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Cloud Gaming: A Tryst With The Future Of Gaming


It is overwhelming to realise how clouds are no more just expected to rain—they can now store the pictures of Rohn’s fifth birthday and perfectly capture granny’s toothless smile.

Kudos to the advancing world!

Cloud Gaming: A Tryst With The Future Of Gaming

Cloud Gaming
Cloud Gaming: A Tryst With The Future Of Gaming

We can now store pictures, videos, files and all sorts of data in the cloud: a storage device that doesn’t need to exist physically. It also comes with countless privileges in the field of gaming and one of them is this: you don’t need a heavy specification to play games on your system.

In fact, with cloud gaming, you can play games on the server via a live streaming of a video where your opponent and you get allocated to get a graphical user interface to interact with each other. In your ease, you don’t need hundreds of gigabytes to download the console and play even a heavy game such as Call Of Duty; you just need a decent internet connection as it takes the use of your bandwidth to establish a connection between the server and your system.

Cloud Gaming is an umbrella term and is often referred as Gaming On Demand as it’s a form of online gaming where the client(you) sends a request to the server[of the company that has made the game] and in return, the server responds in the form of a video or a pixel stream.

How Cloud Gaming Works?

steam cloud gaming
How Cloud Gaming Works

There is another form of cloud computing called File Stream where you just need to download say 5-10% of the game and you can start playing it. Whereas, it’ll be keep getting downloaded in the background without interrupting your speed or creating any lag. You just need the hardware strength that can handle the game.

When it comes to Cloud Gaming Systems, there are names such as GamingAnywhere and G-cluster. While some of the companies presently offering cloud gaming are these: NVIDIA (GeForce NOW), Play key, PlayGiga and many more.

Play Cloud Games Here: Liquid Sky, GameNut.

Watch this Video about Cloud Gaming on Android, iPad or any platform:

India Is Now Getting Ready For 5G Network


The advent of 4G turned out to be a dream India was hesitated to see, but when came true, lived to its fullest.

In the course of 4G becoming a reality from a mere next generation thing, Reliance Jio was a catalyst in the processes. It not only handled 4G devices to even the non-elitist class but normalized it on the universal level as using a 4G network is now a normal thing.

With that happening, we all are lurking with the same question: what next?

However, we have an answer and that too a robust one—it’s 5GThe Fifth Generation Network.

India Is Now Getting Ready For 5G Network

India Is Now Getting Ready For 5G Network
India Is Now Getting Ready For 5G Network

Now that the world will soon shift to 5G, India needs to be pre-planned to not lag in its implementation and availability, and for that, it needs such telecom policies that can withstand both the needs and the demands.

Keeping in mind the above-made affirmation, Manoj Sinha, the minister of communication as well as the minister of state for railways promised on Friday that India will leave no stone unturned to make itself ready for the next generation technology.

“The government will make sure that there is no spectrum of shortage so that India does not lag behind the rest of the world in launching 5G services in the country,” said Manoj Sinha, who is also a civil engineer and was an alumnus of IIT BHU.

5g network in india
5g network in india

Reported by The Economic Times, the government has approved 5G technologies testbed under the supervision of IIT Chennai. With the involvement of enthusiastic young minds, the manufacturing of 5G devices will be done at a rocketed pace. As it will be live in six months, the devices supporting 5G services will be under the refinement to be operational in the long run.

5G Network will also lay a stronger foundation of Internet Of things, where every small device will be able to communicate with each other while being connected to a network – even your TV and your washing machine.

At last, it will turn all sorts of wireless connections faster and less prone to be affected by the inevitable downfalls as the world is rushing towards data consumption, so do we need to rush faster.

Everything You Need To Know About ‘WhatsApp Business’


In a blink of eyes, WhatsApp became a necessity from a mere Android application. Whether it is asking mom what she has made for dinner or ordering a wallet from an Instagram page, WhatsApp comes handy. However, after noticing the growth in the usage of WhatsApp for commercial purposes, especially in Asia, it has finally decided to dedicate a separate app known as “WhatsApp Business” which is a perfect tool to engage with your clients and handle your customers.

