Top 10 Best Android Music Players of 2020

Best Android Music Players: We all love listening to music in our free time. As we say books are our best friends, in the same way, music also supports and helps us out and makes us stress-free when we are alone. Therefore, we have brought here the list of Top 10 Best Android Music Players of 2020 which will provide you amazing music experience.

Top 10 Best Android Music Players of 2020

Best Android Music Players
Best Android Music Players

I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on the best music player for android with equalizer but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the Best Android Music Players of 2018. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there is much best free music app for Android available today. You can free download from the below-given links. Let us take a look at some of the top ones: –

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List of Top 10 Best Android Music Players of 2020:

Sr. No.NamePrice
1.BlackPlayer Music PlayerFree
2.JetAudio HD Music Player$ 3.99
3.MediaMonkey Music PlayerFree
4.n7player Music PlayerFree
5.Neutron Music PlayerFree
6.Phonograph Music PlayerFree
7.PlayerPro Music Player$ 3.99
8.Poweramp Music Player$ 3.99
9.Pulsar Music PlayerFree
10.Shuttle+ Music Player$ 2.49
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1. BlackPlayer Music Player

blackplayer music player

BlackPlayer is an elegant and simple music player and therefore we keep this music player at the top of our list. This app operates on a tab and you can according to your wish customize the tabs which you want to use. This music player provides other features such as themes, scrobbling, no ads, an ID3 tag editor, widgets, an equalizer and much more. The app is provided free of cost and if you want some additional features than you can go for the paid app. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download BlackPlayer Music Player Apk

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2. JetAudio HD Music Player

best free music player for android 2017

A longtime favorite music player of Android users, jetAudio is amazing providing plenty of features. The music player is simple but enough for use. This one options a range of audio enhancements that come back as a plug-in; therefore, you’ll be able to tweak your music expertise a bit over usual. On prime of that, it comes with associate degree equalizer (complete with thirty-two presets), easy effects like bass boost, widgets, even MIDI playback, and a tag editor. The free and paid versions are nearly identical. The paid version simply removes advertising and adds themes. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download JetAudio HD Music Player Apk

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3. MediaMonkey Music Player

best android music player reddit

MediaMonkey may be a little bit of a dark horse within the music player apps business. it’s a lot of options, together with structure options for things like audiobooks, podcasts, and also the ability to kind songs by things like the musician(instead of simply artist). It additionally has basic stuff like the associate equalizer. What makes MediaMonkey a really distinctive music player is the ability to correct your music library from your laptop to your phone (and back) over LAN. It’s a little difficult established; however, it’s nearly a one-of-a-kind feature. The interface is easy and also the app is an associate with overall solid possibility. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download MediaMonkey Music Player Apk

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4. n7player Music Player

best music player for android with equalizer

n7player maybe a music player that tries to try and do one thing to a small degree completely different and succeeds. Rather than having lists of music sorted in varied ways in which, n7player creates an enormous collage vogue list of your music that you’ll be able to scroll through and hear. It conjointly comes up with a 10-band equalizer, volume standardization, a tag editor, scrobbling, and a lot of different options and features which you will love. Plenty of this is often positively kind over-perform, therefore, those craving for additional powerful music management may have to seem elsewhere. However, if you would like one thing that appears amazing, none of the opposite music player apps looks quite like this one will. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download n7player Music Player Apk

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5. Neutron Music Player

best music player for android 2017

This music player is not so popular that it should be because of its amazing features. It options a 32/64-bit audio rendering engine that’s (according to the developers) freelance of the Android OS. The thought is that it helps music sound higher. It additionally incorporates a heap of alternative options, together with support for a lot of distinctive file varieties (FLAC, MPC, etc), an integral equalizer, and a number of alternative audiophile specific options. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download Neutron Music Player Apk

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6. Phonograph Music Player

music player for android free download

The Phonograph is one of the newer & free music player apps. It bills itself as being easy, light-weight, and simple to use. In most cases, it succeeds. It options a cloth style interface that offers you a decent look and feel. You’ll additionally amendment the theme if you would like. Besides that, you will get integration, a tag editor, playlist options, a home screen device, and a few different navigation options. One must try this music player. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download Phonograph Music Player Apk

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7. PlayerPro Music Player

best free music app for android

PlayerPro Music Player is another lesser-known music app that ought to be obtaining a little additional traffic. It options a decent wanting interface that creates everything simple to use in conjunction with skins that you simply will transfer and install for additional customization. You will conjointly get support for taking part in the video, a 5-band equalizer, varied audio effects, widgets, and a few fun very little options just like the ability to shake the phone to urge it to alter tracks. It even supports Hi-Fi music (up to 32-bit, 384 kHz). This is a paid app. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download PlayerPro Music Player Apk

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8. Poweramp Music Player

music player for android apk

Poweramp has long been one in every of the go-to music player apps selections for plenty of mechanical man users. It’s a sleek interface with themes that you just will transfer from the Google Play Store. For its own good, the interface is sometimes very clever. It’s effective and economical, though as it is a paid app. There are themes to create it look however you wish. It includes several playback options, as well as gapless playback, crossfade, and support for many kinds of playlists. You’ll conjointly realize widgets, tag writing, and a lot of customization settings. It’s a strong player that appears to strike the correct chord with nearly everybody. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download Poweramp Music Player Apk

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9. Pulsar Music Player

best music player for android 2018

Pulsar is maybe the simplest fully free & best android music player out there straight away. The options embody fantastically done Material style, tag redaction, gapless playback, good playlists, a sleep timer, and scrobbling. Pulsar additionally has Chrome cast support, which is awful. It’s not as feature significant as a number of the paid choices; however that does not essentially mean that it’s unhealthy. It is a nice possibility for those searching for something minimal, light-weight, and sensible trying. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download Pulsar Music Player Apk

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10. Shuttle+ Music Player

best free music player for android 2018

Shuttle Music Player is a progressive genre player. It is a Material style laden music player with many choices. This music player embodies a six-band equivalent, gapless playback, and support for embedded lyrics, loads of themes, scrobbling and more. Those that go professional also can get Chrome cast support, ID3 tag redaction, folder browsing, and even additional theme choices. It’s wonderful for what it’s and one in every of the must-try music player apps. You can download the app from the link provided below.

   Download Shuttle+ Music Player Apk

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So, above is the list of best music player apps you can download and enjoy listening to music.

Watch this video also for some more cool & best android music players to enhance music quality with a premium look:

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Wrapping Up

I hope you made use of our Best Android Music Players 2020, didn’t you?

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