Being Overwatch Players You should Know What other Players thinks about it

    Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind Overwatch players, is sure to make a lot of money on their new first-person shooter video game. There are 21 available heroes, each with their unique abilities, and they can be switched between during gameplay, so players need to work as a team if they want any chance of winning. This is because Blizzard wants to appeal to the most comprehensive, most diverse audience possible. This is because they are currently in a deal with Tencent Holdings Limited, one of Asia’s largest publishing companies providing online services and products.

    This deal and the diversity of characters and gameplay make Overwatch a very profitable game. In the UK, more specifically in London, a diverse audience is precisely what they got. I’m sure this is something the developers are pleased about as it means they won’t need to spend money on expanding their team, which would have meant the game might not have been released yet.

    Talking about the stocks holding of Overwatch:-

    Tencent Holdings Limited currently holds 40% of stocks within Activision Blizzard, one of the biggest gaming companies. They are responsible for World of Warcraft and Call Of Duty games. This means that they could also profit from Overwatch players if it does well, which will be good news for the gamers who will get to play more games in the future. Overwatch has been released on PC and PS4 so far, but if it is successful, we might see an Xbox release at some point which would be another great money earner for Activision Blizzard and Tencent Holdings Limited.

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    It’s always good when a video game company puts diversity at the front of their marketing campaigns as video games have been criticized in the past for not having enough representation for people from specific backgrounds, so they are most likely to attract a broader range of players this way.

    How many players play together in Overwatch?

    Overwatch Players has going for it because it allows 12-player team battles, which means that gamers who loved games such as World of Warcraft, which allows you to do the same thing, are likely to be tempted by this game. This then means that the game has a better chance of selling more copies.

    In today’s society, it is totally common for people to look for individuality. This can be seen in how some people wear different clothing styles or have a unique haircut. Even now it’s a way for people to feel unique or different from others, which can be problematic in some cases.

    This idea of individuality has been applied to many aspects of popular culture, such as video games and comics. One such example is the recently released game Overwatch by Blizzard Entertainment. The uniqueness of this game, how well it sold in the first week, and the diversity of heroes and characters are something people seem to like. The reason for this is that people like to feel unique or different from others, and in today’s society, it can absolutely be hard to do if you’re not following a trend.

    Talking about the recent interviews of few Overwatch players:-

    • “I don’t really think it matters what race you are when playing Overwatch,” said one student from Korea. She was saying that people of any ethnicity should be able to play the game and still enjoy it. This is what Blizzard wants for all their games, and they want everyone to enjoy them; this way, more people will buy their games, and they will make more money as a result.
    • Another student I interviewed was from China, and she said, “I like how there are so many different characters so I can play as someone from my country.” This is similar to the comment made by the Korean student because it shows how diverse Overwatch as a game really is.
    • “I think diversity in characters and maps will boost sales for this game,” said another student from Korea. They think this is because since there is a diverse range of characters, the customers will have a wider choice as to which characters they want to play. In terms of maps, this diversity is essential because it gives people more places that they can have fun playing in.
    • “I think there being so many different characters from different backgrounds is really cool because it shows how far video games have come,” said a student from China. This is what most people appreciate about Overwatch, the diversity of the game itself. It shows how far video games have evolved by having so many different characters for people of all backgrounds to enjoy playing as.

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