Black Friday Deals 2018 – Xbox One Discounts

    Black Friday Deals 2018: Feeling the discounted deals already? Add more with some cool gaming stuff.

    Today, we got some more refreshing deals for you. Concentrating much on gaming, we covered a few good deals from e-commerce and traditional stores today. Check out.

    Black Friday Deals 2018 – Xbox One Discounts

    Black Friday Deals 2018
    Black Friday Deals 2018


    • Xbox One X NBA 2K19 – $49.95 (Click Here to buy)
    • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – $54.34 (Click Here to buy)
    • Assassin’s Creed Odyssey – $52.58 (Click Here to buy)
    • Far Cry 5 – $30.95 (Click Here to buy)

    that’s from Amazon, and what from Target?

    Target REDcard holders (premiums) tend to get the Friday deals a little early. And for the ones to know, watching an ad from its website can reveal some.

    Games of NBA, God of War, Assassin’s Creed and CoD are ranged between $25-45.

    Best Buy:

    A local competitor is offering best deals in bundles rather than solo games.

    • Xbox One X 1TB + Gold Rush special edition – $429.99
    • Xbox One X 1TB + Fallout 76 – $429.99
    • Xbox One S 1TB + Minecraft – $199.99
    • Xbox One S 1TB + Fortnite/NBA/Battlefield – $229.99

    Click Here to buy.

    *(Which are almost a $100 off from actual price.)

    Recent blast, Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t discounted much, but if wanted, can go by Amazon or Target for around $50 – 59.

    And the best one, Xbox, on its official website is giving the gamers to join membership for a little of just $1 and even discounted Gold memberships too.

    Check Out – Xbox Live Gold Membership (Digital Code)

    Al these online deals might be active until Thanksgiving Thursday, later on, one can hit the stores directly.

    From eBay?

    While Amazon and Target are giving good, their peer site eBay is found just satisfactory. As everyone’s determination, eBay classifies its products into used, new and refurbished, making it hard to choose a genuine one for a reasonable tag. But given, it’s Black Friday‘s deals on some refurbished electronics are just fine but aren’t worth mentioning. Just a hover throughout the deals, you’ll get the idea.

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