Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2019

    Are you looking for Best Chrome Extensions? Don’t worry! I have got your back. In this article, you are going to get the latest version of Chrome Extensions Must Have 2019. In this article, I’m going to share the best google chrome apps which you should install right now on your browser. Google Chrome Extension is an add-on plugin that is used to extends the functionality of a browser. So here you are going to get Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions that you can use to save your time and other cool features to make life easier.

    Earlier in the old days, when the era of the internet had just begun and when not everyone was educated or aware of the diverse benefits of the internet and when the only known operating system was Microsoft, only a few in the world used the Internet and the Web browsers. But now, the times have changed, almost every city in developing and under-developing countries are being provided with high-speed internet services.

    With advancements in technology and hardware prices getting cheaper, people are now more accessible to the ever-growing technologies and the vision of an open world. People are now aware of the benefits and the revenue the Internet can bring to them if they choose to put in the work. There are tons of software, web browsers, and extensions provided by web browsers to further enhance the productivity of the user.

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    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2017

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    Best Chrome Extensions

    Chrome is the go-to browser for many and also preferred by many due to the availability of extensions and features. It can be a perplex situation for many to choose from the so many extensions available. So today we will jump into some of the best Chrome extensions you can consider to use to improve your focus, productivity, and security.

    There are some Best Chrome Extensions also available for Reddit and students. These extensions are only for google chrome browser which you can use in a web browser through PC or mobile app. Also Check, Best Free Proxy Sites to unblock any website and surf anonymously.

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    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2019

    There are many peoples who are daily searching for Best Chrome Extensions for youtube. Now I am gonna share the top 8 list of Google Chrome Extensions for productivity you must have. You can also free download some funniest chrome extensions but later they will hang your browser. So it’s better you install extensions with a good rating.

    I have seen many sites are sharing hundreds of lists to watch best chrome extensions games but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you the 8 best chrome extensions of 2019. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many Chrome extensions available today. Let us take a look at some of the top ones:

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    List of Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2019: –

    Sr. No.NameLinkType
    1.AdBlock Plus
    3.Save to Pocket
    6.Google Keep
    8.Awesome Screenshot

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    1. AdBlock Plus

    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2017

    AdBlock Plus is one of those extensions that you will have to download within a few days of browsing because you will be irritated by the number of ads that show up and interferes with the work you are doing. It is an open-source extension that helps in getting it improved day after day and also enables you to customize it. This is an extension which has caused a lot of trouble for the online advertising industry because of which now the advertisers pay the publishers to include their ad in their post, which is actually nice as it does not interfere your work and also the ads will be something related to the subject you are reading about.

    AdBlock Plus blocks different kinds of ads such as advertisements from sidebars and from any other part of a web page, animated ads, pop-up, pop-under ads and also Facebook ads to some extent.

       Install AdBlock Plus

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    2. LastPass Free Password Manager

    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2017

    LastPass is a free password manager for all your different online accounts so that you won’t run into a forgot password situation ever again and you can save time, also you can generate strong passwords for various purposes and never have to remember them again. You just need to remember a single Master Password and that’s it. LastPass will save all your usernames and passwords and will auto login to the sites whenever you need them and auto-sync. LastPass will take your security as well as productivity up a notch.

       Install LastPass Chrome Extension

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    3. Save to Pocket (Pocket)

    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2017

    Save to Pocket is a service that lets you access any web content when you see it online it and saves it for you for offline access whenever you need it. Pocket syncs across all your signed-in devices such as your PC and mobile.

       Install Save To Pocket

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    4. PushBullet

    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2017

    Pushbullet is an extension that brings up connectivity up a new level in between your mobile phone and your laptop. You can access your media from your phone right in the Chrome tab. Other than this you can also access and manage messages, songs, photos, links, etc. The best feature of this extension you would probably fall in love with is that you can send links to your phone from anywhere from the web, which otherwise is a hard task, either you had to email the link to yourself or you would have to write it down. Media transfer is also possible and is very quick as it works through wifi sharing. For using this you will have to connect both your devices on the same wifi network.

       Install PushBullet Chrome Extension

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    5. StayFocusd

    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2017

    StayFocusd is one of our favorite extensions in the productivity genre as it really helps you out with being focused on a particular task you are trying to achieve in a stipulated period of time. This extension restricts you from using addictive and time-consuming websites like facebook, youtube, and others. You can personally customize the websites you want to block and the period of time you want to stay focused. You can also set individual site based restrictions also like if you engage on a particular website for more than the defined time then you can’t access the website any further until you turn off this extension. This extension is a little strict on its users but it sure will make you more productive.

       Install StayFocusd Chrome Extension

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    6. Google Keep – Chrome Extension

    Google is my go-to app on every device irrespective of the platform to add any important notes or any instant idea or shower thoughts. It seamlessly adds your note and syncs it across all of your devices. You can customize your note with colors. You can also add reminders to it. The one thing for which the users of Google Keep become addictive to it is mainly because of its simplicity. You simply open the app, add your note and close it, it’s really that simple.

       Install Google Keep

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    7. Momentum – Best Chrome Extensions

    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2017

    Momentum is a beautiful extension, greeting you with a beautifully laid background and welcomes you by your name. Also, you can add any to do the task in it and it will constantly remind you of it whenever you open up a new tab. You can customize the background if you don’t like eye-catching locations of different countries with your own images. This extension will also provide you with intense, meaningful quotes to keep you inspired and will make your stay on the track.

       Install Momentum Chrome Extension

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    8. Awesome Screenshot Screen Video Recorder

    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2017

    Awesome Screenshot is an intelligent extension available on Chrome. It is very different than any other screen capture extensions available in the Google market. Awesome Screenshot allows you to capture screen with various options like any other extension like select capture area, capture visible area, capture the whole page. Besides these features, the add-ons for Awesome Screenshot are that it allows you to blur sensitive data without using any other app. Bonus add-on is that you can also record your screen in video format and one-click uploads, that’s really cool, right?!

       Install Awesome Screenshot

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    Taco Chrome Bonus Extension

    Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2017

    Taco helps to see or manage your tasks from 40+ other services on Chrome’s new tab page. Like Gmail, Facebook, Basecamp, Github, Trello, and Zendesk, etc. The advantage of this extension is that it’s Loads faster than Chrome’s new tab page. Also, you can only access Taco’s site, not your browsing history. So you can browse privately also without using incognito mode. It is the best productivity extension to drag & drop your tasks, tickets, and todos.

       Install Taco Chrome Extension

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    Check this Video for Some More Useful Chrome Extensions that you’ll want right now:

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    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Best Chrome Extensions, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Top 8 Best Chrome Extensions Must Have 2019 with your friends. Let them get the fun of some cool productivity chrome extensions.

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