Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing Tools of 2020

    Best Hacking Tools: Starting with the topic, it is essential that we have an overview of the terms which are quite common nowadays and commonly used in the below content. What is ‘Hacking’? To cut the long story short, hacking can be described as an attempt to take over and sneak into other computer networks to perform some illegal tasks like data extraction, etc and the person who carries out such activities is known as ‘Hackers’(sometimes also known as Crackers).

    As from the view of computer parlance, Hackers can be classified into three types I.e Black hats, Grey Hats, and White hats. Blackhat professional can be called as the hackers who carry out surreptitious activities for their own profit. Grey hat professionals are defined as the hackers who try to find out the loopholes and weaknesses in the defense system of the network and notify the owner of that network about the weakness.

    While the white hat professionals can be known as hackers who try to find the loopholes and weaknesses in their own network system so that they can fix the problems and protect it from the external threats. These Whitehat professionals are commonly known as ‘Ethical hackers’ and the process is known as ‘Ethical Hacking’.

    What Is Penetration Testing?

    Best Penetration Testing Tools: Ethical hackers work for a particular organization, find the weaknesses prevailing in their security network and make them aware of it and future threats that can be caused if there is an attack from the external Blackhat professionals. These kinds of hackers can also be called as ‘Penetration Tester’ rather known as ‘Pentesters’.

    As a craftsman needs to utilize his skills and tools to make a perfect art, a penetration tester also needs to have utilized specific tools to perform a certain task. Nowadays in the market, much different software, hacking tools & hacking apps are available for the people having a good grip on the coding and who are interested in legal hacking.

    Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing Tools of 2020

    Certain tools are available at free of cost while some of them are paid, however, the amount asked for software is worth spending if the vision of the user is positive and he/she can also earn via helping other organizations to protect their organization network from potential threats by exploring the holes in their security system.

    Hence, there are many best penetration testing tools for windows available today. You can free download from the below-given links. Let us take a look at some of the top ones:

    List of Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing Tools:
    [table id=83 /]

    1. Fiddler – Best Hacking Tool 2020

    pen testing hardware

    Fiddler is an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) debugging proxy server application that can be categorized under the sniffing tool, a proxy server application. It is a commercial based software that can be helpful in inspecting the incoming and outgoing data to monitor and modify the request, responses before it reaches with the browser. In all, it can be used to intercept and decrypt the HTTPS traffic.

    This software is easily available in the market and can be downloaded directly on the PC using the following button.

       Download Fiddler

    2. Network Mapper (Nmap)

    penetration testing tools open source

    Nmap stands for the abbreviation Network Mapper. It can be categorized under the port scanner. This application can be useful to scan a port, IP, host, and variety of such facilities are available having a larger range for a number of ports, IPs, hosts. Just like others, it is also free software available on different websites. However, it can also be used to scan a subnet(), also the prevailing OS version of the host can also be known using this volatile software. The Nmap series was first released 20 years ago. It is easily available for different platforms like LINUX, WINDOWS, MAC OS X.

    The download link for this volatile software is stated below:

       Download Network Mapper (Nmap)

    3. Wireshark – Vulnerability Testing Tools

    top 10 security testing tools

    Wireshark falls under the category of Web Vulnerability testing software. It is an industry level network protocol analysis tool. The feature of this software is that the data can be captured from the different networks which can later also be edited using the ‘editcap’ program.

    The perk of this software is that it is also available free of cost. Also, the wireless network can also be intercepted if they pass through the monitored network. This software is compatible with almost all the platforms and it is freely available at their official site and can be downloaded easily. The link for downloading Wireshark from their official website is as follows;

       Download Wireshark

    4. John the Ripper – Password Hacking Tools

    vulnerability testing tools

    It is one of the most widely known and used password cracking software. John the Ripper contains a customizable cracker feature which can be used to crack a certain type of encrypted passcode. It contains character frequency tables which can be used to crack the passwords which are generally used by the users. It also contains a word list dictionary that contains numerous words which can be potential passwords that are derived/cracker earlier using other software. Initially, it was designed for the Unix operating system but now it is available for almost every platform including Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

    The download link for the software is below which is the official site for downloading john.

       Download John the Ripper

    5. Aircrack-ng – Wifi Hacking Tools

    wireshark penetration testing

    Just like John the ripper, Aircrack is classified under password cracking software. Unlike John, Aircrack can be used to crack the password of a wifi network. In it, the network traffic is captured in the monitor mode, once enough amount of data is captured, it starts decrypting the passcode to recover WEP and WPA keys.

    The aircrack-ng suite contains different other additional features that can be downloaded from their official website. The download link for aircrack-ng is;

       Download Aircrack-ng

    6. Metasploit Penetration Testing Software

    web application penetration testing tools

    It provides a number of tools to perform the Pentesting on the network. Metasploit can be used to reveal the prevailing threats on the different platforms, gathering information about the threats existing on certain platforms. Also, it is one of the best tools for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine. This is also one of the freely available software to investigate and exploit the web vulnerability.

    The source link to download it is:

       Download for Windows

       Download for macOS

       Download for Ubuntu

    7. Cain and Abel – Hacker Tool Kit Free Download

    penetration testing tools for windows

    Cain and Abel is a password recovery software generally used for windows platform to recover different types of passwords, password hashes using different methods like dictionary attacks, brute forces. It has a specific ability to recover scrambled passwords. It can also dump the protected storage passcode. Just like others, this is also freely and easily available to download from their official site.

       Download Cain & Abel

    8. Nikto Website Vulnerability Software

    security testing tools for web application

    Nikto is a web scanner that has the purpose of checking the vulnerable files, outdated server software. Also, it can be helpful in checking the server configuration like HTTP server options, etc.

    Though it is open source, the additional data files which are required to run the Nikto code are paid which makes it less famous among the users.

       Download Nikto

    9. Maltego – Penetration Testing Tools Open Source

    wifi hacking tools

    It is open-source software that is easily available and compatible with different platforms like windows, mac os, Linux, etc. Maltego can be useful to determine the number of threats surrounding the network using the real-time connection among the people, group, websites, domain, etc. Generally, it is used by security services and private investigators.

    It can be really helpful in justifying the connection between two users by extracting the data based on their usage. The download link is below:

       Download Maltego

    10. Kismet – Hacking Tools Download

    password hacking tools

    Kismet stands as a packet sniffer tool. This tool can be helpful in finding the intrusion on the WLAN network having a certain IP. The feature of this software is that it can work and find out the access points without sending any loggable packets. It also provides channel hopping which can be helpful in determining as many networks as possible.

    Kismet also features the ability to detect default network, and find out the existing level of encryption is used on a given point. It is among the most up to date software. A different source of kismet can be downloaded from the following link.

       Download Kismet

    Some Other Tools:
    • Social Engineering Tools: Social-Engineer Toolkit.
    • Encryption Tools: KeePass, OpenSSL & Tor.
    • Vulnerability Exploitation Tools: sqlmap & Netsparker.

    Watch this Video tutorial more best hacking tools for windows & other platforms:


    As mentioned above, there many different tools available in the market for the craftsman which can be used to make perfect art with the combination of tools and their experience. Thus the use of these sources should be made as much as possible, not for the betterment or profit of ones but instead, they should be used to prevent the threats to the network and find the holes and weakness persisting in the network.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Best Hacking Tools, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking/Penetration Testing Tools of 2020 with your friends. Let them get some hacking & security knowledge.

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