Be aware! Piracy is everywhere

    The rise of the digital world already occurred years ago, and since then it can almost be stated that we are living in a world merely focused on technology rather than face to face talking. In general, this is a positive thing for companies; the help of technology for, for example administrative tasks, means less time consumption and working more precisely. Unfortunately, there is also a dark side to the increase of the use of technology; companies’ identities and products are being stolen by online pirates’ due piracy! There are lots of companies that can be deployed in order to protect your brand! These companies operate via several platforms and keep monitoring them, looking for pirate actions. We would like to elaborate on a few platforms an anti-piracy company will monitor in order to protect your brand from piracy


    Did you know that forums are a great source in contributing to piracy? Forums are sites where people can communicate online, by sending videos, pictures or just texts, which can be read publicly. The messages and content that are uploaded as responses to each other are placed as a thread.  Via forums, lots of people can be reached, and that is where pirates come in action. They often share links to copied products, or links to content that can be illegally streamed. Or even, they share the actual illegal videos on the forum itself. Anti piracy companies are constantly monitoring and analyzing forums and checking if illegal practices are happening in where your brand is involved. 

    App stores

    Maybe you don’t even know about the concept, but it is often-occurring nowadays; pirates are offering third party app stores. Thus, not the Apple app store or the app store from google drive, but other app stores. These app stores offer apk and ipa packages that can contain altered code. An anti piracy company investigates these app stores, which can be both legal or illegal, and try to find applications that are not honest and illegal.

    Search engines

    Another big source where piracy occurs is on the regular search engines such as Bing or Google. Anti piracy companies are aiming to filter search results that are not legal or lead to illegal websites, in order to protect your brand. Hint! A company that is ultimately specialized in investigating piracy and making sure that your brand is protected by anti piracy software, is! 

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