Everything You Need To Know About ‘WhatsApp Business’

WhatsApp Business
Everything You Need To Know About ‘WhatsApp Business’

What’s New in WhatsApp Business?

The person downloading WhatsApp Business will create a business profile that will be verified by the authenticity of the brand they are dealing with. With that done, the user can find the legit user by a green checkmark badge on their verified accounts—slightly similar to Facebook’s verified badge.

Whatsapp Business Features:

There is an option of auto response where you can fore-set the response that will be automatically sent. Slightly advanced than the normal WhatsApp, you can move the entire block of your messages to another device with the feature called Chat Migration. Lastly, you get an analytic tool through which you can analyse the pace of your sale and number of customers you’re doing happy dealing with on the monthly basis.

While the logo of WhatsApp Business is different than that of WhatsApp’s, the app appears identical on downloading.

To avoid creation of fake applications as one has already been downloaded by the name of Updated Whatsapp Messenger and most of the spams, WhatsApp has published an article where it has answered all the important questions related to WhatsApp Business.

“We also provide you with the tools you need to control your experience with businesses. You can block business accounts and report them as spam at any time, right within the chat,” An excerpt from the article says.

WhatsApp Business is presently in the testing stage and very soon will be available on play store and to download. But still you can download beta version of WhatsApp Business Apk for Android.

Upcoming Sony Xperia Phones to have Bezel-Less Display & Dual Camera Setup in 2018


Following the trend and shifting from its current philosophy, Sony is expected to release two phones in 2018 that will be having bezel-less displays. According to recent reports of the phones is the successor to this year’s Xperia XZ Premium. There have been some leaked images on the internet which shows some interesting details about their build.

Upcoming Sony Xperia Phones to have Bezel-Less Display & Dual Camera Setup in 2018

Sony Xperia Phones
Sony Xperia Phones to have Bezel-Less Display

In the leaked images, rounded corners have been seen on one of the phones. There are negligible bezels on the device on the sides and thin bezels on the top and bottom. From what it looks like in the pictures, there are two front-firing speakers.

The images also show that this phone is an all-metal unibody. It comes with dual cameras at the back which is placed horizontally. Right above the Xperia logo, it houses the fingerprint scanner.

Bezel Less Display
Bezel Less Display

Leaked photos of Xperia smartphone features square corners, unlike the first one first one. But it is similar to the first smartphone when it comes to the dual front-firing speakers and dual cameras at the back.

The look on this phone is very unique and interesting. There is curved matte and glossy surface at the back, with small semi-circles formed because of the matte at the top and bottom. It also houses a fingerprint sensor at the back embedded in the matte region at the back.

Dual Camera Setup
Sony Xperia Phones to have Dual Camera

This phone with square corners is expected to have a 5.5-inch display and 4k resolution. Most probably it is going to be the world’s phone that will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor which was launched not many days ago.

The phone is expected to have 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage and of course, it will Android Oreo straight out of the box. Though no one of these reports cannot be confirmed since there have been no official announcements made by Sony. It is expected that Sony will soon make the news official or let us know about the other plans they have (if any). Till then, stay tuned to get more updates on the expected Xperia bezel-less launches.

What Is Bitcoin & How Does It Work – Explained In The Simplest Language

Imagine yourself standing in the long queue of a movie hall but when your turn comes, you realize your wallet jumped from your pocket? The impatient man standing behind you is groaning by now and you’re transfixed as you can taste blood in your mouth.

What if you can save yourself from the painful embarrassment? In fact, what if you can also watch the movie? It’s all possible with Bitcoin. Promising to not throw you into a technical jargon, and without oversimplifying it either, here’s an attempt to explain bitcoin:

What Is Bitcoin & How Does It Work – Explained In The Simplest Language

What Is Bitcoin & How Does It Work – Explained In The Simplest Language

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What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a purely decentralized digital currency. Don’t panic. With the promise intact, let’s see each of the terms individually.

