Benefits of EV (electric) cars in 2023

    Cheaper to use

    The cost of the electricity needed to charge an EV is about 40% less than the cost of gasoline for a similar-sized vehicle traveling the same distance1. The cost is lower if you charge your EV through your solar PV system or at free charging stations.

    Cheaper to maintain

    A battery-electric vehicle (BEV) has fewer moving parts than a conventional gasoline or diesel vehicle. Maintenance is relatively easy, less frequent and generally cheaper than a gasoline or diesel car.

    All EV batteries degrade (become less efficient). Most car manufacturers guarantee that EV batteries will not degrade below a certain level for about eight years. You may need to replace an EV’s battery during the time you own it.

    Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) also have a gasoline or diesel engine that requires maintenance, so a PHEV costs more to maintain than a BEV.

    Better for the environment

    Less pollution: By choosing an EV, you help reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust fumes. An EV has no tailpipe emissions, but it still causes a certain amount of greenhouse gas emissions when it is charged from the electricity grid.

    Renewable energy: If you have a solar PV system and charge your EV during the day, you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions even further. Another way is to buy GreenPower from your electricity provider. Even if you then charge your EV through the grid, your electricity comes from renewable energy sources.

    Better for the grid

    If EV charging is managed effectively, especially outside peak periods, it will help us create a flatter demand profile for the electricity grid over a typical 24-hour period. This will help us to

    Make better use of the electricity grid

    help electric vehicle owners avoid costly charging periods

    make the entire electricity system work more efficiently

    support the integration of more small and large-scale renewable energy systems into the electricity grid.

    Even company vans will swap to EV

    Are you planning on buying or renting a Mercedes V-Class or even a Mercedes Vito (Dutch: mercedes vito huren)? Then you can always opt for the fully electric Mercedes EQV. This van offers all the quality and comfort you’re used to, but in a sustainable way! 

    By now it has become clear to you that driving electric company vehicles brings great benefits. We hope you’re inspired to swap to battery powered cars and vans too!

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