Best CSGO Cases with AWP Skins

    AWP is a CS:GO sniper rifle that is one of the coolest weapons in the game, since having it you can kill your enemies with just one shot. Therefore, many players strive to get some unique skins for AWP to make their rifles look amazing!

    You can find these skins in a variety of cases such as Hydra, Phoenix, CS20, Arms deal and, of course, CSGO Shattered Web case. AWP skins can have various designs and quite different prices.

    Here, we have selected for you the top cases where you can find the most beautiful AWP skins!

    Hydra case, AWP | Oni Taiji

    If you like traditional Japanese painting, then you will definitely appreciate the design of this skin, as it is made in this style!

    The body of the rifle turned into a canvas, which depicts a scene of a duel between a samurai and a demon. The color palette is designed in various shades of red, orange, yellow and purple. Also, the image contains abstract patterns that beautifully emphasize the image.

    Skin price: $365.

    Arms Deal case, AWP | Lightning Strike

    This is another very beautiful skin for the famous sniper rifle, designed in purple. The body of the rifle is decorated with a flash of white lightning, which has its coils on the sides. Purple and white shades here are separated with a lilac hue.

    Skin price: $420.

    Shattered Web case, AWP | Containment Breach

    This rifle is designed in the style of a radioactive forest. The monsters with luminous eyes and toothy mouths are hiding behind the trees. Neon shades were used for coloring. All drawings are made in green colors. The main color is also present on the elements without coloring, creating bright accents.

    The bright green hue looks very bold and also goes well with matte black. The price of the skin is very good, so you should consider buying it.

    Skin price: $215.

    Broken Fang case, AWP | Fade

    This skin is a classic example from the gradient collection. There is nothing superfluous in its design: the parts are painted in matte black, and the case has a gradient that shimmers from yellow to crimson, and then to blue and purple. Depending on the float value, the pattern and size of the shades may change.

    Skin price: $965.

    Bravo case, AWP | Graphite

    It seems that this skin was created specifically for connoisseurs of the classics. Presented with the introduction of the Bravo collection, it instantly won the hearts of many players thanks to the textured black paintwork on the entire body of the weapon. The black coating of the rifle beautifully gleams in the light; believe us, you will love it!

    Since the “Factory New” costs a few dollars more than the “Minimal Wear”, it makes sense to choose the first option.

    Skin price: $179.

    CS20 case, AWP | Wildfire

    AWP Wildfire is a trendy skin from the CS20 collection dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the legendary FPS. The body of the weapon is covered with a black and red base, with the Operation Wildfire logo applied on top.

    The body depicts an image of a Chinese fire dragon that covers the segment from the butt to the middle part of the weapon. The bright yellow along with the black color with red accents that cover the rest of the rifle looks amazing!

    Skin price: $127.

    Phoenix case, AWP | Asiimov

    The AWP | Asiimov is one of the most coveted skins in the CSGO game, and it is almost impossible to find this weapon in the free market.

    The skin has a futuristic style and looks more like a blaster than a classic rifle. The predominant colors are white, black and orange, which successfully intertwine in a geometric disorder. Even the Battle-Scarred version doesn’t look like well-worn shabby skin — it looks just a little darker.

    The price of the Battle-Scarred version with 0.90-0.99 Float can be extremely high; such guns are called “Blackiimov”.

    Skin price: $116.


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