10 Best BetterDiscord PLUGINS (2021)

    What is BetterDiscord?

    BetterDiscord is a chat application that has many exclusive features and works as an alternative to Discord. BetterDiscord is considered the best alternative to Discord so far. It is completely safe to use and has millions of uses so far.

    How to install BetterDiscord?

    Installation process of BetterDiscord is easy and take just few seconds.

    Follow the steps below to do so:
    • Step 1: Download the BetterDiscord app or software on your PC or laptop.
    • Step 2: Next you have to select your Windows operating system.
    • Step 3: Once the app is download on your PC or laptop, double click on it to start the installation process.
    • Step 4: When the installation menu appears select Install BandageedBD.
    • Step 5: Now tick mark on Install to Stable Button and then click on Install.
    • Step 6: Once the app is installed completely then restart your PC or laptop.
    • Step 7: After restarting the PC, open the BetterDiscord app available on the home screen or in the downloaded file folder.
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    Now you can use BetterDiscord and enjoy its amazing features.

    How to use BetterDiscord plugins?

    It is easy to download and use DiscordBetter plugins.

    Follow the steps below to do so:
    • Step 1: Firstly download the BetterDiscord themes. You can do so by going on this website:
    • Step 2: Next you can download your favourite plugins.
    • Step 3: After downloading your favourite plugins go to this directory (“Link: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\plugins“)
    • Step 4: Now unzip the themes and paste them into the directory.
    • Step 5: Next go back to the Discord app and select your server.
    • Step 6: Go to Discord settings.
    • Step 7: Now click on themes by scrolling down.
    • Step 8: To enable the downloaded plugin you like use the toggle button.

    Now you can make use of Discord plugins and improve your Discord experience.

    What are the 10 Best BetterDiscord Plugins in 2021?

    BetterDiscord plugins are a cool add-on to Discord and it would be absolutely boring if you miss it. The experience becomes way better.

    BetterDiscord comes with a built-in JavaScript plugin loader. Users can write their own or even down plugins made by other people too.

    Following are the best DiscordBetter Plugins in 2021:
    [table id=235 /]

    Some other Useful DiscordBetter Plugins:

    Following are the other DiscordBetter Plugins:
    [table id=236 /]

    How to install BetterDiscord Themes?

    BetterDiscord comes with a built-in CSS theme loader. Users can write their own or download themes made by other people.

    Follow the steps below to do so:
    • Step 1: Visit the website and go ahead and download the favourite BetterDiscord themes. You can also visit other websites for the same purpose.
    • Step 2: After downloading the BetterDiscord themes, go to the following directory. (“Link: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BetterDiscord\themes“)
    • Step 3: Now unzip the themes and paste them to the directory given above.
    • Step 4: Now open the Discord app and select your server.
    • Step 5: Now go to Discord settings.
    • Step 6: Now go ahead and select the “Themes” option that is present on your server setting menu.
    • Step 7: Now use the toggle button and enable the downloaded theme depending on what you like.
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    This is how you can download different BetterDiscord themes.

    How to Fix the Discord not working issue?

    Some people have encountered this issue where BetterDiscord isn’t working it might happen because of new themes or plugins.

    There are two ways how you can fix this issue:

    • Fix 1: If you have recently downloaded any new plugin or themes then move all of them to a new directory. Once moved to the directory then restart the PC or laptop again.
    • Fix 2: If the first fix did not work then try uninstalling Discord from your PC or laptop. Once uninstalled, download the latest and updated version of Discord from the official website. Do not forget to restart your computer once the installation process is done.
     NOTE – Always keep all your apps and software updated to avoid such problems. Also, use good antivirus software to keep your PC or laptop protected from viruses and malware. 


    1. Is BetterDiscord legal to use?

    As of currently, BetterDiscord does not violate any term of agreements of Discord. It is safe as long as you do not use any sketchy plugins.

    2. Is BetterDiscord and Discord free to use?

    Yes, both the apps are free and easy to use. Although, Discord Nitro does have a minimal monthly fee of $9.99.

    3. What is BandagedBD?

    BandagedBD has number of improvements over the original. It is a traditional app of the original BetterDiscord app.

    To conclude we feel that BetterDiscord is something you should definitely try out. Let us know in the comments what you feel about the app and will you recommend it to other Discord users.

    Ahh! Looks like we have come to an end. We hope that the article was informative and solved all your doubts and questions regarding the topic. Let us know in the comments below what you want to see next on our website.

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