Best Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks 2020

    Are you looking for Instagram Hacks? Don’t worry! I have got your back. In this article, you are going to get the latest & cool Instagram Tips and Tricks 2020. In this article, I’m going to share Instagram hacks for followers which is one of the best Instagram tips and tricks for followers. Instagram is a photo-sharing social app that is based on a mobile & desktop platform. So here you are going to get Best Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks 2019 that you can use to get followers and to tag random words on Instagram.

    Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks

    With a whopping fan base of 700 million monthly active users, Instagram is one of the most widely used platforms for sharing Photos and Videos. Instagram holds the ‘Huzza !’ from millions of its users as it offers cool photo effects combined with the social decay of Facebook. Recently, this charmer completed one year of ‘Instagram Stories’ ( an Instagram feature), hence we think it’s the right time to equip our readers, with the hacks and tricks to embellish the Instagram experience. So let’s march into the article which demarcates the best Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks.

    Best Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks
    Best Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks


    Best Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks 2020

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on how to hide your activity on Instagram but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you the tutorial of how to see what someone comments on Instagram, how to see someones like history on Instagram. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, you can find how to see someone’s Instagram activity. Check the below Instagram Hacks to get free followers: –

    Instagram Story Tricks

    In 2016, Instagram added a handful of new features, one out of them is ‘Instagram Stories’ which is less of Instagram and more of Snapchat! The biggest fear on Instagram is about ‘overposting’, well, to your help comes Stories, which allows you to share multiple photos and videos which broadcast your moments of the day in a slideshow format. These stories last up to 24 hours! To entice the Picasso in you, Instagram has included many creative tools, to endorse the best out of your stories. These hacks and tricks would multiply your story posting experience on Instagram.

    #1: Upload Edited Videos and Photos as your stories

    In Stories, a user can post live videos and pictures taken instantaneously, but lesser people are aware that, Instagram gives you an option to even share your Camera Roll or other gallery Videos and Pictures as your stories. Steps to get Instagram hacks for bio:

    • Edit all your favorite photos and videos in the editing app of your own choice, and save them to the Camera Roll (Gallery).
    • Now, Swipe right from home screen to go to the Instagram Stories.
    • Access all your photos and videos in Camera Roll by swiping up from the bottom of the phone screen.
    • Tap to choose the required photo or video, edit if required using various options and Share it!

    #2: Convert Live GIF Pictures into Boomerang

    (For iPhone 7 Users only !) Instagram released several features specifically for iPhone users, this is one of them, using this you can post even those GIFs as Boomerang which you didn’t shot using the Boomerang tool/app.

    • Move to Instagram Stories by swiping left from home screen.
    • Swipe up to migrate into camera roll photos & videos, and hence choose the required GIF you want to use.
    • iPhone 7 comes up with 3D touch, so press on the screen to start 3D touch, which will lead you to Boomerang!
    • On completion of the Boomerang conversion, share the Boomerang as your story!

    Instagram Photos and Videos Tricks:

    instagram photo tricks

    #1: Instagram, the’ Offline Photo Editor’

    A user can edit his photos on Instagram, even in offline mode. Each of the photos you work with doesn’t need to be shared! Instagram is known for its filters and editing capabilities. Just, follow these steps to transform Instagram into a photo editor and use Instagram photo tricks :

    • Ensure the ‘Save Original Photo‘ option is turned on in your Instagram settings.
    • Choose the photo you want to edit and turn the Phone’s Flight mode ON.
    • Progress through the editing and tap on SHARE. Since the phone is in offline mode, you won’t be able to upload, this will be signaled by an error message – “Upload Failed!”.
    • Move to your Phone Gallery to check the edited image.

    #2: Play with Filters

    Instagram filters can be rearranged as per our priority. Simply, scroll through the various filters which are available when you select a photo, at the end of the filter list you will find a ‘Manage’ option, click this to reorder the filters or delete any of the filters from the list.

    Re-gram Tricks (Reposting on Instagram)

    Ever felt like reposting something, you saw on another person’s Instagram account? If Yes, then you already know what a ‘Regram’ is. The simple trick to regram goes like this :

    Take the screenshot of the post which found interesting and worthy of reposting. Now, this post is available in your camera roll. Crop the screenshot you took and post it the usual way. But, this isn’t a time savvy option. To our rescue, comes dozens of Regram apps that do the whole work for you. Use any of the following links, and download the app, further follow these steps to repost your favorite post in a hassle-free way :

    • Download any of the following apps.

       Repost for Instagram

      Insta Repost for Instagrammers

    • Take the screenshot of the post you want to regram.
    • Open the app you downloaded, and select the picture you took in step 2.
    • Now you will see ‘reshare‘ option, use it to post the picture with the caption, hashtags on various platforms (even Instagram). Don’t forget to append the profile name as a courtesy or credits to the original Instagrammer (whose post you used). These apps can even be used to schedule a post.

    Instagram Hacks for Followers:

    instagram tricks to get followers

    If you have explored all those videos on YouTube which showcase methods to Increase followers on Instagram, and still disappointed, then we have other Instagram hacks for you, which actually works! Just follow these easy steps to use this Instagram tricks to get followers:

    Ensure your account is not a private one, before commencing with these steps.

    • Click on the below button “Instagram Followers Free“.

    Instagram Followers Free

    • You will be asked to enter your Instagram username.
    • Login with your Instagram username & password or if you don’t want to share your credentials then you can sign in with Facebook also. For this click on “Login with Facebook“.
    • Now, choose the number of followers you dreamt of.
    • Done! Now move to Instagram to check the updated number of followers.

    Instagram is one of those addictive apps that drives you through the lane of Best Photo and Video Sharing Experience. With these tricks and Instagram hacks on board, now, you can yield the best out of Instagram!

    Watch this video also for some more cool and awesome Instagram Hacks, Tips and Tricks 2017:

    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Instagram Hacks 2020, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Best Instagram Hacks, Tips & Tricks 2020 with your friends. Let them get the fun of the latest hacks & tricks of Instagram.

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