Best Funny WiFi Names To Shock Your Neighbors

    Funny WiFi Names: People are on the lookout for Wi-Fi, wherever they go, whether it is a restaurant, their workplace or even their college. It has become a necessity in life, without which we cannot live. All our work, social media, games work through the Internet and thus, it is very important to have a working and stable Wi-Fi. So today I am sharing a list of 100+ Best WiFi Names for your Home Router which will shock your neighbors.

    Best Funny WiFi Names To Shock Your Neighbors

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on wifi names generator but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the Best Funny WiFi Names To Shock Your Neighbors. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many best funny wifi names puns available today. You can check the list below. Let us take a look at some of the top ones: –

    Funny WiFi Names
    Funny WiFi Names

    Some of the coolest and the funniest wifi’s are listed below: –

    • A Lannister always surfs the net – This Wi-Fi name is dedicated to the Game Of Thrones fans, as it is derived from a very famous dialogue from the renowned series, i.e. A Lannister always pays his debt.
    • Sugar Daddy – Some people try to be very funny while keeping their Wi-Fi names and this is the result when they tend to get too sweet.
    • If you want to know the password, shout I Love You – Some people want attention and don’t want anyone to use their Wi-Fi easily, they want to get entertainment before sharing their Wi-Fi password and this would surely get them ‘rolling on the floor laughing.’
    • This is the hottest spot – Derived from the word ‘hot spot’, this Wi-Fi name tends to turn a few heads, as it is humorous and catchy.
    • Get Your Own Wi-Fi – Some people are not as welcoming as others and if they do not wish to share their Internet with others, this is what they put as their Wi-Fi name.
    • 404 Error – This is shown on many sites, which are facing a temporary technical issue or are no longer available. When people do not wish to share their Internet, they name it as 404 Error in order to give a clear indication to the people to stay from their Wi-Fi.
    • DND – The full form of this slang is Do Not Disturb and it is usually used to block all irritating messages from certain sites and network agencies. If you ever come across a Wi-Fi named DND, you probably know best to search for another one.
    • F.R.I.E.N.D.S – There are die-hard fans of the TV series FRIENDS everywhere in the world. Some people are so crazy about the series that they even name their Wi-Fi after the series.
    • Touch-Me-Not – This Wi-Fi name gives a clear indication as to what the owner is implying, stay away from this Wi-Fi. There is a plant named Touch me not which turns its leaves inside if it is touched, showing that it does not like to be touched by anyone. The owner of the Wi-Fi is trying to pass a similar message to the audience.
    • The password is 12345 – Some people are so sweet and kind that they name their Wi-Fi as their password so that it is open to all and anyone, anywhere, within range of the Wi-Fi can use it.
    • Yo man, what’s up – Some people are very friendly and they try to show it through their Wi-Fi names as well. Through this name, they are greeting the people and trying to create a friendly vibe, at the same time, it is funny and very humorous.
    • Call me to get the password – This is another cool Wi-Fi name, which is usually used by people so that only their friends or people who have their number can get the password. The unknown people are warded off.
    • Hack it if you can – When a person doesn’t want to reveal the Wi-Fi password, this is what they name it. The Wi-Fi name indicates that you are not getting the password if you are lucky and talented enough to hack it, then so be it.
    • PayTM to use: Hilarious as it sounds, the owner is actually trying to tell the person to pay for using the Wi-Fi. He/She does not want to give her Wi-Fi to anyone free of cost and wants money in return for the service he/she is providing.
    • Luke Skywalker all the way: With Battlefront II in the news these days, the Star Wars hero, Luke Skywalker is grabbing a lot of attention, so much that Wi-Fi’s are being named after him.
    • Order of Phoenix – Harry Potter never goes out of style and this Wi-Fi, named after a Harry Potter movie justifies it. The craze for the movie series is never-ending and people are still demanding a sequel to the movie.
    • How have you Bean? – With puns and memes trending all over the Internet, why should a Wi-Fi name be left out? Bean referring to Mr. Bean, the iconic comedy star is an aptly used pun. The phrase How have you have very cleverly been changed to How to have you Bean, which does justice to the legendary star.
    • Jio Beta Jio – Named after the infamous Jio net, that brought about a storm when it was first launched, this Wi-Fi name is seemingly hilarious as it combines the famous Hindi dialogue ‘Beta Jug Jug Jiyo’ and turns the ‘Jiyo’ into ‘Jio’.
    • Guess my name and I will give you the password – This WI-Fi name urges you to put on your thinking cap as it brings forth an impossible task for you. Out of a population of billions of people, how can anyone possibly guess an unknown person’s name?
    • Heil Hitler – This Wi-Fi name is a direct reference to the Nazi salute. The owner of the Wi-Fi seems to be a Hitler fan and wants to inculcate the spirit amongst others. Heil Hitler means Hail Hitler.
    • Tell My Wi-Fi Love Her – One of the best Wi-Fi names, I have ever come across, this name shows the affection and love that this particular husband has for his wife and how he wants to showcase it to the world. There are very few people who shower love upon their better half in this manner. It is a very cute gesture.
    • Searching… – This ingenious Wi-Fi name depicts the time when a person is searching for the nearby Wi-Fi’s and they haven’t been updated. The owner is basically trying to tell the person that this Wi-Fi is beyond his/her reach.
    • Martin Router King – This creative piece of art is another Wi-Fi name, which pays homage to the great Martin Luther King and connects it to the Wi-Fi router.
    Best WiFi Names
    Best WiFi Names

