10 Best Twitch Streaming Software in 2021

    Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers that was launched in 2011 and is owned by Amazon. Since Twitch is so popular worldwide it has millions of users daily. In 2015 it had more than 1.5 million broadcasters and 100 million viewers per month. Twitch streamers have the potential to earn money through subscription and twitch partnerships.

    10 Best Twitch Streaming Software in 2021

    In this article, I’ll let you know about 10 best Twitch streaming software’s in 2021:

    List of 10 Best Twitch Streaming Software:
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    1. Open Broadcaster Services (OBS)

    Open Broadcaster Services (OBS)

    Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is an open-source software suite that is free of cost for recording and live streaming. It has compatibility with Windows, macOS, and Linux which is great. OBS supports almost all live streaming platforms which are excellent for gamers. The software has Modular ‘Dock’ UI that allows you to arrange the layout exactly how the user likes. OBS extends its functionality by supporting various plug-ins which enhances the user’s experience. It could be a little bit difficult for beginners.

       Download OBS

    2. D3DGear


    D3DGear is fast and easy to use video game live streaming software for PC users. D3DGear provides great quality and superior performance of live streaming as compared to other software’s. The software is compatible with Windows. Streaming can be carried out on multiple sites with this software. D3DGear twitch streaming software cost up to $34.95 for each license with a lifetime free upgrade. The software has sophisticated screen capture and compress engine for video games; hence it is able to capture video game screen and broadcast to the web with a little system-performance impact. Also, with D3DGear you can broadcast the game with a high frame rate up to 60 FPS. The interface is simple and easy too.

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       Download D3DGear

    3. Wirecast


    Wirecast is another live video streaming production tool that is developed by Telestream. Wirecast is mostly for more professional users so it might be tough for beginners. Wirecast provides a free 30-day trial. Wirecast is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. Wirecast One with basic live production and streaming will cost you $249 and Wirecast Studio with enhanced live production and streaming will cost you $599. Wirecast Pro with more advanced live production and streaming will cost you about $699. All the versions are quite expensive. Wirecast has integration with over 30 platforms and also has GPU accelerated coding.

       Download Wirecast

    4. Lightstream


    Lightstream is a live streaming software that directly works from your browser and requires no download or installation. Hence it is really very easy to use and great for beginners. Lightstream sinks with all primary streaming websites. It automatically detects the best settings, monitors your internet connection, and outputs HD video for your viewers, isn’t this so much better and hassle-free. It is quite new in the market hence isn’t that popular and isn’t used by many. The software is free but has limited customization options. Lightstream supports Google Chrome only.

       Download Lightstream

    5. XSplit


    XSplit is live streaming and video mixing application that is already quite popular. It has an intuitive user interface with excellent support and enhanced audio features. It is compatible with Windows and not with Linux and Mac. The live stream and record are ultra-high quality using endless features and quite flexible plugins. The free version is available but includes advertisements and has certain limitations. Its user friendly and integrates with multiple platforms and applications. Also, it is simple to use so nice for beginners.

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       Download XSplit

    6. vMix


    vMix is a streaming software that is built for mostly professionals. It has a touchscreen web interface and has loads of pro-level tools with built-in templates. There is a free trial available and also a free lite version. Live streaming can be carried out at Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Ustream. There is virtual camera support for streaming out of 3rd party software such as Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and VLC. The paid versions and relatively expensive but provide you much for the cost.

       Download vMix

    7. Streamlabs


    Streamlabs is a popular live streaming software that could be one of the best picks for beginners and can be used by professionals also. It is really fast, reliable and has a lot of features too. It is compatible with Windows currently and not with Mac or Linux. Streamlabs is also very easy to set up and simple to use. The software can be synced with platforms like Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, and Mixer. Accordingly, the software will adjust the settings for delivering the best output for your users. Streamlabs is a software that you definitely must try once because it won’t disappoint you at all.

       Download Streamlabs

    8. FFsplit


    FFsplit is free of cost software that is pretty easy and fast to use so great for beginners. It allows automatic simultaneous broadcasting to multiple services at a time including Twitch. FFsplit is currently only compatible with Windows and not with Linux and macOS may be because the software is still on the development and expansion stage. The interface of the software is simple and provides great performance to users.

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       Download FFsplit

    9. StreamPro


    StreamPro is a popular Twitch streaming software that has an easy user interface that can be used by beginners easily. It provides great performance to users and has a variety of customization tools like the creation of polls, chats, audio, labels, donations, notifications and so much more.

       Download StreamPro

    10. Twitch Studio Beta

    Twitch Studio Beta

    Twitch Studio Beta is a live streaming software that is very simple to use and hence is excellent for beginners. It is compatible with only Windows as of currently. It has a guided set up that includes simplified detection of your mic, webcam, monitor resolution, bitrate and more to help your stream look great and sound nice. It also includes customizable templates that help users to effortlessly personalize the look of their stream. Users can easily monitor and interact with their Twitch community with the help of built-in alerts, activity feed, and Twitch chat.

       Download Twitch Studio Beta

    Hence, in the above article, you can see the 10 Best Twitch Streaming Software in 2021. Now gamers go choose which one you like.

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