Best 20 Brochure Templates To Increase Your Sales

    A lot of people have many misconceptions about sales figures. They think that it completely depends on one or two factors. But that’s not true! There are multiple factors that contribute to the sales of a company. Right from your company logo to the templates and even the marketing pitch that you take. All of it contributes to the sales of your company. And that, one of the most important factors amongst them is your brochure template.

    Many business owners know the reason why they should consider brochure templates equally important for sales. But on the other hand, there are some company owners that still have to figure out why having a good brochure is important for them. But whatever the reason or cause, brochure templates are surely going to increase your sales because they directly impact them. And while you direct things to your brochure maker, make sure it has all the important elements that you want to present to your customers or clients. You can also use handy online tools to design a brochure yourself.

    Now, with that said, here are 20 brochure templates that can be ideal for your business.

    1. Colour gradient brochures

    One of the best templates that you get in the market these days is the colour gradient brochures. Surely there are free design templates available all over the internet, but getting one that suits your business model is going to be rare. There would be some other ingredient that needs to be integrated but that’s for the latter part; isn’t it? There was a time when colour gradient brochures were very popular and they had a lot of impact on the clients.

    These have come back again and are so much better than anytime before. If you use them correctly by adding uniqueness, it will become a great deal for you.

    1. Modern Bifold brochures

    Okay, so coming onto the next thing that we have, it is a modern bifold brochure that is used by many companies these days. It not only looks unique and cool but allows the users to put in some of their important things wherever they want. This means you have the liberty of presenting things the way you want to.

    Cool, isn’t that? You have the right to pick all that you want to present to your boss, client, or customers. Just mention all the details to your brochure maker and things will be good to go.

    1. Landscape-style company brochure

    If you are looking for some different styles then you can obviously consider the landscape style brochure as your option. It has become a go-to style for not just smaller firms but many big companies. The main reason why brands are taking a leap towards this style is due to the accommodation of multiple and major content in a small section. Whenever there is a process that involves making a brochure, a lot of factors are accounted for!

    And one of them is to present as much content as you can with certain adjustments. There are a lot of other benefits of using this brochure template but that’s something for future discussion.

    1. Colour filter brochure

    Use you heard that right! There are multiple options that are available in the market but the one that you should pick must depend on your needs and the traits of the company. One of the best options that are available as brochure templates in the market is a colour filter.

    In this, you can place your company’s name, building, or any other thing that might be important for you. And while putting images, make sure that they too follow the colour filter pattern.

    1. Using the image frames

    Oh yes, this one is particularly very popular and business people have been using it for its highlighting property. You can place image frames on an image and then decide what is going to be the best bet for you.

    Maybe you can do the same thing with boxed content. Give it a shade or a frame because that’s exactly what makes the difference in many sectors.

    1. Brighter the icon

    The next way to make your brochure stand out or look hugely different is to keep the icons on the brighter side. And that’s not just us saying, you will see a lot of people around the world following the same pattern. This way, you will catch the attention of your customer and the clients too. Whatever amongst them becomes your target audience.

    1. Brochure of topology marketing

    This is a changed name because the exact name of this type of brochure is event marketing through topology. In this type of brochure, you can add maps and data about an event or business meets that will be taking place in some time.

    The more you engage your target audience the better it becomes for you. Isn’t it? This is also helpful in another way that you can provide the location of all your offices and warehouses and other things that are needed for the same. Make sure you have all the important information on the brochure highlighted.

    1. You can use a call to action in your brochure

    One of the most important of all and the one brochure that you can use in your company profiling is the one that contains highlighted and bright colours with icons having a call to action. This is one of the most phenomenal ways to use colour and text together in such a way that your client will love to read everything that is written on it. Every marketer knows how important and useful any type of call to action is.

    Keeping that in mind, you will have to put up your brochure in front of your client and customers. That will depend on the people you adhere to. These types of brochures are thin and sometimes even 4-pagers. They are also important in the conversion of leads.

