Best Upcoming Xbox One Games in 2018

    Upcoming Xbox One Games: Xbox has been created by gamers for gamers. It was launched in 2001 by Microsoft and gained tremendous success by serving the gamers with outstanding graphics, audio and different genres of games. Xbox is one of the most revered, loved brands in the world of games. After the world glorified the Xbox, Microsoft decided to launch the future generations of Xbox from which Xbox one was one of them. Xbox one is a line of the eighth generation of video game consoles developed by Microsoft; announced in 2013. Its games became popular over years and they are about to launch new best games of Xbox one in 2018.

    The year 2017 was ended with a bang for the Xbox One lovers by releasing the game PlayerUnknown’s Battleground which provided a bit different storyline than the rest of the games. Surely, the developers are trying their level best to ensure to bring something unique storyline, featuring the trending stories and genres and many upcoming games are definitely going to make a Bang on the date of their release. Let’s check out some of the cool games for the Xbox one platform which are going to be released in upcoming months of this year. If you’re not currently at your Xbox, we highly recommend checking out what the ultimate free online drifting game, Drift Hunters, has to offer.

    Upcoming Xbox One Games
    Upcoming Xbox One Games
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    Best Upcoming Xbox One Games in 2018

    I have seen many sites are sharing the guide on new xbox one games out now but our mission is different. How Tech Hack is providing you with the Best Upcoming Xbox One Games in 2018. Not the regular garbage which you find on other sites. Hence, there are many best new xbox one games coming out. You can pre order from the below-given links. Let us take a look at some of the top ones xbox one new releases: –

    List of Best Upcoming Xbox One Games in 2018:

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    1. Monster Hunter World

    new xbox one games coming out

    Genre:- Adventure
    Release Date:- January 26, 2018

    Monster Hunter World is one of the big classic releases of Capcom series. This game will give you ultimate hunting experience of monsters (Dragons and many more) in which you have to kill the monsters with huge swords made out of the monsters which are killed previously. The new release is coming with the exploration of bigger world and a far more new more interactive environments which you can plan against the monsters and increase chances to win them; moreover the very good thing you will find is the multiplayer feature of the game which allows you to enter this monstrous world with other four players, which can add more to your fun. It will be the first which is going to be released in 2018.

       Pre Order Now: Monster Hunter World

    Have a look at the trailer:

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    2. Dragon Ball FighterZ

    upcoming xbox one games 2017

    Genre:- Adventure
    Release Date:- January 26, 2018

    Dragon ball series itself is very much trending among the fans as the latest series of it I.e Dragon Ball Super, starring Super Saiyans Goku and Vegeta which fights against Aliens and other powerful demons who wants to destroy the Earth. This game is also going to be released with the other game on 26th January, surely going to be topic of gossips among the Dragon ball lovers. Also, the game is going to be released for other platforms like Playstation, PC along with Xbox.

       Pre Order Now: Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Watch the trailer:

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    3. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    upcoming xbox one games 2018

    Genre:- Action Role
    Release Date:- February 13, 2018

    This game is all based on the old story tales of a village ruled by a bad king. Terror of the king is so much that nobody in the village rises up against the king to kill him. Here your parents are killed by an invader army and you have to drive out them from your village. For winning the game one has to complete the number of quests in different ways. To make the game live, the developer has introduced time base conversation system by which one can make and break relations, eat and sleep. Characters like the bard, thieves, warriors are also mentioned.

       Pre Order Now: Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Trailer is worth watching:

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    4. The Crew 2

    xbox one new releases

    Genre:- Online Racer
    Release Date:- March 16, 2018

    After the successful release and selling of the first instalment of this game, the developers are now going to rock their stage with the second and much better edition of the game ‘The Crew’. This racing game is more than that one can imagine It could be. This game enables you to race even in air and water. The new feature adds onto letting you drive every imaginable vehicle and also gives you the freedom to switch on to other vehicles as per your choice. You can swoop into the water from the road when you get bored of one vehicle. Made for desperate racers around the world for a new adventurous experience.

       Pre Order Now: The Crew 2

    Watch out the trailer:

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    5. Sea of Thieves

    new xbox one games out now

    Genre:- Action-Adventure
    Release Date:- March 16, 2018

    Sea of thieves is the game where one can become a pirate and makes its own crew for looting islands and treasure hunting as well as a battle with other crews which are coming to loot. You can make your own stories with the help of gaming tools and carve your sea world as you wish. Apart from this, you can also upload your victory story which is accessible to all the gamers around the world. Cutting the long story short, it can be inferred that the game is going to get into the groove among the gaming freaks who loves to play adventure games and also get a similar experience of all time favourite pirate Jack Sparrow, the cunning pirate *wink*.

       Pre Order Now: Sea of Thieves

    Have a look at the trailer displaying the features and storyline of the game:

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    6. Crackdown 3

    new xbox one games 2017

    Genre:- Action FPS
    Release Date:- Spring 2018

    Though the game is releasing after quite a bit long time the gamers are eager to get the access and play the most discussed game. The game Crackdown 3 speaks out the whole game by its name itself. In the game, there are few people who are trying to destroy a particular city through violence. Player has to do violence in order to stop the violence. Here you are one of the characters of justice league with supernatural powers which you have to use it well. This game encourages mayhem and destruction. As this game release is delayed by a year all crackdown lovers are waiting eagerly for this game.

       Pre Order Now: Crackdown 3

    Here’s the most awaited trailer:

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    7. State Of Decay 2

    new xbox one games coming soon

    Genre:- Action-Adventure with spiced horror
    Release Date:- Spring 2018

    State of decay is the game of zombies vs humans. The storyline is no different than the first version of the game State of decay where an endless wave of zombies is encountered against the sole survivors. Deadrises and humans are on verge of extinction even military can’t stop them. Gather the survivors and fight back for life. The release of the game is having quite enough time to promote the game among the zombie killing games lovers.

       Pre Order Now: State of Decay 2

    Check out the amazing trailer released by the developers which are surely going to make you eager for this game.

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    8. Far Cry 5

    upcoming xbox one rpgs

    Genre:- FPS Game
    Release Date:- 27th February, 2018

    Far cry 5 can be considered as one of the most awaited games among the FPS game lovers. The previous editions of this game have made quite a big impact on the gamer’s community that Ubisoft has been motivated to release the 5th edition of the far cry series. This time, the attack has been carried out near our home, in the streets where our crew has to deal with the militants. the game is most likely to happen in American hope country, Montana. In this game, Players are put against Joseph seed who wants to control Montana. He wants the people of the country to surrender and obey him; the people who don’t want themselves to be his slave are trapped and forced into their submission. The new feature presented in this edition is the availability of the choice to change the character available in the free open world as per our choice.

       Pre Order Now: Far Cry 5

    Check out the trending trailer on the youtube:

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    So these are the upcoming xbox one games 2018. Though many more games like scalebound, a way out, metal gear survive etc are going to be released in this calendar year, it can be assured that the Xbox lovers are surely going to have a great year as per the views of gaming which brings ample of entertainment.

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    Wrapping Up

    I hope you made use of our Upcoming Xbox One Games 2018, didn’t you?

    In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

    Share Best Upcoming Xbox One Games in 2018 with your friends. Let them get the fun of latest new xbox one games coming soon.

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