Purely Decentralized

It means no administrative body or government can own or control bitcoin, unlike dollars or rupees that are under the government’s authority.

Digital Currency

It means bitcoin doesn’t exist in the form of physical money. Similar to the balance of your Paytm wallet—it can’t be touched but it can be used to buy a deodorant. You can buy bitcoin with your local currency and store it in your Bitcoin Wallet that can be kept on your computer or on your mobile devices. Also, check the different types of digital currency where still you can invest your money.

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how to get bitcoins

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Aren’t the Paytm Wallet And the Bitcoin Same Then?

The answer is No. Your Paytm wallet is under the supervision of Paytm. When you send money to your friend through Paytm, it verifies the transaction and a bank is involved. Whereas, no third party is involved in the exchange of bitcoin.

It is fairly simple as sending an email but more private than the private chat itself because it’s not mandatory to reveal your identity. You can legally deal with bitcoin using a fictitious name or a pseudonym.

Surprisingly enough, the name behind the creation of the Bitcoin concept Satoshi Nakamoto is also a pseudonym. Yet it ensures security by keeping a secret piece of data called private key which provides the mathematical proof that the certain number of bitcoin has come from the owner.

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Who Supervises Bitcoin?

Bitcoin has a peer-to-peer network where users can individually connect through an open source software by the name of Bitcoin Wallet. It suggests that everyone having a decent internet connection can be a part of the Bitcoin network.

However, people like you and I who we call Bitcoin miners handle the security of bitcoin. In return, they get an incentive in the form of new bitcoin they can own. In fact, you can also become a bitcoin miner with just a little smartness and a little more math–and that is what differs bitcoin from other digital currency.

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bitcoin account

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How Are Duplication Of Coins And Double Currency Spending Prevented?

Let’s suppose there’re two users on the bitcoin network by the name of Jack and John who decide to do a transaction. Jack sends 10 bitcoins to John and they both witness the transaction. It’s not that simple. What if Jack sends a copy of those 10 digital coins to Rohn? What if he sends thousands of copies to thousands of people and declares himself a millionaire?

How about noting down the transaction in a virtual journal? But it still can be altered. Then what if we make two ledgers and give them to both Jack and John? This way if any of the two will do something illicit, the other party will identify the mismatch in their ledger. More than that, what if we record each transaction whenever they happen and make their thousands of copies to be freely open to everyone who is involved in the transaction.

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In case, you think the duplicate copies of the ledger can be made, bitcoin network solves this problem using blockchain which is simply the collection of all the records in the ledger. In our case, when Jack sent 10 digital coins to John, the message of the transaction broadcast to the bitcoin network. The nodes which simply are the memory blocks in the blockchain validated the transaction and store the copy of their ledgers. After that, they transferred the message to the other nodes.

As each of the nodes stores, its own copy of the ledger, a separate list or block of valid transactions is created and distributed to each node. This way, when the same bitcoins will be used twice, the transaction will not be validated as the earlier was already recorded and stored in the block.

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Watch this Video Guide if you want to know everything about Bitcoin & Bitcoin Wallet:

Some Important Links about Bitcoin:

Bitcoin Wikipedia:


Buy Bitcoin From Here:


Original Paper On Bitcoin published by Satoshi Nakamoto:


Download Bitcoin Core:


What can you buy with bitcoins?


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Presently, there’re innumerable platforms including Microsoft, Dell, and TigerDirect where bitcoin is accepted and you can also find the nearest stores from CoinMap.org. While things look extravagant on paper, we are uncertain where the graph of bitcoin will go in the next ten or twenty years.

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Wrapping Up

I hope you made use of our A Complete Guide To Bitcoin 2018, didn’t you?

In case you have any doubts regarding this, don’t forget to leave a comment below. I will reach out to you at the earliest.

