Apple’s New Mac Pro is an Insane Machine. And it’s not for Everyone

    Apple has gone nuts with its new PC. In the event of WWDC, Apple unveiled its new Mac Pro (CPU) and a 6K display monitor for the unimaginable price. But with their capabilities know later, they seemed okay for it. Let’s check them.

    Apple’s New Mac Pro is an Insane Machine. And it’s not for Everyone

    Mac Pro
    Mac Pro

    Mac Pro comes with Intel Xeon Processors with 28 cores and 64 PCI Express Lanes! This big CPU setup will join the power of parallel RAM capabilities of 1.5TB! That’s massive. These both take data from a 4TB SSD (ROM) storage option to process any given bulk work very smoothly and quickly. Additionally, there’s an option for stacking AMD Radeon Pro Vega 2GB GPUs up to 32GB for graphics.

    All these components shall need a huge power being supplied during their course. So Apple embedded the 1.4kW power supply unit into it. The entire components are stuffed into a grilled boxy thing which closely resembles a cheese grater. And that’s what everyone’s making fun of!

    The outer box holding this entire stuff has rear space for 2 USB ports, 2 Thunderbolt ports, and 2 Ethernet inlet ports. Upfront, it’s just a shredded shield which acts as a ventilation for passing the heat out. Sides, just the covering plates with Apple logos on them. And on top, it’s given two handle bars and one center pickup hook with power buttons. That’s all about the Mac Pro CPU and it’s priced at $5,999.

    Next comes the Pro Display HDR Monitor, priced at $4,999. This monitor has a 32″ retina display LCD rendering 6K resolution and has the shredded ventilation design in the rear and is hooked up to a stand which is being sold separately for $999.

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    Mac Pro Stand
    Mac Pro Stand

    With this, we can clearly declare the new Mac Pro isn’t just for everyone but for professionals who’re willing to shell out grands for their works. Professionals like movie editors, content creators, data managers, etc with a need for high computing power may go for this big machine.

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