Are iPhones Worth the Hype?

    Technology really is a great thing. It’s pushed areas of human advancement to unbelievable heights empowering areas of medicine, research, and communication. Not only that, but technology has changed so much over recent years that it can seem overwhelming. Trying to understand what brands or companies really have the best bang for your buck can seem intimidating with so many competing companies serving similar products. 

    In fact, there’s so much access to technology, that one of the biggest problems consumers now have is where to invest their time and resources. When it comes to the world of cell phones, nothing could be more true. It’s not really about getting a phone that can do basic things like calling or texting, or even simple GPS navigation, in the current market cell phones are about brand and experience.

    If you are thinking about getting iPhone but you’re not sure if it’s really worth the hype here is everything you need to know. 

    A World of Cell Phones

    Cell phones have become one of the largest markets for personal tech on the planet, and in many ways, modern society is built around the assumption that a cell phone is a given. While yes, it is possible to live in a modern world without one of these handy gadgets, the truth is that everything from commerce, to entertainment, and even financial investments and business has been conditioned to benefit from a cell phone. 

    Emails, video calls, navigation, and constant access to the internet have really changed the world that people live in, and a lot of that change has taken place over a short period of time. 

    What Are Your Options?

    If you find yourself in the market for a new cell phone, whether this is your first time getting into this marketplace or you’ve been here multiple times, there are really only two categories to choose from, Apple, or Andriod. 

    If you are really new to this world, then it’s worth mentioning that these two categories represent two different styles of cell phone operating systems. Apple is itself a brand of the phone as well as its own operating system. Android refers to a Google-based operating system, but it encompasses a wide variety of different brands and models. 

    So within Apple, you only have the option of Apple phones, however, this tech giant has done a good job of giving some meaningful variation to their various generations, and lineups. Within Andriod, you have access to literally hundreds of different brands that use the Andriod operating system. Now, there is only a handful of what are considered flagship Andriod phones that go toe-to-toe with Apple, and the majority of those brands are going to be niche, to say the least. 

    Why Do People Love Apple?

    With so many Andriod systems to choose from, why is Apple still the top-selling cell phone developer in the world? What is that people love so much about Apple’s signature iPhones? 

    Apple Creates Luxury and Function

    One of the greatest pulls for Apple’s iPhone products is their build quality. People are drawn to quality, and luxury is a commodity in this technological age that Apple uses well. No matter the generation, Apple always shoots for a satisfying visual aesthetic, premium build quality, and overall functionality that matches the quality of the phone. 

    iPhone Users Love The Simplicity of iOS

    While the initial beauty of an Apple product might be the thing that piques interest in a prospective customer, the functional use of their products is really the deciding factor. This is also where people who don’t like Apple products have a legitimate reason to choose Andriod. The operating system is by and large a huge hit, literally millions of consumers are thrilled with how easy it use Apple’s iOS. However, for the person who doesn’t like as clean, minimalist, and streamlined an experience, this is usually where a person finds out they are an Andriod fan. 

    The Apple iOS focuses on minimal distractions, powerful, intuitive options, neutral attention to customization instead of an over-focus, and fast, satisfying response times. 

    The Ecosystem is Great

    Perhaps one of the greatest pulls for Apple fans is Apple’s wonderful job of creating a tech ecosystem that is truly a delight. Everything from your iPhone to Apple Watch, to your Macbook laptop, is all connected via the same operating system. Apple doesn’t handle this aspect of their product line as a gimmick either but gives their customers powerful tools to connect their Apple devices in meaningful ways.


    If you’re interested in getting an iPhone for the first time, check out the iPhone 12 Redpocket offer. You’ll get one of Apple’s best iPhone Pro phones without paying the price tag for the newest model. This is a wonderful, powerful phone that is a great starting point for anyone curious about iPhone and if they are worth the hype. 

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