Share What Is Bitcoin & How Does It Work – Explained In The Simplest Language with your friends. Let them get the fun of bitcoin mining.

The Price of Bitcoin Smashes $15,000 USD Mark


Well, we all know what bitcoins are right? Bitcoin is cryptocurrency and payment method that is accepted all over the globe. The prices of bitcoins are touching new heights every day. Just this Wednesday, it was priced at 12,000 USD and today it reached the highest value of around 15,210USD.

The Price of Bitcoin Smashes $15,000 USD Mark

The Price of Bitcoin Smashes $15,000 USD Mark
The Price of Bitcoin Smashes $15,000 USD Mark

This comes after it recorded highest of 10,000USD last week. This means that it jumped more than 4,000USD in 7 days which is unexceptionally good. Considering the value of Bitcoin at the start of the year, there has been a record increase of 1100 percent in its value and more than 40% this month.

On Thursday, the main exchange operator for equities in Australia, ASX Ltd said they will be using blockchain in the procedure of equity dealings. The net market capitalization was recorded at $218.4 Billion USD. Surprisingly, the total market capitalization of all the cryptocurrencies together added up is $356.7 Billion USD. So Bitcoins hold a fat share in that.

Keeping in mind that Bitcoins got no or negligible support from any governments, it’s has become inconsistent. It was only last year that the value of bitcoin was only $750 USD which jumped to 1100$ by the end of the year and then jumping by 1100% it’s at $15,000 now. Not only this, the bitcoin has also become the sixth largest currency in the world. Sixth largest according to the money circulation.

Like said before, Bitcoin is very inconsistent at this point. It was only last month when the value of the currency fell by 20% within a day after crossing $11,000 USD mark. LinkedIn has also been credited for this new growth of growth in the last few months. LinkedIn, a professional networking site has shown a rise in the job listing, where most people posted ads about cryptocurrencies.

After this unreal rise in the price of this cryptocurrency, Cboe Global Markets Inc said that they will be trading bitcoin on 10th of this month. Not only Cboe Global Markets, CME Group Inc are making their debut on 18th, while Nasdaq Inc is set to make their debut in 2018.

There is more. Right after the Bitcoin crossed $10,000 USD mark, the International Monetary Fund and the White house started accepting an interest in the digital currency. Let’s see what Bitcoin has got more in the coming days since it has been reaching new heights every day.

Google Releases Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Low-End Phones


In this world of growing technology, nobody wants to,  behind. Every year Android rolls out new version of the Android devices but sadly no all devices get the update. It may be because those devices are outdated and their specifications do not allow the high-end updates to run on them. Well, don’t you worry.

Google Releases Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Low-End Phones

Google Releases Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Low-End Phones
Google Releases Android Oreo (Go Edition) for Low-End Phones

As promised by Google on it’s 2017 I/O, the technology giant is ready to launch it’s low-end Android O Go edition, especially for the entry-level smartphones. The devices with 512 megabytes to 1 gigabyte of RAM will be able to run the all-new Android Oreo.

Not only the lightweight version of Android but also that of some of Google’s daily use apps will be released. These apps include Gmail, Google Maps, Google Assistant, Youtube and a lot more.

Just like the Android version that will compatible with the phones with low gigs of RAM, the apps will also support low-end devices now. Now suppose you only have around 8 GB of internal storage on your device, a lot of space will be covered by the Android itself. Well, don’t worry.

Android Oreo Go Edition
Image Source: Android Authority

Google has assured that the customers will have reasonable storage for their own personal content by reducing the number of pre-installed apps. Google claimed that Android Oreo will take half the space on Go devices as compared to normal devices with more RAM.

There is a list of apps that Google announced. These apps will be pre-installed on every Android Go devices.

The apps include YouTube Go, Google Go, Google Assistant Go, Google Maps Go, Gmail Go, Gboard Go, Google Play, Google Chrome, and Files app.

