Apple’s new scheme “Onsite Repair Scheme” – Helps you to repair your Apple Device instantly at your home or office

Apple's new scheme "Onsite Repair Scheme" - Helps you to repair your Apple Device instantly at your home or office. This scheme is currently available in a few selected regions in the US. More details are given in the article.

Apple Phone repair (Demo)
Apple Phone repair (Demo)


Apple's Official Logo
Apple’s Official Logo

This could be a piece of good news for Apple users in regions where the apple doesn’t provide any sort of Customer service. This approach could make a good grip for Apple to improve in their sales and also have positive feeds for their brand.

Apple’s Onsite Repair Scheme – What is it all about?


Apple Phone repair (Demo)
Apple Phone repair (Demo)

This scheme means that, If you have a broken Apple device and you want to repair it and this is the major headache as there are close no service available the regions where Apple doesn’t provide any sort of services. Before the process so long that the phones were used exported or sent to other states for their repairs! Which eventually makes the repairing cost equal to buy a new phone itself!

Now, things have changed, from now you can go any Apple store and avail yourself with instant assistance or you can also mail your device for the repair.


Apple Phone (Screen Broken)
Apple Phone (Screen Broken)

As for now, Apple is working to extend its service to customers with the introduction of “Apple’s on-site repairs and assistance scheme” which is available in selected areas in the US. This scheme can be found on Apple’s support page on its official website.


Apple Authorized Service Provider
Apple Authorized Service Provider is a team from Apple who will assist you to repair your phone in “Onsite Screen Repair Scheme”

Apple is working with Go Tech Services and combining it with Apple Authorized Service Provider for offering its on-site repair service scheme.

In this scheme, The brand Apple promises to repair your Apple devices whatever it may be at your home or even in the office in specific locations.

If you go to the “Apple’s support page” you will find an option named “Schedule a Repair” where you can schedule timings to repair your Apple device at home or office, As for now, Apple has unveiled this offer in  “In select locations, onsite service may be available”.

Apple’s Onsite Repair Scheme – Places were this service is available

Apple Care logo
Apple Care the destination of repair and service for your Apple device

Till the time of uploading this post, the service is only available in locations in Us, which includes regions like,

  • San Francisco,
  • Los Angeles,
  • New York City,
  • Chicago,
  • Houston and
  • Dallas.

If you are an Apple user and you are currently living in any one of these cities mentioned above and you are looking to repair your Apple device you can make use of this service.

In these areas, Go Tech Services can found at the top offering “Onsite Service”. Depending on selecting the service provider, it will notify you about an extra onsite visit fee may be charged excluding the repair cost.

As for now, there is no additional information is rolled out about the amount of the visit fee. If you click into “Book through this provider” button, this will redirect you to the Go Tech Services website where you can schedule a preferred time for the visit.

Well, Apple is planning to continue to extend this kind of support service features all over the US,

Well if we talk about India, Apple is still waiting for its first official Apple Store to launch in India. Apple did have plans to open company-owned retail stores in many cities of India. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this.

What do you think? Will Apple launch its official store in India this year? Do let us know in the comment section, we would love to know your opinions.

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