10 Best Minecraft Mods of 2020

    Minecraft is an open-source 3D sandbox video game that was launched on 18 November 2011. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS. It has over 112 monthly active players. The game has won several awards in the gaming category. The game has different modes like Survival Mode, Creative Mode, Adventure Mode, Spectator Mode, Multiplayer. The game is really loved and enjoyed by players from all over the globe so you have to definitely give it a try if you haven’t already.

    Mods can help make the gameplay quite fun. Mods can help is enhancing the game experience with better graphics, colors, texture, or adding different features, elements, functions, or characters to the game. Different mods serve a different purpose to the game. There are thousands of mods available for Minecraft too. It is difficult to know which ones are the best that make the gameplay fun and better.

    In this article, I’ll let you know about 10 Best Minecraft Mods of 2020:

    10 Best Minecraft Mods of 2020:

    List of 10 Best Minecraft Mods:
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    1. Optifine


    Optifine is an interface enhancing and utility mod. It helps run Minecraft faster, smoother, and also makes it look colourful and HD. It supports HD textures, HD fonts, custom colours, custom lighting, animated terrain and item textures, custom block colour palettes and so much more. It also decreases lag spikes and smooths gameplay. Optifine is one of the popular mods that is downloaded and loved by most of the Minecraft players.

       Download Optifine

    2. The Lost Cities

    The Lost Cities

    The Lost Cities is a unique mod that allows the Minecraft players to play in an old abandoned city that almost looks haunted, unlike the ones that are colourful. With this mod, players can add buildings, blocks, and also control how the cities work. It’s great if you are just bored playing the old Minecraft and want to try some new set up.

       Download The Lost Cities

    3. Botania


    The theme of Botania mod is natural magic. With the name, you can get an idea about the mod being related to fauna. Using this mod players can add a variety of beautiful plants and flowers to your game that will help enhance the look of your gameplay too. These flowers and plants are not just for enhancing the game but they can also be used to feed animals, heal yourself and so much more. The mod indeed is not only beautiful but also fun.

       Download Botania

    4. What Am I Looking At (WAILA)

    What Am I Looking At (WAILA)

    This mod is quite basic and comes in extremely helpful when you have a variety of mods introduced and an assortment of plenty of things in your Minecraft game. As the name says the mod helps you give information about a particular item by pointing the cursor on it. Hence you know when and where to use the item later. This mod also comes in extremely helpful when you need to rapidly think about a ton of things in your game.

       Download WAILA

    5. Journeymap


    Journeymap is a map for your Minecraft journey. We all know that maps make it easier to reach our destination. Journeymap can help you explore new adventures and places in the game. The map can be viewed in a web browser too. It can also be viewed as in-game as a mini-map or even a full-screen one. It is quite a useful feature that makes gameplay manageable, easier, and fun too.

       Download Journeymap

    6. Controlling


    As the name says the mod helps to make things controllable. It has a search bar where you can type in what you have been looking for. It is quite difficult to manage dozens of mods together once installed. That’s when the controlling mod makes things easier and manageable.

       Download Controlling

    7. Chisel 2

    Chisel 2

    If you love to construct things then you might love this mod. Chisel mod adds a huge variety of decorative and statistic blocks to the game. It just helps you spice up your game with the help of creative different types of pattern blocks. The chisel is created with an iron ingot with a stick in a diagonal pattern. By right-clicking, you can open the chiseling interface. The sophisticated version of the chisel is called as ichisel.

       Download Chisel 2

    8. Applied Energetics

    Applied Energetics

    This mod is great is you have been facing a storage issue or want unlimited storage. Applied Energetics turn things and items into energy and hence you do not have to worry about storing a large number of things anymore. The items are stored in the base and can be easily accessed anytime you want. It is quite a helpful mod.

       Download Applied Energetics

    9. Inventory Tweaks

    Inventory Tweaks

    Inventory Tweaks helps you manage your inventory in both single-player and multiplayer. The mod is great as it saves up a lot of your time and effort. The mod allows you to customize entirely the way your inventory is sorted with the help of a clever configuration of files. It also automatically replaces your tools as they break and items are also stacked once emptied. It also helps sort inventory and chests in a single keystroke. You will also benefit as it also provides shortcuts to move items around.

       Download Inventory Tweaks

    10. Galacticraft


    Galacticraft is an expansive mod that is great if you love to explore new things and travel. It allows you to explore the solar system in your own build spaceship. You can visit different destinations like Earth, Moon, Mars, Asteroids, Venus, and Space Station. You can be involved in different missions like pimping out your spaceship, building a moon base, or even fighting about aliens and mobs on other planets. Hence the mod is quite interesting.

       Download Galacticraft

    The above are the top 10 of the Best Minecraft Mods in 2020. Each mode is essential, fun, and unique in its own different ways. Go forward and install them and make your gameplay 10 times more fun and filled with adventures.

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