Android Oreo Go Edition
Image Source: Google

The loading time for certain apps is also being optimized by Google. The Android Go devices will be 15% than any other normal Android O build device. The devices will have an inbuilt feature to showcase only those app in the Play store that a user can run without any problem.

The Go Edition of Android O is out for developers while the public released is supposed to be released in a month or two. Specially designed for countries like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, the Android Go is specifically designed to capture the entry-level market segment. While all the Android users are eagerly waiting for Android Oreo to be made public, this Go Edition Of Android has also proved to be great news for users with a low budget or low-end devices.

Google Map’s Two Wheeler Mode Is Now Live In India


How often do you find yourself stuck in traffic despite being on a two-wheeler? Do you wish to have the foreknowledge of the busy roads so that your bike does not turn into a snail? Google Maps has now separate options for the bike riders too.

Google Map’s Two Wheeler Mode Is Now Live In India

Google Map’s Two Wheeler Mode Is Now Live In India
Google Map’s Two Wheeler Mode Is Now Live In India

With Google Map’s new feature “Two-wheeler Mode“, you can’t just keep a track of the how-about of roads, but also the information related to the parking facility in your destination.

Google Map

To make sure you don’t waste your time in taking the longer route, “Two-wheeler Mode” in Google maps considers even the small spaces on the roads that your bike can withstand. In addition to it, you get to know about the closure of the roads and the availability of parking slots as well.

Two Wheeler Mode Is Now Live

According to one of the blogs of Google, the “Two-wheeler Mode” is designed while keeping in mind the dynamics of roads in India, “It shows trip routes that use “shortcuts” not accessible to cars and trucks. It also provides customized traffic and arrival time estimations. And since so many Indians rely on local landmarks for navigation, two-wheeler mode will show major landmarks on the route so that riders can plan their trip before starting, and don’t have to keep checking the phone on the go.”

With aforementioned features, the users will also get to see these options: roads closed, businesses open and local events happening in their neighbourhood. The option can be found right beside the other driving modes in Google Maps version 9.67.1 and comes with several options. When the users will select the “Two-wheeler Mode“, the map will show a bike icon on the map and the time they will take to reach their destination. While, it’s only available in Android at present, it’s soon going to be available for Apple.

How to Skyrocket Your SEO with High Tech DIY Videos


Content is at the core of SEO and that includes all types of content – from textual content to images to video. studies show that video is the most popular type of content today. That YouTube is the second most used search engine stands as one of the testimonies to this fact. So if you want to promote your business, creating high tech DIY videos is an important SEO strategy.

How to Skyrocket Your SEO with High Tech DIY Videos?

Skyrocket Your SEO
How to Skyrocket Your SEO with High Tech DIY Videos

Here are 5 steps you should take to boost your SEO with DIY videos.

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  1. Create How-To Guides & Tutorials

Creating high-quality videos delivers higher value to your target audience. It is highly engaging and can also encourage them to share the content. You can create useful video how-to guides and tutorials to generate targeted traffic. It is time you go beyond making product pitches and offer valuable content that is of practical value to your audience. DIY videos created using tools like mysimpleshow can show your audience how to resolve their problems.

High Tech DIY Videos

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  1. Post Videos on Your Website & YouTube to Boost SEO

Posting videos on your website and YouTube can give an immense boost to your SEO. When you add a video to YouTube, make sure it is also embedded on your site. You can link the YouTube video back to the relevant page on your website. This can not only help get valuable backlinks, it can also help generate more traffic from YouTube to your site. This can help boost your conversion rates.

Videos posted on YouTube are likely to generate a higher volume of views and traffic. A number of views and video quality are dependent on each other. So it is extremely important that you create quality videos to start with. mysimpleshow makes it easy for anyone to create quality videos.

