10 Best Pokémon Fan Games in 2021

    Best Pokémon Fan Games: Pokémon are creatures of all shapes and sizes who live in the wild or alongside humans. There are currently more than 700 creatures that inhabit in the Pokémon universe. Every Pokémon comes with both advantages as well as disadvantages when battling different Pokémon types.

    In most games, players play as Trainers to undertake adventures with their Pokémon in search of new types of Pokémon to add to their collection, participate in battles with other Trainers and Gym Leaders to obtain Gym Badges, and to explore mystical new lands.

    In this article, we will let you know about the 10 Best Pokémon Fan Games in 2021:

    10 Best Pokémon Fan Games in 2021

    List of 10 Best Pokémon Fan Games:
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    1. Pokémon Insurgence

    Pokémon Insurgence

    Pokémon Insurgence is an RPG fangame for the Pokémon series. Players can customize their character with different clothes, hairstyles, hats, backpacks, etc. It also has a feature where players can trade online with their friends and other people. The game has new never seen before Mega Evolutions for both old and new Pokémon’s. It has Handcrafted Easy, Normal, and Hard difficulties to fit the player’s style. It also has a multitude of Challenge Modes such as Nuzlocke Mode, Solo Run, Iron Man, Randomizer, and many more. The game is compatible with Windows and Mac.

       Download Pokémon Insurgence

    2. Pokémon Reborn

    Pokémon Reborn

    Pokémon Reborn is another RPG Emerald style downloadable game that features all content through Generation 7. The game takes place in Reborn City which is a metropolis. The game has several features like 800 Pokémon, Customizable Shiny Pokémon, Wondertrading, 18 typed gyms, Online Battling, Trading, brand new Field system, and much more. The game is only compatible with PC. The game also contains amazing music from GlitchxCity.

       Download Pokémon Reborn

    3. Pokémon Rejuvenation

    Pokémon Rejuvenation

    Pokémon Rejuvenation is a story-driven generation 3 styled game. The game features content all the way through generation 7. The game provides players with an amazing 70+ hours of gameplay. It has several features like 807 Pokémon’s, 18 typed gym, 8 Elite members, Customizable Shiny Pokémon, Online Trading, brand new Field effects and so much more. The game has great music by Zumidesu, GlitchxCity, TheGuitarheroe, and more.

       Download Pokémon Rejuvenation

    4. Pokémon Phoenix Rising

    Pokémon Phoenix Rising

    Pokémon Phoenix Rising is an RPG game that is compatible with PC. The game takes place in a beautiful place named Hawthorne Region. The game follows a storyline that provides users with a multi-choice storyline. The game involves rich characters, moral ambiguous gameplay, different quests systems, RPG mechanics, new Mega Evolutions and so much more.

       Download Pokémon Phoenix Rising

    5. Pokémon Clockwork

    Pokémon Clockwork

    Pokémon Clockwork is another great Pokémon fan game. In the game, the players discover a brand-new world filled with adventure and mystery surrounding the Mythical Pokémon Celebi. The game includes Pokémon from Generation 1 to 4. The game includes features like different quest systems, day and night cycle, travel between past and present, new Pokémon moves/modifications, a dynamic battle system with evolutions during battles. The game provides players with 40+ hours of great gameplay. The game has an interesting storyline too.

       Download Pokémon Clockwork

    6. Pokémon Fire Ash

    Pokémon Fire Ash

    Pokémon Fire Ash is a fan-made Pokémon game that took 2 years to finish and is still being updated to fit its 5th year. The game loosely follows the adventures of Ash Ketchum throughout his journey in the anime. Players travel from Kanto all the way to Alola, including Orange Islands and Battle Frontier adventure. The players also get the chance to battle Ash’s travelling companions and rivals, recreate his team, and explore the vast world of Pokémon. The game includes 50+ gyms and 800+ Pokémon’s.

       Download Pokémon Fire Ash

    7. Pokémon Prism

    Pokémon Prism

    Pokémon Prism is a super customized fan-made RPG game that takes place in a previously unexplored region. The game contains new mechanics that are completely unseen. It has different features like Trainer customization, unique storyline and challenges, new trainers and leaders, explore new regions, and much more. Players can also encounter new Pokémon and also play as a Pokémon. The game is an entirely new experience that gamers of all ages are sure to enjoy.

       Download Pokémon Prism

    8. Pokemon Light Platinum

    Pokemon Light Platinum

    Pokemon Light Platinum is a fan-made game that has a lot to offer. The game includes 16 gym badges, new regions, new leaders and elite four, new rivals, new spirts, new events, new tiles and so much more. The game includes Pokémon from all regions like Johto, Kanto, Hoen, Sinnoh, and Zhery. The game also includes 2 Pokémon leagues and a new final event called as Pokemon World Championship. The game has impressive graphics too.

       Download Pokemon Light Platinum

    9. Pokemon 3D

    Pokemon 3D

    Pokémon 3D is a fan-based video game that is created by Nilllzz. The game is very much inspired by Minecraft and the Pokémon series. Pokémon 3D focused on strong points of Pokemon Gold and Silver versions and their remakes and gives players a taste as to how the once 2D world they knew was in 3D. The player could see through the eyes of the trainer. The game is constantly updated with new moves, items, abilities, battle mechanics and so much more to keep the player entertained.

       Download Pokemon 3D

    10. Pokemon Uranium

    Pokemon Uranium

    Pokemon Uranium is a free fan-based game made by RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. The game takes place in a region named Tandor, where the player must collect 8 Gym badges in order to complete Tandor Regional Championship. Along with the way, the player must also full up their PokeDex with the entries of more than 190 different species of Pokemon. The game also has a tool name Poke Radar that helps search for special Pokémon’s. The game has other features like Mystery Gifts, Mega Evolution, 13 towns and 16 side quests, Winder Trade, Virtual Trainer, GTS, Custom Game Modes and so much more.

       Download Pokemon Uranium

    Hence the amazing list of 10 best Pokémon fan games in 2021 comes to an end. Let us know which one you love and enjoy playing the most. Also, let us know what you want to see next on our website.

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