BitTorrent Foundation’s New Roadmap Clears All Doubts Regarding the Airdrop

Remember we told you last week about BTT airdrop? We have just hinted about it in the last week and now, we’re sure about it.

BitTorrent Foundation’s New Roadmap Clears All Doubts Regarding the Airdrop

BitTorrent Airdrop
BitTorrent Airdrop

In its recent post on, BitTorrent Foundation has finally cleared up the air with its roadmap.

Considering this potential token, many exchanges started preparing for this airdrop and has already informed their customers. If you’re still unaware, check the list of exchanges supporting the airdrop here –

(Not all are mentioned here, but major ones only. If you’re unsure about your local exchange, try searching their recent tweets in twitter for confirmation).

The first airdrop will be on February 11th 2019 with 1.1% of total supply, which is 10,890,000,000 BTTs.

Since then, BitTorrent Foundation will do a monthly distribution of BTTs till February 11th, 2025. And on every session, it keeps increasing the percentage until they run out of them in 2025.

For more info on its timeline –

Tron News:

  • TRX holders are the major beneficiaries. BitTorrent has specifically allocated 10.1% of the total supply, which is 10,990,000,000 BTTs to share ’em all for TRX holders.

(In case you’re wondering why specifically TRX! Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of TRON Inc. has acquired BitTorrent company back in 2018 and that subsidiary is aiding the parent now.)

  • They said, upon Tron’s block height reaching 6.6 million (on, a snapshot of TRX wallets will be taken to airdrop BTTs correspondingly.
  • If you’re holding a valid TRX wallet, which is on Tron’s bockchain or in an exchange (regardless of how much balance you have in it) shall be eligible for receiving BTTs in the ratio of “1 : 0.11” (TRX:BTT).

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