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There is another reason for creating and posting videos on YouTube. The website has high domain authority, which is a major search engine ranking factor. In other words, its authority is much higher than your own website. So you benefit in two ways when your video is added to YouTube:

  • YouTube’s high domain authority helps your videos get ranked high in relevant search engine results pages.
  • The backlinks from a high authority website like YouTube further help in boosting your own website’s search rankings.
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  1. Optimize Videos with Relevant Keywords

While videos have higher SEO value among all the content types, you can further enhance the effects by optimizing your videos for your targeted keywords. You can optimize the video descriptions, contents and tags using your keywords. These different elements will help Google in effectively identifying the relevance of your video.

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  1. Create Longer YouTube Videos

When creating videos using mysimpleshow, it is recommended to create longer videos. Similar to long-form content, longer videos are also considered to have deeper SEO impact. Studies show that longer videos mostly outperform shorter videos in both Google search and YouTube results. You can create longer videos with lots of information. This can be beneficial for both your viewers and your business in getting found online.

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  1. Generate Video Traffic to Boost your Traffic

Traffic is an important SEO factor in itself. Even when the purpose of SEO is to generate more traffic by helping your business get found in search results, the more traffic your website generates, the better it is for SEO. The high volume of relevant traffic also sends out a strong signal to Google that your website offers valuable information. Videos can generate more traffic to your website. There is no limit to where your videos can be posted to and shared on.

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At the same time, it is important to create videos that deliver genuine value to your audience and are relevant to where they are posted. Useful videos are also more likely to for others to share. Research can help you gather information such as the questions your audience needs answered and their relevant problems that your products or services can solve. Your DIY videos and tutorials can then be created using tools mysimpleshow to deliver solutions to those problems.

Creating DIY videos can be an excellent way to provide solutions to your target audience’s problems. If you have a product, there will be a large user base that will find its use. Videos are more effective in delivering the required information than using other types of content. So use the right tool like mysimpleshow to create high-quality DIY videos to boost your SEO.

Facebook To Launch Messenger For The Children Of Age Six To Twelve


Yet another time, Facebook has proven that it has a thing or two for almost everyone—whether it be a businessman, a writer, a singer or a politician—as it launched its Messenger application for children.

This messaging application focuses on the children of age group ranging from 6 years to 12 years. Facebook believes that this application will change the way children use social media—without any sort of parental guidance and with the risk of befriending wrong people.

Facebook To Launch Messenger For The Children Of Age Six To Twelve

Facebook To Launch Messenger For The Children Of Age Six To Twelve
Facebook To Launch Messenger For The Children Of Age Six To Twelve

“There’s a need for a messaging app that lets kids connect with people they love but also has the level of control parents want,” the face managing messenger for children Loreng Cheng said.

Facebook Messenger for Children

The app promises quite strong features. While there will be plainly zero advertisements, and no buying cost, parents will be able to keep a track on what sort of people their children are engaging with, as they can approve or disapprove their choices. In fact, they will be unable to connect in any way with those whom their parents have restricted.


Enumerated by a Facebook statement, “Many of us on Facebook are parents ourselves, and it seems we weren’t alone when we realized that our kids were getting online earlier.

Its motive behind creating such an application is clear and upfront: it’s making Facebook useful also for the children of young age so that they can also freely interact with their friends.

Facebook Messenger


In addition to it, Facebook ensures that the data of the children will not be sold to create advertisement profiles and messenger for children has been designed in the conformity with Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA).

We want to help ensure the experiences our kids have when using technology are positive, safer, and age-appropriate, and we believe teaching kids how to use technology in positive ways will bring better experiences later as they grow,” the company said.

As the application is available for Apple in the US, it’ll hopefully be skirted globally and that too on various operating systems.

Google Artificial Intelligence Creates Its Own “AI CHILD”


Google has evolved an artificial intelligence system that has developed its own “Child

There is more, the original AI has trained its creation to such advanced level that it can outperform any AI system built by humans.

Google Artificial Intelligence Creates Its Own “AI CHILD”

Google Artificial Intelligence Creates Its Own "AI CHILD"
Google Artificial Intelligence Creates Its Own “AI CHILD”
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Google revealed its AutoML project back in May, with the motive of easing design machine learning by making the process automatic.