    1. Cohesive brochure

    We have all been reading and learning that cohesion is the bond that’s shared by two different molecules or particles. But have you heard about cohesive brochures? What are they and how people have started using them? Most importantly, why are they so important? There are a lot of questions and lesser answers. But one thing that you will always read about it is that leading business people are using it because it looks flourished. Yes!!

    A cohesive brochure is one that has a great melange of images and content. The one that doesn’t look too cluttered. And it is easy to make them in such a way that your client would feel good reading them. And you can find a lot of templates for this kind of brochure.

    1. The timeline brochure

    When it comes to brochure templates, you seriously can have a huge number of options in your hand or on the internet. When it comes to the high-volume options that are available here, then one amongst them is the timeline brochure. It is one of the highly used and historic brochure types. It is the best way to present your company’s timeline, all the prospects, testimonials, and other important things on one page.

    1. Put in visuals consistently

    Yes, you heard that right! This is another very popular brochure template in which you get to express things using images and infographics. People love using this kind of brochure because it is very creative and you get to express more in less. That’s the biggest funda about this brochure type.

    1. Using colour contrast

    Brochures have always been an integral and important part of the company. It not only tells your clients about the achievements of the company but a lot more than that. And when it comes to presenting the same, you can use a brochure template that has colour contrast to offer. In colour contrast, one can highlight things that they want to highlight. Things that according to you are important from the client’s point of view.

    1. Bold fonts with bolder colours

    There is another popular type of brochure template that is available on the internet and that’s a bit unique. In this, you can use bold fonts with even bolder colours. That’s one of the best kinds of representations available in the market. Where your bold colour gets the attention of the reader, the fonts make it easier to read. Not only the brochures, but these have now become popular types even on billboards.

    1. Doodle brochure

    If you have a creative firm or one that concerns kids; then doodles are also a good option. When your target customer will be the parents of young kids and schools. It becomes very crucial to get the attention of young people more than anything. And when you do so, these doodle brochures are going to help you out. You can use different colours, fonts, textures, and other things in your brochure.

    1. Handwritten and drawn illustrations

    This might sound a bit off or weird but that’s true! People do enjoy putting up illustrations that are handwritten or drawn. That’s one way of putting things and clients do love such kind of creativity. What’s more to say about it?

    1. Use colours as organizers

    Just the way you used coloured pens in your school to represent different things, the same happens in a brochure too. Yeah, that’s one of the ways to create your brochure and make it look different in a pool of similar-looking brochures.

    1. Make stats your focal point

    This is not a new or uncommon brochure, isn’t it? You might have already heard about it. This is a kind of brochure template where people put in facts and figures to represent different things. Statistics makes all the valuable talking and that is quite an impressive way indeed. You can get a lot of free templates that are similar to this.

    1. Reflect the company culture with achievements

    At times, putting in some versatility is also important. Just because you don’t want to bore your client or the reader. To keep that out of the equation trying to create brochures that represent company cultures too! Putting up the achievements is surely important but only talking or bragging about the company can be a poor display. So, make sure that doesn’t happen.

    1. Make a simple brochure

    In the end, we would suggest that one of the best and oldest options of making a brochure can become the trick for success. That’s because brochure templates that were used earlier were the best. They didn’t take too much time to be read and were easy to understand. We all have heard this at least once- simplicity is the best representation in any sector.

    1. Important information is visible

    There are many templates where the contact details and other things that come under CTA are given at the end. But don’t you think that’s a bit off? What if your client doesn’t read till the end? Therefore, one can choose the templates having contact information right on the front. So, make sure that you look at all the options that are available before going for any one of them.


    The above-listed templates are surely going to be helpful because they will be encouraging you to make better adjustments. And that will in return create a masterpiece according to your company or boss. And that’s surely what will help in creating better engagement and that will spike up the sales figures. So, what do you think about all of this?

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