This report is cited through a research note from Jialin Lu, Deutsche Securities analyst.

    According to Lu, advanced 3D sensing will be enabled through the triple-lens camera system via stereoscopic vision. Two of the three sensors will capture images of an object from various angles. The distance between the object and the iPhone will be obtained by a triangular method.

    Lu also talked about the importance of the third lens in his report. The third lens in this iPhone will enable extraordinary zooming capabilities due to its longer focal length. The telephoto lens is expected to offer a 3× optical zoom. This zooming feature will outrun all previous iPhone models like iPhone8, iPhone 7 and iPhone X.

    It has been reported that rear 3D sensing is utilized for AR (Augmented Reality) purposes. Alex Webb already said in the last year that iPhone will feature a rear-facing 3D sensors. Webb also reported that Apple was considering time-of-flight approach. Whereas, according to Lu, Apple will use the triple-lens approach for the new rear camera system.

    it is the first time that the long-focus lens is used in any iPhone model. It will enable 3× optical zoom that will give DSLR like effects to images. Users can magnify any object without a reduction in quality or a blurry effect.

    Other analysts like Jeff Pu also expects Apple to launch a new iPhone model with a triple-lens rear camera system in 2019.

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