At that time, the company said that according to their approach, a controller neutral net can propose a ‘child’ model architecture, which can be then trained and evaluated for a better quality on a specific task.

Last month, the AutoML plans were used to generate NASNet, a “child” AL developed for object detection, which turned out to be better in performance than any other AL machines created by humans.

Just to test it, it was applied to two of the most respected and huge scale academic databases ever made, ImageNet image classification and COCO object detection dataset.

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After the tests, the results were calculated and you won’t believe them.

“Child” got a prediction accuracy of 82.7% on ImageNet, 1.2 percent better than all previous results ever recorded.

According to Google, NASNet acquired 43.1% mAP on COCO, better than the last, published state-of-the-art.

The results clearly show how the Google AI own “Child” outperformed any other AI system ever made.

The “Child” of Google AI, NASNet learns through ‘reinforcement learning’ and it reports back to its “Parent” and learns how it can perform better. The AI’s “child” is advanced enough to recognize people, cars, handbags etc.

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Anyhow, such creations bring ethical problems with them and many people have already warned of the perils of this super-smart AI.

It was only last month when Tesla CEO, Elon Mush reiterated his fears on the rise of machines, where responding to footage a gigantic robot doing back-flips he told how the development of AI needs to be controlled.

He also said that the regulations will stop humanity from being outsmarted by these AIs.

However, this Google AI “child” has proved to be of advanced level. Let’s see what Google has got for us now.

WhatsApp Empowers Group Admins With New Dubbed Restricted Groups Feature


It’s high time you’re getting perpetuated with unnecessary group message as WhatsApp decided to take an action against it. According to Express, WhatsApp has introduced a new feature by the name of Dubbed Restricted Groups by which the admin can restrict the member of their respective group from sending or receiving messages.

WhatsApp Empowers Group Admins With New Dubbed Restricted Groups Feature

WhatsApp Empowers Group Admins With New Dubbed Restricted Groups Feature
WhatsApp Empowers Group Admins With New Dubbed Restricted Groups Feature

In fact, administrators can set it up in such a way that the members of a WhatsApp group will only read the messages sent by them.

This implies that the unneeded intervention during a discussion that needs to be done only by admins can be subordinated. However, there’ll be a Message Admin button for those who still want to contribute to a discussion or a group chat.

WhatsApp Admin Setting Restricted Group UI
Image Source: wabetainfo

The restrictions can be applied for three days and this gives an extra freedom to the admins. In contrary to it, it’s getting spoken that with this update, you can also force your contact to read your message.

Google’s Best Android Applications, Games & Books Of 2017


At the end of every year, Google publishes its list of the best applications, games, movies, and shows of the year on the Google Play Store. However, this time, the list is longer than that of the other years as Google included more categories such as health support, educational apps etc.

Google’s Best Android Applications, Games & Books Of 2017

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Games – Best Game of 2017

Surprisingly enough, Google’s best android game of the year 2017 is CATS: Cash Arena Turbo. In this game, you can make your own team of robots and take part in battles.

CATS: Cash Arena Turbo

With excellent graphics, it gives an enthralling experience if you’re a game freak—especially of the battleship games. Moreover, the most downloaded game is Super Mario Run. Bubble Watch 3 Saga made to the second position.

   Download CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

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Applications – Best App of 2017

Google believes that the best Android application of the year 2017 is Socratic: Math Answers And Homework Help. This app explains some prominent concepts of mathematics and helps students to practice them on the app. All over, it’s a perfect application for learning math.

Socratic: Math Answers And Homework Help

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With a heart-warming story of bravery and fascinating animations, Moana topped the list. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is the second. Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Doctor Strange are on the third and the fourth respectively.

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The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck by Mark Manson is the most praised book of Google Play. With the rank of 4.5, Mason’s book is praised for its laconic representation and the intelligent humour uprooted in the book.

