Bangladesh Government Shuts 3G/4G services Ahead of Elections

    Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission, the authority for country’s mobile network operators has ordered all the operators to disable 3G/4G high-speed internet services to users until Sunday midnight (30th). This is due to processing the elections smoothly.

    It is seen that voters are targeted with false propaganda and rumors against the ruling/opposition parties on the course of social media.

    And according to Bangladesh Security Force, they have arrested eight people for spreading rumors.

    Bangladesh Government Shuts 3G/4G services Ahead of Elections

    Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission
    Bangladesh Telecom Regulatory Commission

    Besides mobile networks, a leading TV group (Jamuna TV) has taken their news channel off caused by political pressures. When asked, Jamuna group says that’s because of technical issues rather than political.

    Jamuna group refused to explain much and insisted on saying their broadcast is airing fine later.

    This is not the first time authority had done so. Bangladesh government has previously stopped the internet services for a day in August this year.  Reasoning for thr protests led by students against kills by speeding bus and road safety issues. That caused havoc and flooded comments in social media then.

    Current Political situations:

    There have been many disturbances in polling atmosphere in the country, where some report that they have been barred by few officers for voting and warning when gone against. There have been several kills recorded, wounding tens of people and arrests of activists in the recent days.

    Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, has been the prime minister for two terms in a row and now expected to win the third one. While her archrival Khaleda Zia is serving her imprisonment for corruption charges, has been barred by the court to participate from jail. Her party BNP has deployed about 600,000 soldiers across the country due to elections.

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