Black Friday 2018: Protection Deals & Blogging Discounts

    Hola fellas! Having the shipping vibes already? This Black Friday week is entire of cool deals, isn’t it?

    I hope you’ve already bagged some good products at exclusive discounts from e-commerce and standard stores, but, what about your online privacy? Have you ever think of being hacked?

    Wondering? As you know, VPNs fulfill our security needs and keeps up our privacy. But many won’t try cause of pricing plans sometimes, And if you’re worried about paying high but wanted it badly, then this is the day you need to jump in purchasing them.

    Black Friday 2018 Protection Deals & Blogging Discounts
    Black Friday 2018 Protection Deals

    Black Friday 2018: Protection Deals & Blogging Discounts

    Here are some best VPNs with deadly discounts on Black Friday 2018.

    • NordVPN – off by 75% to $2.99/month.
    • PureVPN – down by 88% to $2.32/month. (Click Here to buy)
    • ExpressVPN – General price, but the offer on period. Pay for 12months and get additional 3months for free.
    • Cyber Ghost – down by 77% to $2.75/month.
    • HideMyAss – off by 75% to $2.99/month.

    Best in the industry and some give referral program and run throughout this week and some are lasting till Christmas.

    Being a shopping week, you might be dealing with online purchases and card payments, so better check site certificates before submitting. Hackers feel the chance to pish/steal your sensitive data with fooling websites. In such case, using VPNs are the ones which can help.

    Well, VPNs aside, you want more? This could be helpful for bloggers.

    WordPress, the website/blog builder with other tech solutions is also giving out some best deals for its themes, plugins and hosting services. Ans some are eyebrow raising deals like a combo pack of:-

    Web Hosting + Free Domain + Free SSL Certificate for $2.65/month.

    Have a look on all the discounts here –

    Some of the deals are not direct, but coupon applicable for availing, so check before purchasing any.

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