The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A F*ck

   Buy The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

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Television Shows

History repeated itself as Game of Thrones again outranked Rick and Marty. In fact, it’s also placed itself above the TV shows like The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory.

   Download Game of Thrones

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HUMBLE. by Kendrick Lamar is the most played song on Google Play. Widely danced over, Ed Sherman’s Shape Of You has also gotten its place on the list.

   Download the HUMBLE. Album

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Wrapping Up

I hope you made use of our Google’s Best Apps of 2017, didn’t you?

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Xiaomi Redmi 5A Launched With 13MP Camera, Starting at ₹ 4,999


Xiaomi is leaving no stone unturned to become its customer’s delight as it launched Xiaomi Redmi 5A whose starting price can be ₹ 4,999. And Xiaomi likes to call the smartphone “Desh Ka Phone” to make it self-explanatory that it has been manufactured in India.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A Launched With 13MP Camera, Starting at ₹ 4,999

Xiaomi Redmi 5A
Xiaomi Redmi 5A Launched With 13MP Camera, Starting at ₹ 4,999
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Options To Choose From

Like other smartphones of Xiaomi, Redmi 5A also comes with two different prices and two different specifications. While the first with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Internal Storage comes at a handy price of ₹ 5,999, the first five million buyers can get the same at a discount of ₹ 1000 which makes its price ₹ 4,999 for them. The second with 3 GB RAM and 32 GB Internal Storage costs ₹ 6,999.

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When And Where You Can Get It?

The wait is not excessively long as both the two categories will be available at Mi.com and Flipkart on 7 December 2017 at 12 noon. If you want to shop in a physical store, you can visit Mi Stores in the two cities New Delhi and Bengaluru. Thereafter, both the variants of Xiaomi Redmi 5A will be live for sale on all the offline retailers like Mi-preferred partners and other retailers.

Xiaomi Redmi 5A
Image Source: Android Central
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Xiaomi Redmi 5A’s Features Summarised:

Screen5.0-inch HD IPS LCD display panel.
GraphicsAdreno 308 GPU.
VersionAndroid 7.1.2
Camera13 MP sensor camera with Phase Detection.
ConnectivityMicro USB port, GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, Bluetooth v4.1, and LE support.
Sim Card2 Nano-Sim slots.
Battery3,000 mAh non-removable lithium-ion battery.
Internal DynamicsQuad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 SoC with a clock up to 1.4 GHz.
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What Else?

In addition to it, the memory is expandable up to 256 GB. Moreover, only the first five million buyers can grab Xiaomi Redmi 5A with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB Internal Storage at an especially price of ₹4,999.

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Our Opinion:

If you’re devoted to Xiaomi for its ease of access and flexibility in its prices, then it can turn out to be a wise deal. However, the performance of the phone can deteriorate after a while like any other Android device. Yet, in conformity with the pricing issues, Xiaomi Redmi 5A is altogether worth a buy.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) SM-A730F Live Images Spotted


Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus (2018) SM-A730F live images spotted

After numerous leaks and benchmark listing, Samsung upcoming smartphone with a codename SM-A730F has spotted online again. This time, two live images of the phone surfaced. One image reveals the model number – SM-A730F, which was confirmed by several leaks in the past. FCC certification also confirms the same code. However, it should be noted that the device name in the leaked image is tagged as Samsung Galaxy A8 + (2018).

The leaked images reveals Galaxy S8 like design, coupled with dual front camera setup. Fingerprint scanner is located at the back of the device.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus
Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus

As far as specs are concerned, the Galaxy A7 (2018) will be powered by an octa-core Exynos 7885 processor at a clock speed of 1.59GHz and 6GB of RAM. A bezel-less display on the Galaxy A7 (2018) was rumoured and with these leaked images, the display design is confirmed. A dedicated Bixby Voice button is also anticipated.

Camera details and battery details of the Galaxy A8 + (2018) are not confirmed yet.

Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018
Samsung Galaxy A8 Plus 2018