What are the best loot locations in Players Unknown BattleGround eSport?

    Initially released in 2017, PUBG or PlayersUnknown BattleGround has become one of the major parts of eSport tournaments. In just three years, over 30% of smartphone users have downloaded the PUBG Mobile version to experience this fantastic eSport like never before. However, when it comes to randomly playing PUBG for the sake of time passing, you may not care about winning. But, in the event that you are playing to win the PUBG Tournament, you will need to hustle for it. 

    And believe it or not, in PUBG, only fighting skills are not crucial. You have to know exactly which locations you can loot to benefit your stock of weapons in the game. More often than not, a player faces defeat in the game because of zero loot. What’s the solution? Today we brought you a beginner’s guide on PUBG. In this guide, we have mentioned all the places where you can obtain some high-quality loot. So, without wasting another minute, let’s begin: 

    #Location 1: Loot in the Military Base

    Do you want to take on a very high-quality loot in a limited period of time? Well! Nothing will work for you better than the Military base located in Erangel’s Southern Island. The most thrilling part of this loot location is that it is endlessly large. That’s right! Your entire team can loot the entire place without crossing paths with each other at some point. More often, this location remains busy. Therefore, the risk is also high. But, once you have looted this military base, you have all the army weapons, helmets, and body armor that will protect you in the game against competitors endlessly. 

    #Location 2: Loot in the School

    School is yet another location in PUBG, which is filled with items that can help you in the game in the long run. For the most part, it is pretty much easy to spot school in Eragel from the map as well as at the time while you are landing. However, entering this school and looting it is not that easy because many teams wait around or inside the school and target other teams whenever they enter. Some PUBG Squads simply stick together to defeat other teams and play the entire game by themselves at the end. 

    Thus, if you are still planning to land in the school and get your hands on some high-quality loot, be prepared for every type of attack. 

    #Location 3: Loot in the NOVO

    Presuming that you want to loot the NOVO crates, it is going to be an entire journey for you to reach those crates in the first place. The reason is, these crates are somewhere located in the very corner of the map. Thus, until or unless you have found a boat in the game or some other resource to transport from one corner to another, forget NOVO!

    To the reader’s surprise, in PlayersUnknown Battleground eSport, such a small number of players have successfully reached and looted 20 NOVO crates that those who have not found it consider it mythological. Sounds thrilling, right? Lastly, the risk is also very high. So, strategize before you consider it. 

    #Location 4: Loot in the Prison 

    First of all, the Prison is not located in Eagle. It is in Miramar. Of course, Prison is one of the riskiest locations in PUBG because it is always loaded with weapons and vehicles. This fact can work both in your favor or against you. It mainly depends on how you play! 

    Although, it is rather challenging to visit the Prison in the first place because it is situated on an island in Miramar. Now, there’s no simple way of visiting this island. You will have to find a loophole and work over it. Even if you reach Prison, the possibility of someone attacking you is definitely high. So, always remain open for quick combat. 

    Other locations to check out…

    Apart from the five above-mentioned locations in player unknown BattleGround eSport, you can also land in Campo Militar, which is the Military base of Miramar, Minas Generals, concrete structures, Ban Tai, Cave, etc. The most amazing part of PUBG Mobile is that anything can happen. You never know what big loot you can get your hands on until you explore the entire user interface of this eSport. So, we suggest that you keep trying! 

    For more information on PUBG Mobile Map locations, bookmark us and get new insights every day. Go to PlayersHive to view live streams of PUBG Tournament today. Thank you!


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