    List of 100+ Best Funny WiFi Names To Shock Your Neighbors:

    These are some of the coolest and Funny WiFi Names that I have ever come across. There are innumerable Wi-Fi names and every day, people are inventing even more innovative names.

    Some of the other nerdy wifi names that you may like are given below:

    1. Mom Use This One
    2. Abraham Linksys
    3. Benjamin FrankLAN
    4. John Wilkes Bluetooth
    5. Pretty Fly for a Wi-Fi
    6. Bill Wi the Science Fi
    7. I Believe Wi Can Fi
    8. No More Mister Wi-Fi
    9. LAN Solo
    10. The LAN Before Time
    11. Silence of the LANs
    12. House LANister
    13. Winternet Is Coming
    14. Ping’s Landing
    15. The Ping in the North
    16. This LAN Is My LAN
    17. Get Off My LAN
    18. The Promised LAN
    19. The LAN Down Under
    20. FBI Surveillance Van 4
    21. Area 51 Test Site
    22. Drive-By Wi-Fi (for automobile hotspot)
    23. Planet Express (for automobile hotspot)
    24. Wu-Tang LAN
    25. Darude LANstorm
    26. EXE
    27. Virus-Infected Wi-Fi
    28. Starbucks Wi-Fi
    29. Text ###-#### for Password
    30. Free Public Wi-Fi
    31. No Free Wi-Fi Here
    32. Get Your Own Damn Wi-Fi
    33. It Hurts When IP
    34. Dora the Internet Explorer
    35. Porque-Fi
    36. Titanic Syncing
    37. Test Wi-Fi Please Ignore
    38. Drop It Like Its Hotspot
    39. Life in the Fast LAN
    40. The Creep Next Door
    41. Ye Olde Internet
    42. I love bananas, without bone
    43. You’re TRUMPIFIED
    44. OrangeIsTheNewBlack
    45. I’m HILLARY-ous
    46. Friendly Neighborhood Spider LAN
    47. Hot Wi-Fi on a hot day
    48. Cheap Thrills To Steal
    49. Because I Got High, So No Wi-Fi
    50. WhaleyouMarryMe?
    51. Titanic is Syncing
    52. Butter Back Off
    53. I know that’s Cheesy
    54. I donut understand you
    55. But I Feel Grate
    56. WiFlyPorn
    57. Pizza-Hurt
    58. The Night I Lost CTRL
    59. Once See Back
    60. VIP Suite
    61. Don’t Snoop!
    62. An Eye for an I
    63. Click Here for Internet
    64. Backstreet LAN boys
    65. Hi! I’m Chandler Bing
    66. Only For Zombies
    67. Does God know you steal the Internet
    68. Californication
    69. Hogwarts School of Free Wi-Fi
    70. HufflePuff
    71. The Mystery of Darkness
    72. Cave of Evil
    73. May the Force be With You
    74. The Master of Wi-Fi
    75. How I Met Your Mother
    76. Nacho Wai-Fai
    77. Sweet Adeline
    78. Prohibited Area
    79. No Trespassing Allowed
    80. You cannot reply to this conversation
    81. Use at your own risk
    82. You have been blocked
    83. Go Pokemon Go!
    84. Hey Pikachu!
    85. Two Girls, One Router
    86. Charged with battery
    87. You lost my trust too
    88. Who’s it?
    89. Covet not thy neighbour’s LAN
    90. Daytrogen @ Day
    91. Cum in!
    92. Hack me, chop me!
    93. Use me, reuse me
    94. Hogsmeade
    95. It’s LeviOSA, not LevioSAH
    96. The Ministry of Magic
    97. Wi-Fi is Hi-Fi
    98. Wanna have a beer?
    99. In my backyard first
    100. NoFreeInternetHereKeepLooking

    So these are some best and funny wifi names which you can use for your WiFi router or a mobile hotspot to shock your friends or neighbors. In my next post, I will share game of thrones wifi names & star wars wifi names till then enjoy the above list of clever wifi names.

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our New Funny WiFi Names 2019, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Best Funny WiFi Names To Shock Your Neighbors with your friends. Let them get the fun of funny wifi names to scare their neighbors.

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